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It does NOT suck to be me

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    It does NOT suck to be me

    Well, well, well, what a difference a few hours can make.

    This morning I was an unemployed engineer who also loves to do martial arts. A neck injury causing car accident and an apparent hernia had basically put my training on hold, and forced me to a life of getting soft watching tv and thinking of new and interesting ways to tell people how my girlfriend provides the enitre financial support of our household.

    Now I am pleased to report, as mentioned earlier, that the severity of my hernia was overdiagnosed and surgery is not required and only a minimal lay off from training is required.

    Better yet, I now have a job. The guy that diagnosed me with the hernia was who my new employer sent me to for my preemployment physical. I didn't mention that part, because I hadn't offically been offered the job yet and I didn't want to jinx anything.

    Anyway, after I got home from my regular doctor today, I was told that I passed my physical and drug screen and the job was offically now mine. I am now the new Air Quality Engineer in a local air quality managment district. The is by far the best and most exciting job opportunity I ever had, I can't wait to get started next monday.

    Now for the slightly sadder side. Being unemployed obivously gave me a lot of free time. Maybe too much. Time that I happly passed here at Bullshido. Of the last six months or so I can honestly say I had a lot of fun and actually learned so stuff here on the boards. Several posters opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and for that I am eternally gratefully. Regretfully, my new job is going to cut way into my forum time, and it is very likely I will soon be a much less frequent contributor to the site. It may be a small price to pay, but I will miss a lot of this stuff.

    I was hoping to make heavyweight before I left, but with well over 100 posts to go, I can't see how I'm going to make it. Maybe that's a good things, something that will make coming back here a priority during my off hours.

    Before I go, I plan write a detailed account of a black belt testing at my school that is being held Saturday. Both the guy who teaches my private lessons and the guy who teaches my group classes are going for their 3rd. It should be really interesting. I have been given permission by the head instructor to view the test and write the article. This will be the first black belt test I will see since my 2nd over 10 years ago.

    The test will be anywhere between 3 and 12 hours long and includes not only the test for ranking in martial arts, but also as an instructor. At my school just because you can do, does not mean you can teach. Instructors are required to obtain separate "teaching licenses" showing they have enogh conceptual understanding and communication skills to share the art effectively with others.

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    Go Get Them Tiger!

    Bravo Zulu Dude!

    "When we go to the ground, you are in my world. The ground is the ocean, I am the shark, and most people don't even know how to swim." RCJ Machado
    Originally posted by Sifu Rudy Abel
    "Just what makes a pure grappler think he can survive with an experienced striker. Especially if that striker isn't following any particular rule set and is well aware of what the grapplers strategies are".


      Be here when you can. We'll hold a bar stool open for you.

      "Actually, when practiced properly, such and such art causes oceans to rise and cities to fall and the great Pharoh's army to shudder beneath your might." -- Boyd
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        Just post whore like crazy and you'll get 100 easy in the next few days....wouldn't be the first person to do it :)
        The Wastrel - So attractive he HAS to be a woman.
        - Pizdoff


          AUGH! Never! NEVER!

          Stay the course! Hold to your morals! Don't post-whore, you slut!

          Congrats. Air Quality...*snicker* Couldn't you do some REAL engineering? :P


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            good to hear your injury is not bad. that area is uhmmm....IMPORTANT. for a few different reasons.

            congratulations on your new job.

            funny TWIST to things dont you think?


            <marquee> INDONESIAN GUNG FU</marquee>


              Good luck in your future endeavours.



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