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    MA abusive teachers etc

    As I've been down the MA rabbit hole, I have come into contact with quite a few stories of teachers who belittle, bully and otherwise abuse students. Sometimes it's as minor as
    a random and uncalled for insult, sometimes it's years of near cult like abuse.
    I was at a college JJ intro class where the teacher casually threatened to " rip John's balls off." He spoke to the provost.
    Another teacher shoved his petite wife across the room and after she got off the floor yelled at her until tears streamed down her face. Her transgression? She said something he didn't like. The guy was like 250+ pounds.
    I had a teacher who told us we had to call him personally two days before class and ask him if we could come to class.
    I saw another teacher threaten a student with assault. " I dare you to stand up." He actually said that.
    What makes this OK in the MA world?
    It seems that scenes like this are more common in the MA world than ,say, yoga or dance . Has anyone else had this sort of experience?


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