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    The only openmindness that is permitted is from the hq guys if it brings THEM $$$. Otherwise, CKD is about as openminded as a Jehovah's Witness with a leaflet in his/her hand! Sorry to tell you this, but TKD, taught by truly qualified instructors emphasizes sequential motion - it's just that my Korean masters don't seem to know that particular term. I guess that's why Kwang Choi has gotten away with making it sound so exotic and specific to CKD - he probably didn't know the term either until some English speaking person told him. The old TKD that he did (and yo - there are legitimate TKD masters who are his age and know him who say he never achieved the rank or status he claims) IS stiff - but because he has had to keep up the hype about TKD being so terrible he has neglected to see the significant changes that the WTF made long ago and continue to make in order to improve the art of TKD. Well, maybe he did see them, but the majority of the people who do CKD and are "true believers" tend to be absolutely clueless about other martial arts - and CKD has to perpetuate the lies in order to keep them that way. I know. I left at 3rd degree CKD bbelt. I have to say that my first few TKD classes enraged me because I felt lied to and duped.


      Dear Lord, look what I found on YouTube... a seven-year-old Choi Kwang Do student's black belt test.

      Seven years old. Black belt. Choi Kwang Do. Yeah...

      Look around YouTube and Google Video for more CKD-related videos. I may re-post this in the video section later, but I thought I should post it here first.

      Edit: Here's a broadcast news piece on Choi Kwang Do which features Master Choi himself:
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        Here's some more Choi Kwang Do video amusement...

        News story on a Choi Kwang Do seminar:

        A true CKD master at work:


          The 7 year old blonde kid is very amusing - I loved the way he swaggers off screen at the end of his BB test.

          Why is it ALL in slow motion though?

          Does it make their techniques look any better - NO!


            some of the bestest dry land swimming I has evers scene !!!one!11!!

            Seriously ... how can anyone approve of the content of those vids ? They are clearly delusional and create a danger to the public (themselves) .

            Originally posted by Sushi-Boy
            Why is it ALL in slow motion though?

            Does it make their techniques look any better - NO!
            The two vids I watched weren't in slow mo ... how about that for scary . Either you mistook their no contact full speed techniques as being in slow motion or you need to run some anti-spyware .
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              Those videos made me sad. The comments posted on YouTube made me even sadder.


                1- The slo-mo in the kid's black belt video is only a tad slower than the reality of ckd defence drills. ckd does NOT teach footwok in the way that other ma's teach - their entire strategy, unless taught by a more proficient (and that is hard to find any more) instructor consists of nearly running backward to get away from a partner who is not supposed to hit you anyway.
                2-It should make you sad to see and hear. The egotism and hype is astonishing. unfortunately, ckd is a good art for lots of middle aged people who want to get in better shape and have some self defence skills. But, unless a chief instructor has integrity and stops buying into the crap they are fed from HQ, they willy nilly promote students who are not ready. We had a student who the CI denied his request to test for black belt because his technieque and speed had become slack (for whatever reason he had begun with a bang and seemed to get worse over time). So he got angry and quit. Then, after not training for almost two years, he went to a different ckd instructor and trained for a month or two until it came time for black belt testing. They let him test and gave him a black belt. He was also allowed to be an instructor! Word has it, from others who have seen him in action, that he is as bad, or worse, than he was when he trained at our school.


                  Originally posted by saman
                  Have you received a reply YET?????

                  Of course not.


                    Well, here's the truth about ckd forms/patterns. If you are a solid belt you only perform your pattern toward the front. When you become a striped belt you do a "4-directional" pattern. Even through IL dan (and to some extent EE dan) you do the same thing over and over with just one stance. In the 1st taeguek form there are 18 moves. In the 2nd ckd pattern, you do an outward block ( a circular motion with your front hand over your head) and a rear front punch. (If you include the pivot and step back, that's a whopping 14 (lol) but you only did one little combination.) Then you pivot and step back so you return to your original stance (they always start with performing patterns on the right side, so you are in a right front stance). You then come back to chumbi and do the same thing on the left. wooooo!!!! To be quite honest, the 4th taeguek form is more taxing and complex than any ckd ee dan pattern. Then you move up to the yellow belt forms and, oh my, there is a front kick and a front punch added! So, you do the block, front leg kick, front/rear punch, dodge and another rear hand punch - then you pivot and step back. You even get MORE complex at the gold belt level when you add a rear leg kick, and, when you pivot (lo & behold!) the "correct" foot is in the front position so you have to remember not to step back. And so it goes.
                    Just late last year I witnessed a blackbelt testing at ckd headquarters. One of their instructors was testing for 3rd degree - she had been a 2nd for a long time, but supposedly teaching and training consistently. It was truly embarassing to watch. She had (and the examiners allowed) another instructor sitting in the sidelines close to her with a syllabus (where all the patterns are spelled out ) and coaching her! She didn't seem to even remeber the IL dan forms, and didn't seem to know the EE dan forms, and had a terrible form even with the guy giving her the next move. Examiners all watched this, but since she is a long time ass kisser of master choi and his minions, they gave her her 3rd degree. And, although I will admit that some of the 2nd degree patterns are a little difficult to remember (because they have no rhyme or reason - like in tkd your master can explain why the form in assembled the way it is, where the system and order occurs etc.) , there is no reason to put an unprepared person out in public to test. They should have/could have just given her a private test or no test at all - just give her the certificate and the belt. Same same.


                      Possible improvement: I clicked on a google ad for CKD in my area at the top of the page.

                      took me to this site, the blurb doesn't even use the word 'martial', seems pretty fair to me.

                      However, the website which compelled me to start the thread, is exactly the same as it was... 'proven to be the most effective martial art' yadda yadda etc.

                      boooooool sheeeeeeeet.


                        Originally posted by ironlurker
                        Nice find. They have a school in Dorking, I see. I visited the site:

                        Sports training has little to do with health

                        13. If accidental contact is made during training, students should stop and bow to one another as an apology, and for the other to show acceptance.
                        18. Always remember that what you are learning is a potentially deadly martial art.


                        Best is the Close Range Defense Training

                        I'd bet you cash this is a knife defense-

                        t3h 4nti-gr4ppl3

                        Pressure Point or Reach Around? You tell me.
                        These pix are a hoot! I like the way that the kid being throttled stands there with his hands down. Of course, all that you have to do is shout, "Mind you, I know Choi Kwang Do!!!" and the assailant will immediately remove the knife, or their hands etc.

                        :qleft1:I am soooooo embarassed that I used to teach this same crap, gave the same "supporting" speeches etc. I will admit that a couple of the colour belt patterns are quite dance-like and work well in a demonstration. But, as far as self-defence goes, I think I could use some of the stuff, but ... To be honest, I could have taken a dozen boxing classes and learned to punch. I guess the lies about the "healing properties" of ckd, the allegations that kwang jo choi is so great and "invented" all this stuff is a load of crap that infects the leadership and the students alike.



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