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If you could pick someone to attack you..

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    If you could pick someone to attack you..

    Hey All :) been reading here for a while - I love the 'calling BS as BS' approach.

    I was at an event recently and met an old friend of mine who was studying some kind of Kung Fu with lots of pressure point stuff (and no conditioning, speed drills, or sparring). I got to experience some of this stuff first hand. It was great! :)

    I'm about 6'2", about 210, solid, fast and about 3.5 years of training. He's about 5'10, 160 and kinda round :) anyways..

    He asks me to choke him.. So I wrap my hands around is throat for an old fashion 'squeeze' - no thumbs in arteries, etc.. He can barely reaches me and proceeds to push into the hollow of my throat. I ignore it and keep sqeezeing, after about 10 secs he turns color and asks me to stop :)

    Next he asks for a lapel grab. So I do it (who actually does this stuff in RL anyway?) in any case, He runs his hands from my shoulders, under my arms, then taps my biceps and looks _Really_ surprised that I'm still holding on to him smiling! :)

    Next he asks me to punch at him and hold the punch out. So I throw a slow right cross - he grabs my hand with his right hand and then proceeds to wiggle his knuckle into my tricep (that I tense a little). He looks even more surprised that I don't curl up in a ball of pain.

    This goes on and on :) I was laughing my ass off :)

    The best part was his (literally) 100lb GF (maybe), who wanted me to put her into a full choke from behind so she could break free. I'm like 'hmm.. ok! ;)' So I lock the choke in from behind and she's looking for some nerve in my elbow which isn't there because I actually exercise. So soon enough she's tapping (I'm not trying to knock her out or anything nasty :) ).

    What I found amazing was how they thought that despite their lack of power, speed, flexibility and fighting practice they could defeat someone much larger, stronger and faster with something as silly as a few taps..

    I was kind of scary that people are sold this stuff. I'm going to get myself invited to their studio one of these days and run an impromtu seminar. Disrespectful? yes - But it may save one of those guys from getting maimed or killed in a fight he/she should have run from.

    So who would I want to attack me? A 'Pressure Point' stlyist with no actual backup from actual training! (Buddy boy here would be great :) ).

    Good to finally say hi and bitch a little along with the rest of ya!

    BTW: my friend was a Black Belt!!

    A BLACK BELT, in Kung Fu? Interesting cross cultural reference........

    I dont mean to stick up for pressure point fighters (I dont study that sort of TMA). The only time I really felt a pressure point was in ne waza randori, I put my hands near my neck grabbing my gi to defend from a choke and one of the BB from my club got the point under my ear, really unpleasant, coursing me to let go and he completed the choke.

    Other than that, I havent felt PP as such.

    So what do you study SHL7?


      The only pressure points that have worked on me are the groin and a hit to the side of the neck. Shit, I take that back, there was one Shorinji Kenpo fourth dan who could sometimes connect with things like a backhand knuckle to the spot under the bicep and my arm would hurt and tingle and be useless for maybe 20 or so seconds.

      I like the p-point hitting in some self defense drills. One of the ones I'm practicing for my purple belt test is in response to a right cross to the face. You side slip in with a left outward block and knife hand the bicep (then strike the throat with the same hand).

      Sounds like your friends need to do a little more training with resistance. As an instructor said recently "you're not helping each other by going along without resistance. We want a degree of realism in these drills."
      "Preparing mentally, the most important thing is, if you aren't doing it for the love of it, then don't do it." - Benny Urquidez


        You're right, there is too much stuff out there being taught as self-defense and is nothing. I remember a couple of years ago a guy on another MA forum officially closed his dojo after some of his blackbelts went to pick a fight with a bunc of guys playing tennis and the tennis players beat the snot out of them. One of the biggest problems is the americaizing of martial arts, rather than working and actually learning something, too many western martial arts simply hand out belts. So now there are all these blackbelts running around thinking they are martial artists.


          I think the problem is the same everywhere - people want something great for nothing. Learning how to fight is the same thing. If its not easy I don't want it.

          Unfortunately, being strong, fast and skilled takes alot of time, sweat and some natural ability. Not everyone wants to invest this - so they find a club where everyone shares the same feelings and a circle jerk ensues :)

          Its too bad that their condfidence can get them killed - I mean come on - a 100lb girl escaping a 6'2 210 somewhat trained guy..

          On the other hand - its prolly better for your health then sitting on a patio drinking :) (just so long as you always run when confronted :) )

          Kensai - I'm doing Kung Fu as well :) but a _slightly_ different variation :)



            Jukokai. They'd challenge me, and then I'd proceed to kick them in the nuts, at their request.


            "All this talk about 'newbies' is making me a little nervous. You guys don't have any sort of secret hazing initiation involving wooden paddles and me screaming 'Thank you sir, may I have another?!' do you?"


              READ MY POST ON WEAK MARTIAL ARTS..says same thing


                No! read my post instead! It says it way better! and reply lots as well to my post so I look cooler! *laugh*

                Actually this whole forum is about one thing:

                1. There are fighters and there are posers. Most are posers, some posers don't realize they're posers.

                2. A fighter will beat a poser no matter what art the poser uses. (yes - even White Swan Fung Duk Fu Gung as taught by 10th generation master Mee Liek Dou)

                3. None of _our_ schools are crap, and _our_ art is the best, we're all real fighters and would all be in some kind of NHB competition except we're all too deadly. *laugh*

                Ok.. thats really three things, but to boil it down to one thing:

                Posers suck and its fun to laugh at them! Especially because we're better then them!



                  SHL7, it's too early to make any judgement calls about your character, but I will still have to politely request you cut out the fucking emoticons immediately.

                  Captain's Log: Just a little update for all my TRUE and HONEST friends out there:

                  1) I am STRAIGHT! I am STRAIGHT! Get it through your thick skulls, numbskulls!

                  2) My name is not Ian Brandon Something.

                  3) Kacey is coming with me now. I have stolen her from the other Christian Weston Chandler.

                  REMINDER: I am still the one and only true creator of sonichu and rosechu electric hedgehog pokemon


                    I agree with Boyd. All emoticons should be replaced with 24bit colour graphics with a minimum dimension of 320 by 240.
                    Taking responsibility for my actions since 1989


                      They don't make emoticons for MY level of angst. I am so alone.

                      I painted my turtle black. Is that spooky?

                      Shut up and train


                        Boyd - My name is SuperHappyLuck7 :)))

                        Perhaps you need a hug to cheer you up? :) Or a little warm milk? :)

                        come on guys! Group hug for Boyd! :)



                          emoticons are the fall back position for the illiterate

                          except for this one: <img src=icon_smile_tongue.gif border=0 align=middle>

                          <img src=icon_smile_8ball.gif border=0 align=middle>


                            Well assuming this is true, what do you except? That isn't the correct way of getting out of a choke, there only really a few ways, all very similar. Obviously pressure point like that aren;t goign to work correctly, they lack the power and leverage. He could have at least tried to go for your eyes lol, at least! <img src=icon_smile_tongue.gif border=0 align=middle>

                            "Wrestling is the Martial Art of America";
                            "If you don't know how to wrestle you don't know how to fight, that's the prerequisite to fighting" David Tank Abbott
                            "Training = pain." - I said that.

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                              Blade - That's exactly the point. That was not the correct way - and it wasn't even the guy, it was his 100lb girlfriend.

                              She basically assumed that those obscure elbow pressure points would make me release her. Instead of grab the elbow, pull down to keep the chole from setting and then going to town eyes, groin, feet, etc..



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