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Where Do You Live, and What MA is Taught There...

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    Where Do You Live, and What MA is Taught There...

    I wanted to get a picture of our members, and the environment in which they live, specifically when it comes to martial arts.

    *What part of the country do you live in?
    *What's the distribution of MA schools in your area, with a rough percentage of the arts represented?
    *Are there any unique/uncommon martial arts offered in your area besides the normal TKD/Karate/etc, including MMA/NHB fight teams?
    *If you had to guess (unless you know for some reason) what percentage of people in the general community in your area are active participants in the martial arts?

    I'll start:

    *KC Metro Area, Missouri
    *50% Karare, 40% TKD, 5%MMA/NHB 5% Other, including Krav Maga and Kung Fu
    *Capoeira (Axe Capoeira), Gracie Barra Jiujitsu, and American Jujitsu.
    *I'd say around 20%, which I think is a high number. I'm told that this area has one of the highest concentrations of martial artists in the country, but Kung Fu is really underrepresented from what I've seen.

    Well...right now, I'm living in Japan temporarily...but I can tell you about my home area.

    *I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    *There's about 60 % TKD/Karate/Kung Fu, 30 % MMA/Muay Thai/Ju Jutsu, and about 10 % Weapons (kenjutsu, etc.) and other.
    *There is a capoeria school downtown that I know of (I've really been meaning to get my ass down there to check it out). Also, Escrima and Kali arts are starting to grow steadily here too.
    *as a whole, I don't think too many people here are into martial arts....and the vast majority of those who are are into TMA's like TKD, Karate, Judo, Kung Fu, etc.

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      NYC- a mix of everything, hard to say.

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        LA. MECCA of BJJ and Grappling.

        Well, aside from Brazil. LOL.

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          michigan, ann arbor area

          being as there are 4 colleges/universitys in a 15 min radius we have quite a few schools,
          aikido being the most popular by far, a couple of tkd/karate places, some judo, kendo,3-4 bjj,a kenpo, a kung fu, boxing, haven't seen too many muay thai or FMA places but i haven't really looked for them


            That reminds me, Ringside (the boxing company) has its headquarters out here and there are a few good boxing schools.


              long island, NY. mostly karate/TKD in terms of storefronts. some aikido. i've seen only 1 judo place. i have seen a growing number of BJJ places, some of which charge ridiculous amounts ($300/month) and one of which requires a 12 month, credit card deducting, "blue belt" contract, which i think is ridiculous even though my friend who goes there says that the guy is pretty good and has some students in MMA. kung fu is less common, mostly WC/WT with some "shaolin kung fu" of dubious authenticity. the monks are more in the city. some kempo, but i'm not sure how that differs from karate. tai chi/yoga/cardio-kickboxing/new age BS places are common. i know guys that do JJJ, kali/escrima, silat, and dirty fighting sort of self-defense, but i'm not sure where. there are a couple of kendo places that i know of on long island, but you have to know where to find them. my housemate's TKD place did boxing as well, but i don't know of any boxing gyms per se on long island.

              my xing yi teacher had a place in queens but it was converted to a shaolin temple/"meditation center" which i think is affliated with the one in flushing. he lives out on long island though so i take lessons at his house. i took kumdo and kendo on long island, and i visited but did not join aikido, judo, and BJJ. i did fencing briefly, but a scheduling conflict came up.


                *Pinellas County, Florida; hard to say which city. When people ask, I say, "St. Petersburg" so I don't have to tell them where Largo and Seminole are.
                *55% TKD, 25% Karate, 15% Chinese martial arts(gongfu and taiji mostly), 5% Other (some Arnis, Silat, a Wing Chun Do/Lee's Non-classical Wing Chun school, one BJJ school in Dunedin).
                *There's the BJJ school up north, and also a fellow on MLK who teaches Mixed Martial Arts and puts on a kickboxing event yearly.
                *10%. I see kids in the grocery store with their uniforms on daily, some from the Chinese Martial Arts center, some from the TKD schools (there are two across the street from each other on the southern end of Starkey where it intersects with Park Blvd, it's that bad in some places). I think the number would be higher if it counted people who did martial arts at one point in their life.

