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MOVE OVER ASHIDA KIM -here they are!!!

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    MOVE OVER ASHIDA KIM -here they are!!!

    Last edited by baltasargracian; 5/13/2004 7:56am, .

    Before I click on all 30 of those links, I've gotta ask: am I going to be entertained?

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      sorry, I got my "fake saito ninja masters" mixed up, this one here:

      is (from memory) the ex-goju practitioner, (I think he was quite high ranked as well).


        You never really know boyd, Although im sure that one day you will.



          Of course you'll be entertained. They're ninjas.

          Remember this + idiocy = ninjas.

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            Hello, I am a noob to this forum and don't know if you have come across this one:
            If you have sorry. If not, enjoy.


              yeap, i get all my research from that site
              i live by it

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                cool - and by cool, I mean totally sweet.


                  You forgot:

                  KONIGUN RYU
                  ...on e-budo, these guys promised a guy living in Japan to take him to their grandmaster. In JULY!!! Didn't happen it seemed...

                  YANSHIDO RYU
                  ...this guy has the nerve to link to Manaka of the Jinenkan...

                  SASORI NEKO NINJITSU

                  KEVIN CAIN - Dux Wannabe

                  BODOKI & SENSO RYU

                  ...this guy even had some japanese dude write him some 'scrolls'...


                    I didnt know about those ones, there are several others that I know of, who dont have websites, and some others that cashed in during the ninja boom of the 80's, but are otherwise respected styles/schools, so I didnt mention any of them.

                    There were a LOT of "soke" back in the 80's/early 90's.

                    Reading through these sites is making me feel physically sick.


                      ... they all need a good spanking...



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