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    Originally posted by Hannibal MAP
    I think the average haymaker would do the job really!
    From the looks of things, the UNDER-average haymaker. Hell, I think a pimp smack and some baby powder would end the fight right then and there.


      Originally posted by rw4th
      If I were to judge it from the website, I would say it looks like 2 kids with some basic martial arts experience got bored and decided to start their own style based on stuff they partially understand or read on the net.
      I agree. His stance exposes his balls for a front snap kick.


        Oh boy...
        Like GoldenJonas said:
        "Yup, exact same crap with the same crappy kung fu chunneresque LARPing compliant holy crap I'm gonna get my ass kicked by anything other than cabbage patch kid with its head missing people."
        These guys watched a short film on Bruce Lee and got fucked in the head by it.
        Why do you even ask about somebody, who tries to elbow you from a punch distance without trying to punch...
        Forget it...

        CLICK & WATCH
        I got BULLSHIDO ON TV!!!

        "Bruce Lee sucks because I slammed my nuts with nunchucks trying to do that stupid shit back in the day. I still managed to have two kids. I forgive you Bruce.
        " - by Vorpal


          I'd be willing to bet that they read Attack Proof and understood like 1/3 of it.


            I trained in this, only about 40 people ever trained before they closed the classes down.
            It sounds a bit poor now i have read what has been written about it, but it did make a lot of sense at the time.
            I do know that they have trained at least one MMA fighter, a few doormen and some police but i don't knw how successful it was for them.
            The MMA guy came along to see if he could learn anything and got frustrated by a technique and tried to Ezekiel choke the instructor.
            The instructor poked him in his eyes and laughed. It was pretty funny.
            I did think it was a little KFM in places. But the class was less about arrogance and more about enjoying yourself.


              Originally posted by Zulu King
              I do know that they have trained at least one MMA fighter, a few doormen and some police but i don't knw how successful it was for them.
              Trained an MMA fighter or trained with an MMA fighter a couple of times?

              When I saw the videos I assumed that a couple of inexperienced students had made a silly video. Looking at the groups website, the dicks in the video are the "founders".


                It's an interesting style, but needs development thru mma competition otherwise it'l turn in to another Mc'Dojo. And I repeat IT NEEDS DEVELOPMENT!



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