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                  Raleigh, North Carolina.

                  Buncha TKD/Karate places out here, and a surprising amount of MMA/grappling places. I'm quite impressed actually. One of the MMA places was mcodjo... went apeshit when I overpaid and asked for it back. But at least the instruction was good.

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                    *What part of the country do you live in?
                    Las Vegas/Henderson, NV

                    *What's the distribution of MA schools in your area, with a rough percentage of the arts represented?
                    Mainly TKD, and alot of Kenpo/Kempo schools. There's a growing number of styles out here.

                    *Are there any unique/uncommon martial arts offered in your area besides the normal TKD/Karate/etc, including MMA/NHB fight teams?
                    There are a few BJJ/NHB/Kickboxing (they all teach a combination of BJJ, kickboxing, boxing, vale tudo in one comination or another). There's Jeet Kune Do/Jun Fan, some traditional schools like Tang SOo DO, Shotokan, Shaolin Kung Fu (yes there is a shaolin do, i've heard some real negative things about how they train), Wing Chun study groups, Ninjitsu is now being taught at a school here, there are some off the wall japanese schools out here that fatality dragon has told me about. There's escrima, Kajukenbo, Universal Kenpo and some strange American Kenpo mixed with something or other schools as well, one offers Penjak Silat (sp?), and 2 Muay Thai schools to top it off.
                    *If you had to guess (unless you know for some reason) what percentage of people in the general community in your area are active participants in the martial arts?
                    Vegas is exploding in population, so that's a hard question to answer, but with the number of schools in strip malls out here, I'd say it's a very healthy number.

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                      I orginally hail from Knoxville, Tennessee. The martial arts community is pretty much 50% Karate, 40% TKD, and 10% Kung Fu. The Karate Community is a dabbling of everything, but Isshinryu is a big one there. There are tiny pockets of other styles and arts, like jujutsu, judo, and kendo, but no formal schools.

                      Now that I am here in Charleston SC, there is a tiny Isshinryu school (YAY ME!) very few Karate dojos, and a TKD school on every street corner. There are also a few small schools that teach Judo and other ground arts, but that is about it.


                        Hey Rising Phoenix, where are you staying in Japan?

                        Getting to Phrost's questions:


                        *In my immediate neigborhood there are karate, aikido, kendo, and kyudo dojos, and the local university has karate, aikido, kendo, judo, and sumo. Over the city there's probably more karate and aikido than anything else.

                        *Looking at Tokyo as a whole, you can find anything at all. Japanese, Chinese, Western, Brazilian, Shootfighting, whatever.

                        *I would guess about 5% of adult males train, maybe 1% of women. However, most boys practiced either judo or kendo at school.


                          Manchester - England

                          Damn near every style you can imagine within 50 miles of it. Aikido is way too common, esp. as its mostly the flower arranging style.
                          WC and MT are both big, karate and tkd have lots of small clubs. There are some big MMA clubs as well. Also lots of fencing and archery, boxing, amateur wrestling and some pro wrestling (very different to USA pro wrestling though)


                            Hamburg, Germany

                            Tons of WT/WC/VT - about 40% I would say. 30% Judo and 20% Ju-Jitsu. Only about 10% BJJ, MT, MMA.

                            My school is only one of 2 (affiliated schools) that teach BJJ. We also do Shooto, JKD, Sambo, Boxing, and Ju-Jitsu.

                            Probably only about 3% of the people in my area do MA. TKD schools are relatively rare.



                              Melbourne, Australia

                              Lot of TKD, Karate and Hapkido schools, lot of Wing Chun, a fair amount of Judo, Aikido and Ninjutsu(Legit or Not, I have no idea), a few JKD places, about 10-20 BJJ,Submission Wrestling or Shootfighting schools.



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