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    Bite me!

    I was visiting a friend a couple of days ago. Upon reaching the floor of his flat I heard a dog barking, it sounded like quite a big dog. Turning on to his floor, I guessed the dog would be on a lead or behind a security door. I was wrong.

    This huge dog, (not sure what breed) came running towards me, slobbering with its jaw open. Running wasn't really an option as it all happened to fast for me to turn and flee. I raised my left hand figuring the dog would jump to bite the extended limb while raising my right hand at the same time. In the split second I had to think I figured if the dog jumped for my left arm I'd move it and come down with my right fist to crack the animal on the nose or get an eye strike.

    Fortunately the dog was called off just before it reached me. I was pretty glad about that. I have no idea if my improvised defence would have worked or not. I didn't really give it concious thought, I just reacted. And thats what I came up with. I would have probably got bitten but at least I would have had a hand free to strike (given a weapon that would prove fatal for the animal).

    Anyway what defenses do you guys suggest. A part from running which isn't always an option, besides most dogs would catch us and we'd still get bit only we'd be tired when it happens.

    I thought maybe kicks, but a lot of dogs jump. Any ideas?

    Hit a dog on his nose, it's the most sensitive part that you can hit from that position.



      I've always thought getting hold of it's head/neck would be the way to go. It only has one weapon, it's bite.

      Easier said than done I know, and I'm not claiming to have ever done it, Lol.

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        I read somewhere that if it has an arm, you can reach behind its head and bend backwards to break the dog's neck.
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          I wrestle with my girlfriends alsation (not quite full grown) and although I can do a lot of feints to stop it grabbing my arm, he will get it eventually because of his speed and maneouvrability.
          As for beating an angry dog that wants to hurt you, thats not going to be easy. The only real way to control them is with a bear hug, but they can squirm one hell of a lot, and the claws will cut you as they try and scrabble out. Other options are beating it soundly round the head as you feint with the opposite arm, and some form of roundhouse to the ribs, but their momentum may still take you over.
          The big peroblem with dogs is they have 4 legs, hence have good grounding. Practicing taiji on a dog is great though, seeing if you can make them fall over.
          Doubtless wrestlers/ground fighters may have a different viewpoint.
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            How about next time not be such an uptight loser and pat the dog on the head? If not, just shove your thumb up it's ass.


              "If not, just shove your thumb up it's ass."

              Sorry not really into that kind of stuff. But hey if that's your style, go for it <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>


                I know a guy who's dad was attacked by a dog in SA. It wouldn't relax it's jaws and the owner was doing nothing, so he literally caved the side of it's head in with repeated blows from one of his fists.

                The damage he sustained from hitting the dog was actually worse than the damage he got from being bitten, which might make sense considering he is a serious karate black belt.

                I think the dog was killed as a result.


                  Try get dog in clinch (with your arm on its neck to keep its deadly jaws away) and repeatly knee it in the sides. If it bite you and it is a male, grab its balls and break it! (I am being sarastic!)

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                    You can't put a dog in a clich.

                    Try it on a pit bull and post pictures of your severed hand, mangled face, or whatever injuries you incur from trying to fight an dog like a man.


                      LMAO Middle! I was joking around.

                      Actually if dog jump up at me I probably would try to move around until I can grab both of his arms and pull them out of the sockets. I know it is curel but I am not gonna to let it bite me if I can help it.

                      It is a rat eat rat world.

                      "A magical place where I have a freakish large penis and I am also the king of the mushroom people." - by Omen Stone
                      I would pick bag work over masturbating, fighting over sex, and KOing someone over having a orgasm!


                        This is going to sound REALLY stupid (I like animals more than I like people)...

                        But I'd probably let it bite me. Most dogs are not trained to attack, they simply try to intimidate. 99% of a dog's life is authority and respect for the pack heirarchy. Whenever it meets something new, it tries to determine where that new entity sits on the pack order. Unless it seriously felt you were an immediate threat, it was probably only "testing" you. Unless it was a trained combat dog, there would have been no need to break it's neck, pull out it's limbs or otherwise critically maim it.

