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    One problem that someone already mentioned is that there are like 1000 kinds of kenpo/kempo.

    I've been studying one form of kenpo or another for over 17 years, and I've seen a lot more bad kenpo schools than good. I can't help it, when I see the word kenpo/kempo it sends up a red flag for me.

    I've told the story before, but it bears repeating. My instructor's first art was the Parker American Kenpo system. He holds a 6th degree in that system, and I hold a 2nd.

    My instructor was consistently frustrated with his lack of ability to apply to realistic combat situations and routinely found fundamental problems with the techniques, princples, and strategies of the system. He put this up to lack to true understanding and went from "master" to "master" looking for someone who could answer his questions.

    Most people he found were less skilled than he, and even the ones with superior skills had not satisfying answers. He began modifying the American Kenpo curriculm and it wasn't long before what he was teaching really wasn't American Kenpo anymore.

    So he threw everything out the window and founded his own system based on a compreshensive fighting theory he had developed over the years, and Five Animal Kenpo was born.

    I'm sure there are a lot of great kenpo schools out there, I just can't name any other than my own. And I fully recognize there is a bias here. I know in almost all arts people tend to think there school is the only school that does the art correctly.

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      Just me, but I haven't heard that much bad stuff about Kenpo, outside of lineage politics.

      Anyone have a legit gripe about it, in general, as an art?


        what the hell is kempo anyhow? is it different from karate?


          it almost seems to me that kenpo has some pretty bitter lineage battles, just they don't seem to be as well known as the gay WC/VT/WT battles

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            As in karate kempo is a generic term with many styles. I find that I hear " I was better than everyone, I know better than the instructors and even the master so I had to create my own " Then they come up with a name that suggest a deeper linage and for example only since I do not know him and I often agree with PUNISHER " five animal kempo" which is much like the five animal style in shoalin kung fu.

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            Do you really train or just bore people on message boards and parties talking about it.


              I enjoy the "My version of Kempo/Kenpo is more chinese than your version" battle going on. Doesn't matter if the lineage is Parker or Villari they all do it.

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                Lineage battles is PURE EGO. nothing more nothing less.

                These fukks have nothing else to do in life than battle over who started what.

                Like i always say, a sick kick is a side kick, does not matter if it is KEMPO, KENPO, KARA KEMPO, CERIO KENPO, PARKER KENPO, VILLARI KEMPO and 2000 other persons name kempo!

                it's still a side kick, the horse stance is still a horse stance.

                fukking morons


                  I'm not offended by your statement Kempocos, and I have also found what you described to be often the case.

                  I can only add, that I personally saw my instructor's struggles with his own art, his attempts to explain contradictions between so-called princples and the chosen applications. He spent over half his life devoted to one art, and it wasn't easy to leave it behind.

                  My instructors chosen name for his system has nothing to do with a claim of lineage, but a statement of influence.

                  We have no known direct ties to the Shaolin temple, but our overall fighting theory is influence by shaolin. We used the five animals for metaphors for combat, but make no claims that how we use them is the same way the monks used them or in any way keeping with shaolin methods or tradition.

                  Keeping the word kenpo is paying tribute to where we came from. Yes, we moved on from American Kenpo, but in order to do that we had first be a part of it. On the surface, American Kenpo is the art my art most resembles. To change our name to something that did not reference kenpo was never an option.

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                    Just me, but I haven't heard that much bad stuff about Kenpo, outside of lineage politics.

                    Anyone have a legit gripe about it, in general, as an art?
                    Having spent some time recently searching for information on a particular instructor, I've noticed the lack of decent information about the art's origin. AFAICT, it's mainly Hawaiian in descent even though it's oft-promoted as something else (kajukenbo excepted). It's also kinda scary how incestuous and bitchy the different instructors appear. Not to mention, there seems to be a new style of kempo created every 60 seconds here in the US.

                    Technically, I think ke[nm]po's quick hits aren't particularly appealing nor are its seemingly endless supply of pressure point KO exponents*.

                    Nasty politics? *chuckle* Not as nasty as they used to be, at one point, one well-known founder of a kempo style convinced one of his senior students to stab two people to death. He was peeved that they were planning on testifying about how he extorted money from them. Compared to this, all the Tracy v. Parker v. Villari v. Dillman v. Moneymaker v. Muncy v. the Speedman v. ??? nonsense is child's play.

                    *assuming pressure point KOs work (something I have no opinion on one way or another), why bother? If I can hit someone w/amazing precision, why wouldn't I just pound the living sh** out of him instead?



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