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    This testimonial link will say it all. I'm still laughing as I write this.



      You got it Escrima. Can you believe that fool KUNGFOOLSS is a proponent of this crap? F'kn unbelievable!!!



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          Ok I think we HAVE to chip in and get some of these tapes. I'm thinking everyone paypals a few bucks to one of our memebers (perhaps phrost since we can trust him) and once the tapes (perhaps DVD's) are ordered they get ripped and FTP'd out to everyone. Or we could order the videos and return them (with the iroclad 90 day guarantee!!!!!!!!) after making copies and using everyone cash they chipped in to make the copy and ship it to them. **

          I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to see some SCARS shit.

          *All suggestions of illegal actions are purely for comedic effect, and not inteded to be taken seriously. PM if you are interested....

          Shut up and train


            Ballonknot: I can believe it. I avoid his topics pretty much. because what he does can be done with any group of people. Just choose a type, nationality or colour then search the news to make them look a certain way.

            "All Women are stupid because these women have done this"

            Take a stupid statement then look for news articles to enforce the statement. For someone who claims to practice a "combat system" based on logic.

            His methods are far from logical.

            God, I sound like a vulcan <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>


              I concur. By the way, I just posted another SCARS link that really takes the cake.


                You know as much as I am curious to see SCARS, I refuse to give this man any of my money. I am still saving up for one a couple of Phrost's shirts from this site. If we are going to support someone let's start with one of our own. :)

                Jeremy M. Talbott
                Scourge of Kungfools' joke-based logic, Biggest thorn in his side, and the Preeminent Force in putting dumbasses like him to bed
                Jeremy M. Talbott

                Originally posted by Phrost
                "Bullshido isn't just a place to hang out when you're browsing the net. We really are trying to accomplish something fucking extraordinary here that nobody's ever had the balls to do before."
                Originally posted by D.Murray
                "Which is better, to learn the truth, or to enjoy the illusion of being right when you are not?"
                Originally posted by hangooknamja88
                My definition of Ki is our energy. it's rather hard to explain it in words. It's not some mystical type of energy like white people...

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                  You're right Jeremy, I would never give SCARS a penny of my money. A bullshido t-shirt sounds good though!


                    Yeah, and I bet it's coincidence that the letters for the system make such a cool sounding acronymn. SCARS! Arrrghhh! I'm a tough guy!

                    "But some apes they gotta go, so we kill the ones we don't know" - 'Ape shall never kill Ape' by The Vandals
                    Apu: "Oh! You have just been Apu'd!"


                      but it has an "iron clad" return policy. So he doesn't get top KEEP the money.

                      Shut up and train



                        nightbreed vs. scars

                        sounds like a comic book

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                          I hate the SCARS marketing, and I think Kungfoolss is a seriously misguided schmuck, but I would like to see SCARS demos, just to know whether or not I should Fear(tm) and worship SCARS. But I'm reasonably sure it's just another martial arts STYLE based on video tape sales and seminars.


                            As I said in the other thread, I think SCARS is a service to society - it feeds violent psychopathic retards (their target audience) ineffective fighting strategies. I'd personaly much rather keep it this way than to teach them something real.

                            I remain, Hapko3
                            You say what about my rice?


                              I got into 2 altercations since learning SCARS, when I was helping out as a Doorman in a local pub. The attackers both had a broken bottle but I had absolutely no problem dealing out the SCARS principles and finishing it in seconds.
                              hahahaha broken bottles! who did he fight next? the boss of level 1? alognside w/ billy and jimmy lee? did he pick up a steel bar he found on the floor?

                              Do Be Open-minded
                              Don't Be Gullible

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