                        It's always interesting to see how people react to dogs though. Most of them aren't even big enough or dangerous enough to be a problem, but so many people are just TERRIFIED of them, and as is evident here, many people are at least willing to kill them simply because they "tried" to bite. That's like breaking my arm in 3 places and caving in my skull if I happened to break your nose with a punch.

                        As with all animals, including humans, dogs have "cues" that they react off of. They are very instinctive. If people simply educated themselves a bit, you'd know it's quite easy to deal with 99.9% of canines out there.


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                          protect your kneck


                            I got attacked by a dog once. It was an akida and it was a really mean motherfucker.

                            It charged me and lept at me and I kicked him soundly in the underbelly (not planned just panicked). Dog ran away after that. No more problems.

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                              Alot depends on the type of dog, different types have different fighting styles(like a pit bull fights differently then a doberman).

                              A really big dog(we're talking 100+ lbs) tends to try to knock you down and then go for the bite. An example is a Spanish Mastiff(or thats what the breed is called now). These are from the same breed of dogs that used to fight lions in the arena back in Roman times(2 dogs versus the lion) and tended to win. I've seen some crazy videos of them taking on people, and they will knock you down and maul you.

                              Next we have what I'll call mid size dogs(looking at the 60 to 100 range). Their tactics really vary in this group. One example is the doberman, which is one of the fastest lungers. They also run faster than any human by a significant margin(grats greyhound blood). You can be 100 feet from your house, it can be 20 feet from you, and you will not reach your house before they get you. If they're trying to warn you, then they'll jump up and put their paws on your shoulders and put their face right in yours or at throat level. If they're being serious they'll just lunge at you, perferring the throat if they want to kill(I'd count myself real lucky if they got my arm). Personally I'd protect my throat any way I could and hope I could grab theirs, as once you have them by it, you're fairly safe. If you expect an encounter with a doberman, rottweiler, or german shepard, then put on a leather jacket(zipped all the way up) as that will provide reasonable protection. Most of the dogs I just mentioned can break the bones in your arm if they bite down as hard as they can on it.

                              The last category are the small dogs, who normally perfer hit and run, an exception being the pit bull. Whatever the pit bull bites onto breaks. You're not going to get them to let go of it either if they like holding on to it. There are two different types of pit bulls I know of, the fighting pit and the working pit. The working pit could pull your car down the street, the fighting pit doesn't have that much utility strength but has very good tactical sense(for pure instinct as a dog). One of the weirdest things I've ever known about pits relates to a fighting pit bull named Sarah. If Sarah wanted to play fight you she would leap up, grab you at your waist level, and jerk her head to the side, throwing you down to the ground. It attacked your center of balance, and even thou it was a small dog, she had such strength that it just didn't matter, you went down. She did it to state champion wrestlers, black belts in Judo, as well as people who weighed 5 times her weight.

                              All dogs look for the throat as the killing target, they really don't have another choice. If a dog grabs another target(such as an arm or even a leg) its to pull you down to the ground or otherwise maneuver you where they can get to your throat. Now your run of the mill golden retriever might not let go of the arm even after taking you down, but thats more of a lack of killing nature then them perferring your arm over your neck. If you haven't seriously pissed the dog off(like starting beating the hell out of its master) then you have a reasonable chance to "talk your way out of it". Talk sweetly, calmly, and sincerly to the dog, tell it thats its a good boy. If it works then you're not in a fight, if not then you wasted a breath talking. If a dog sincerly wishes to attack you, then try to protect your throat(and at least one arm if not both) and get its throat(there are other targets like the nose, but they're lower percentage targets on a dog that seriously wants to kill you.)

                              Most dogs a well trained human is going to be able to beat, some dogs like the Spanish Mastiff, doberman, pit bull and to a lesser extent the rockweiller and the german shepard even a well trained human will have a tough time beating. In those cases improvised weapons are worth it(shirt over the dog's head anyone?)




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