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"Lieutenant X" Admits False Advertising

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    Jesus christ, I'm sick, absolutely ILL from reading about all these dedly people who train all these special forces guys.

    Really, I have a US Army ranger on my AIM list right now, who is in a position to know more about whats going on with shit in the military then you'd expect. If i ask him if any special forces branch has trained with some s3kr1t krotty master, what do you think he'd say?

    I can't believe people buy these ridiculous claims.


      You know, there is some DOD branch that go around causing problems for people who claim false rank. They did it to Maung Gyi and I suspect they might do it to Pizzo...

      You could also probably arrange a challenge match for Pizzo armed with a baseball bat and some FMA hardguy with a kali stick. I don't know how kind it would be to sic the Dog Brothers on this person, though.

      Ironic, that would be, what with the association between Gyi and... oh, never mind.

      That quote above shows in one sentence not only how much Pizzo knows about FMA but how stupid he is. The idea that a baseball bat has an advantage over a faster stick is absolutely ridiculous.
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        Did anyone ever do a write up on this POS?


          Did anyone ever do a write up on this POS?
          Forget it, you don't have the hard drive space.


            I recall reading an article about Lt. X.... and one of his oh so dubious self-defence videos he released.

            TBH - I am astounded he's had any success whatsoever, having a pseudonym that makes him sound like the sort of super villain that 'Action Man(tm)' would do battle with.

            Sadly, these dubious types are a little like the Hydra.....

            As soon as you get rid of one of these 'ten second self defence' style video makers, another lot just pop up in their place....

            Usually the same BS merchants, but with a more 'clever' marketing strategy...
            Which usually means aiming for those who have low self-esteem and are a touch paranoid rather than those who just have low self-esteem.


              Well, I did Google search of Chris Pizzo to see of this thread would come up in the top ten hits. Sadly, no, this thread debunking Chris Pizzo's blatant bullshido did not come up. However, this site was the number one hit, which warms my soul to some degree. Still, having just come from a WWII history symposium in which the suffering and heroism of real US soldiers was the major focus, Chris Pizzo's claims of "t3h d34dly" and military service and training sickens me to a point beyond simple revulsion.


                OK, so I'm a little drunk and emotional after presenting at the above mentioned symposium on my Uncle Joe's WWII experience in the 1st Infantry. So, I tried to send the following fax to the number Chris Pizzo has listed on his web site.

                Originally posted by Joe Cheavens
                Chris Pizzo is full of shxx and dishonors the memory of all who have fought and died for this great nation.
                I got a recorded message saying that the number is no longer in service. :biblethum


                  Chris Pizzo sounds like bad news and certianly his advertising is total BS SO WHY OH WHY is an advert for his CLOSE COMBAT website appearing on bullshido's front page. SURELY this undermines the point of the website???!
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                    That appeared via google ads. Unfortunately we do not get to preapprove the ads google puts on our site.


                      Originally posted by Samuel Browning View Post
                      That appeared via google ads. Unfortunately we do not get to preapprove the ads google puts on our site.
                      His advertising appears through Google Ads, my understanding from Phrost is that we are not allowed to pre-screen Google advertisers.[/QUOTE]

                      Thanks, Fair enough, I suppose google just thinks bullshido = martial arts and lumps them altogether. May be if someone pointed out how little business this type of ad would get here they might change it and come up with ads more likely to entice bullshido members eg MMA kit


                        The latest Close Combat newsletter (I remained on the mailing list after the free month trial "membership" after ordering some DVD's--WHY is a story for another day) has the "Legend of Close Combat" Part 1 and declares his lawyers say he can at last provide complete details about his background. It is prefaced by an explanation that his lawyers require he include the disclaimer that it is fiction. I kid you not.



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