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who was the most impressive fighter you have met

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    who was the most impressive fighter you have met

    Who have you met in real life, and what was the most signficant impression you had... I met Mike Stone at one of his seminars, and found the energy he seemed to exude was impressive. Has anyone every met Chen Xiaowang or CC Chen?

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    I've met Royce Gracie. Royce has what seems to be a split personality. When running a seminar or conducting private lessons (I've had friends who've taken them with him) he is a patient, low key, polite, talented instructor. When dealing with a martial artist who say defeated Robin Gracie in France it appears he opens a can of instant asshole.


      I've been reading all the posts on the UG in regard to that incident. Did you see Robin Gracie came online and posted his response.

      I don't really believe the French guy's account at all.

      I'm not a Gracie lover by any means, but it seems that on the UG there are so many haters there that everyone immediatley believed the word of some Frenchmen nobody had ever heard of.
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        Oh, and sorry, in regard to the question:

        being down here in Australia, never met one of the UFC/PRIDE pro's before.
        The Wastrel - So attractive he HAS to be a woman.
        - Pizdoff


          I've met Elvis Sinosic, and Pe de Pano (2002,2003 Mundials Absolute Black Belt Champion)
          Both seemed pretty cool, even though Pe de Pano probably had no idea what I was saying whilst I drunkenly introduced myself to him.

          Then again, his drunken English was pretty good...


            I have met so many... But my favorite experience is probably meeting Kit Cope. It was so awesome, I was at my Muay Thai school on my third day and I was doing bag work all morning. After Kit Cope finish running, he came and work on the bag and help me a bit. Then he start to sign a bit and we talk a bit. After about a hour we start to spar and we spar for about a hour and half then talk some more. He seems like one of the most nice guy I ever met.

            But I have met Marvin Eastman who is also very nice guy. I see Ben Garcia almost everyday but I am scare to be close to him (he is so weird, he rarely talk and don't seems to have any personality or anything). Also I met or train with few other fighters inculde Derrel "Chop" Forrest (boxing champison for some organize) from Wash DC, Shannon Singleton, and other people.

            If you want to meet some nice fighter who don't mind to take their time to talk to the fans, Kit Cope and Marvin Eastman is your best bet.

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              Actually most fighters I have met have been some of the nicest.

              Nicest fighters and coolest:
              Chuck Lidell
              Scott Adams
              Shonie Carter <this one impresses me to no end
              Gil Castillo <very intellegent
              John Lewis...

              But the coolest of them all..

              Gene Lebell.

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                The most impressive fighter i have ever met is my Sifu Andreas Hoffmann from Germany. He is not only a great martial artist he also a great gentleman.I first met Andreas Hoffmann during a demonstration of different martial arts styles on which i took part demonstrating Shotokan Karate katas.At the beginnig i thought Sifu Hoffmann wasn't very good but 3 years later one of his pupils fought me easily. So i started to learn from Hoffmann.Then i recognized that that gentle and patient man is truely the most impressive and greatest martial artist i ever met.


                  Thanks for the input


                    Damn Tiger, I thought you went away after your 0wnage. Did you ever get an answer to any of those questions?


                      I've only met one fighter. Pieter Aerts.

                      He's one of the nicest guys I've ever met. Great kickboxer too :)



                        "I've only met one fighter. Pieter Aerts."

                        He has an impressive roundhouse.


                          Tito Santana

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                            In rsponse to Finger or Moon, you are correct that the French guy could be lying about what went down in the bar, however when the Royce and his siblings issue personal challenges they do have a history of being quite rude. Years ago around the time of the first UFC they challenged Gene Labell and he wrote them a really funny letter pointing out that he was much closer in age to Helio and he counter offered to fight Helio, I think that got rid of that challenge. So I fairly or unfairly assumed the worst.


                              My school's headmaster and style Grandmaster. He's real unimposing but hits like a truck, not to mention decpetivly fast for his size and age.


                              Gene LeBelle. Quite possibly the worlds nicest guy, toughest sumanabiatch and (according to him anyways) best looking MA out there. ;)



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