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To Asia - seperate M.A. named Aikido

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    To Asia - seperate M.A. named Aikido


    If what you say is true then I need to look further inot it. I admit I don't know the full history of Korindo Aikido but I did find the Ueshiba connection (like six degrees of seperation!:D ) I will research this further as well and use any more info you have, if you don't mind.

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      As far as Korindo Aikido there is no point to talk about 6 degrees of separation. It's either one believes Hirai sensei when he says he decided his way was different from Ueshiba's and therefore returned for his own way, or you don't.

      One source of info is an interview Pranin from Aikido Journal made with Hirai around 1994.

      My teacher says Hirai's relative claim Pranin had "misunderstood" some things, and gave a wrong impression. Especially when he claimed Hirai was Ueshiba's representative in the Dai-Nihon Butokukai. Our dojo joined this organization lately and according to the data he has they have members by their own personal standing, not representatives, and this was even more true around WW2 (the time frame in discussion).

      If you read that article you can see Hirai doesn't consider Ueshiba as his teacher. It is evident from the way he is talking about him. Hirai had opened his own club of TJJ long before he met Ueshiba, and was already deep into the evolution of his own M.A. Korindo Aikido's roots aren't in the Daito-ryu Ju-jitsu but in other TJJ systems such as Takenauchi Ryu which Hirai has studied.

      I am afraid finding true sources on this subject is difficult if only because of the simple fact it doesn't truly interest any serious researcher (My teacher is intending to publish a book about Korindo Aikido and has the endorsement & permission of the founders sons, it will probably contain even more info and research but would have to be considered biased just like any Ueshiba Aikido students publishing). If you do find anything, please let me know.

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