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WT versus Shaolin

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    WT versus Shaolin

    First off, apologies for taking so long to finally posting this account, it's all Yan Li's fault, anyway, here's a translation of what happened:

    Essentially WT guy gave the Monks a call and asked if he could visit the temple. The Monks were very welcoming so Chi-Yu went and visited. Apparently he was quite impressed with their Sanshou, which lead to Yan Li asking if they could have a friendly match, WT guy agrees.

    First off, the stats:

    Style - WT 15years, masters certificate from Leung Ting.
    Notes - Won a provincial tournament in China (Canton i think).
    Special powers - Chi gerk, Chi Sao, looks harmless.

    Yan Li:
    Style - Shaolin Long-fist boxing 8 years
    Notes - He's a Monk. Has Monk powers, has the ability to make you think that you owe him a meal when you come within a 1 metre radius of him. Looks liks a teddy bear.

    General notes:
    No real rules, just no eye strikes or biting. Groin kicking allowed. No pads or guards.

    For those who read my account of what happened to me and i sparred Chi-Yu, this time he took a completely different approach. From the word go, he rushed towards Yan Li from an oblique angle and launched a couple of kicks towards YL's shins whilst at the same time going close enough to fire off a couple of elbow strikes to YL's ribs.
    YL responds by lifting one foot (he can't remember which foot) to knee CY in the stomach and at the same time sweep CY with his remaing foot.
    YL then blocks on elbow strike with his right arm and CY falls to the ground and immediately tries to perform a rolling sweep to YL's shins. YL is a cocky fellow and backflips to safety.

    Next YL decides to take the offensive and does the standard long-fist routine (punch punch, kick, sweep, hammer strike, punch, kick, punch punch, double strike, kick, sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep, punch punch), CY deflects everything to the side and steps in with 4 or 5 chain punches. YL sticks to one forearm on the first punch so the last few punches don't do much and CY immediately goes into a Chi Sao routine. YL takes no crap (his words, not mine) and drops his arms and does a of shaolin headflip, he changes his angle and scissors CY to the floor. YL then proceeds to mercilessly put on the pressure of CY's legs until CY taps out.

    Time : around 15secs.

    WT guy had a further 2 more rounds with different Monks, but they're not here right now so i can't post anymore. Afterwards the Monks cooked for him.

    Yan Li is the worst fighter there, he used to be a non-martial Monk before deciding to try his hand at Kungfu, i still can't beat him though. And from what he said, he did a lot better than i did. Anyway, i'll try and get Yan Xen and Yan Lin's account before they head back to China.

    Thanx Wu De :-)

    What is a Shaolin headflip?


      It's like a forward flip but instead of using hands, just use your head.

      You're welcome. I don't know if i'm going to be able to get the other Monk's accounts though, they're leaving early tomorrow morning.


        Very cool reading. Let me see if I understood the last portion.

        So when CY tried to move into close range for Chi Sao, YL didn't want to play his game so he took the fight away from close range and to the ground? Headflip...That must take some strong neck muscles. Just out of curiousity, how much do the monks train their gongfu?

        Thanks for posting, very interesting.
        Fury's Edge


          Why do I feel I just read a kung-fu movie? To do flips in a fight is very bold. If I hadn't seen some fighters do it successfully before I would have my doubts.

          Go away I'm talking to myself


            No way!! LOL! That sounds like a fight from a Kung Fu MOVIE!

            I would love to see it. Any chance of video? I mean, a lot of TMA v. MMA debate has to do with how when TMA people fight it ends up looking like they either don't know what they are doing at all, or it looks just like kickboxing. But it never looks anything like the training that they actually do.

            The way you described this fight it sounds like they actually fought the way the trained (even with flips!! LOL!). And I would love to see it.


            PS. I mean what I said BTW, it's not just sarcasm.

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              Have you guys ever seen Mach's flips, like no handed cartwheels? Well the way YL did it was like a lower, less aerial version where by flipping with his head, it leaves his hands free.

              Bare in mind that i didn't actually see the fight (i was at an interview), i just translated what YL said, although being a Monk, i'd assume he's being truthful. Anyway, i can always ask the other guys.

              As for how much the Monks train, they practice everyday, from morning to night. They take it in shifts to teach, so there's always a couple of Monk's out training in the back whilst a couple are teaching.

              Kungfu film...yea, does sound like a scene from a film but i know YL, he does showboat a helluva lot, him saying that he did a backflip, i can believe that. The first time i tried to sweep him, he backflipped into a back somersault, very fancy and quite annoying.

              I saw a video of Yan Xin fighting a TKD 4thDan, YX was practically in the air for most of the match and he completely dominated the fight. He has it on tape but i don't know how to transfer it to CD, anyone know how?


                15 years of Wing Chun and he was tapped out in 15 seconds????

                He's supposed to be a 'Master' according to Leung Ting's system?

                I don't know which is worse.

                And the whole flip thing? I admit, I've never seen one used in a I'm talking out of my ass here...but...I'd think that the second a guy tries to do a flip, I'm crashing in and crushing his ass.

                In any case, if you've been training in WC for 15 years and you get tapped out in 15 seconds...take up golf...

                Because your ass hasn't been training hard enough.

                Wu De...thanks for the account though.


                  Amp, in order to beat someone that trains the entire day chances are you have to train the entire day too, unless your training or fighting methods are just of better quality. More dedication to training means a better fighter, and apparently monks have infinite dedication.

                  Even if he is a master and has been doing WC for 15 years, I doubt he trains nearly as much.
                  Fury's Edge


                    I'd love to see the monks on video... you'll need a special video card for your computer, to accept a vcr. I know of a few people/places that will do it for a fee... You could send me a copy, I could get to the 'net...

                    Thanks for the account. These Monks sound incredable...


                      Yes, I too would love to see some of Wu De's monks on video.

                      On another note, can you imagine what would happen if the monks ever fought a SCARS master? Of course the monks would be beaten; they can't handle all that scientific mumbo-jumbo. After all, their just lowly humble Buddhist monks - LOL.


                        NOTE TO PEOPLE ON THIS BOARD............

                        Monks are human.


                          Or, the monk would floor the Scars master.

                          As the Scars man is lying on the floor a bloodied pulp he'll say , "I was just resting,(coughing blood), I am now in position to apply one of my devastating compression, depression, over/under, upside down spinning reverse toe hold (coughing more blood up)"

                          "Ya can't play with my YO-YO!!!"

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                            No one ever said the monks were superhuman, they just train with a lot of dedication.
                            Fury's Edge


                              This was very similar to what I say when my instructor went to China and trained with the monks.

                              Yeah, the monks are human, but being around them changes your whole prespective on what that really means. My instructor said just being around them and seeing them do near impossible feats infused you with energy and made you feel you could do the same thing. My instructor's son picked up some of the more difficult acrobatic manuevers and was able to perform them repeatedly as I saw on tape. When they came back top America, for whatever reason, he could no longer do them.

                              As for the sparring, basically the same thing happened. My instructor is a Godan in American Kenpo, founder of his own style Five Animal Kenpo, is a Wing Chun Sifu, and is certified as a Master of Arms by the French Fencing Federation. He has been doing martial arts for 25 years and teaching for since 1986.

                              So my instructor is with a group of martial artists from the US and Canda, training at a offical Shaolin school near the temple. When it comes time to spar, my instructor smokes everyone who is no a monk, but each and every monk smokes him. This was very suprising to me because my instructor is honestly one of the 5 best martial artists I have ever seen in person.

                              My instructor walked away from the whole experience feeling that in the martial arts world he has a long way to go and is either somewhere at the top of the amateurs or on the bottom of the professionals.

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