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    Gama Fitness Review


    Matt Furey.
    You either love him or hate him. Or are totally indifferent. Or kind of like his ideas but he annoys you...whatever.
    I don't think I've seen someone in the martial arts/fitness industry who is at once so reviled, while his ideas are so respected.
    Its a weird combination.

    Personally I like him. I couldn't give a shit if he markets and sells everything he has. What do I care.

    For those that don't know. He is all about 'bodyweight exercises', and believes that weights are not only unnecessary
    but will set you back in your training (in comparison with other things you can do instead).

    He is most famous for his book 'Combat Conditioning' which showed many variations of bodyweight exercises, and introduced
    A LOT of people to his Big 3 - the hindu squat, the hindu pushup, and his unique back bridge.

    Late last year, he decided to update this course and release an 'advanced course' which will apparently be everything you could ever want in regard to fitness. Supposedly he was inspired by 'The Great Gama' - and Indian Wrestler whose unique training programs helped him achieve a record of over 5000 wins and 0 losses. The course is called Gama Fitness.

    The course has various levels you can buy - regular, honour student, instructor level - each one jumping up a hefty amount in price.
    I purchased the regular student program for US$197 + international shipping of US$21.

    I opened the box it was shipped in to find.....a standard 3 ring binder with a bad print out inserted into the plastic front.
    The pages inside looked like they'd been photocopied at a local library on very cheap paper.
    Based on the price of this course, I can honestly say I just stared at the thing for a few minutes. I couldn't believe that someone
    who is charging so much, would send out something so cheap.
    Quite literally I could have made this myself for less than US$10. Combat Conditioning was US$30. For an extra $170 I expected
    some sort of lavish presentation.

    It's so cheap, I actually have some respect for anyone who has the balls to send this out after charging that much. It truly boggles the mind.

    Now I've got the bitching out the way, lets move on to content. With most instructional books/tapes/DVDs I'll automatically
    forgive bad and/or cheap presentation if the content is good. So....

    Gama Fitness is split into 12 sections. Photo demonstrations show Furey and one of his students.

    Lesson One -Dynamic Deep Breathing
    He goes into detail about how deep breathing is the basis of all life. Talks about the mental side of fitness and health and discusses goal setting in fitness (and life). Its interesting he starts off on a mental/emotional topic. It seems to be his intention with Gama Fitness to create a lifestyle manual, not just a fitness manual.

    Lesson Two -15 Different Ways to Do Hindu Pushups and Squats
    This is basically an extension Combat Conditioning - but with more advanced variations thrown in.
    Good chapter, although I got to be honest, It'll be a long time before I'm ready for any of advanced stuff.

    He also has some equipment recommendations here. This was surprising, as he is known as the 'bodyweight only guy'.
    The equipment is cheap if you choose to buy, and is only for advanced versions - which will take most people years to get to.
    So you don't need it at all to do 90% of the stuff here.

    Lesson Three - How To Double Your Speed and Explosiveness - Become a Seemingly Unstoppable Force and/or Freak of Nature
    I was very surprised at this chapter. Do you want to know the secret !?
    Do hill sprints and rope skipping.
    Yup, that's pretty much it. He also says handball may be good - but he personally has never tried it!

    Lesson Four - Taking The Bridge to a Different Level
    Another extension of Combat Conditioning - and again, more advanced variations thrown in.
    Another good chapter. Some VERY advanced exercises here. Extremely dangerous if you haven't built up to them.

    Lesson Five - Pull-ups That Make Your Lats and Arms Scream With Pleasure
    One of the big weaknesses of Combat Conditioning was that it had no pull up information. That's been corrected here.
    Good chapter, but really, how much 'secret information' is there on pull-ups/chin-ups. I didn't really learn anything new here, although I got to admit, I'm inspired to get back into chin ups.

    Lesson Six - The Lost Secret That The Great Gama Used to Develop Supernatural Strength and Power From Every Direction and Angle

    Wait for it.....And it is......Isometrics. Pushing against solid walls, pillars, etc. Apparently 'this lesson alone will be worth the price of the entire course many times over'

    We do this at martial arts, although admittedly not very much. I'll give Furey points here, as this is a VERY minor part of my training.
    I'll now up this greatly and make it a major part. If I remember, I'll tell you in a year or so, how much benefit this was. :)

    Lesson Seven - Building the Secondary Muscles of The Shoulders
    "These Exercises Will Help You Quickly Eliminate Shoulder Pain and Go to a Level of Strength That Will Amaze Your Friends" so says the hype for this particular lesson.

    Well, I know about weak secondary shoulder muscles as I have them. When the secondary muscles are weak, it causes the major muscles of the shoulders and chest to fail far earlier than they should. My myotherapist says the majority of the population have weak secondary shoulder muscles that is limiting their strength, although the only people that realise it are ones such as me, because they are weak enough that there is pain there - so I notice it more!

    There is lots of good exercises here, I tried some out. I could feel them very quickly in the intended areas. Will definitely incorporate these into my training.

    Lesson Eight - Keys to Increasing Cardiovascular Fitness in the Fastest Time Humanly Possible
    I was surprised at this. There is basically nothing in this chapter. Furey basically says that hindu squats and hindu pushups build huge cardio ability (true - especially the hindu squat). He gives two exercises, both of them really requiring the purchase of special equipment to do.

    Lesson Nine - Superior Stretches That Simultaneously Increase Flexibility and Strength - When to Do Them and How Often
    Good chapter on stretching, although similar to Thomas Kurz's work (Kurz is credited by Furey in this chapter).

    Lesson Ten - Keys to Rejuvenation After Vigorous Training - Follow These Tactics and You'll Be Ready For Action Far Sooner Than Ever Before
    Massage and magnets apparently.

    Lesson Eleven - How To Gain Weight - How To Lose Weight - Using Gama Fitness and a Natural Diet to Achieve Whatever Result You Like
    I laughed when I read this. Bullshido regulars may remember the thread a few days ago where I posted my thoughts on food. Furey says almost the same thing here. Let me cut and paste my own post:
    * * *
    Go to most bodybuilding forums and you can go on about metabolic rates, insulin, survival mode, fat storage, bla bla bla, bla bla bla
    Once again people, eating is not difficult.
    Cut out saturated fat and cut out refined sugar.
    Stick to this:
    if something does not look the way it does when it was taken out of the ground/sea (or off the tree), it is not worth your time to eat it.
    (steak, beef, etc may not look like cow - you know what I mean - don't be a smart ass :) )
    It is good to be in the habit of eating many small meals a day. This can help. It is not imperative. You can eat 3 healthy larger meals a day and as long as you are following the above rules, it WILL make a massive difference to the way you look.
    * * *
    Basically, Eat more good calories, put on weight. Eat less calories, lose weight.

    He does make some good points about lifestyle though, and still living a little while following a good diet.

    Lesson Twelve - The Hidden Key to Super Strength and Fitness - How Much of Your Muscle is Connected to Your Mind? And How to Make that Connection Stronger.
    Finishes off with a chapter on mind-muscle connection.

    To buy or not to buy?
    If you've never bought a fitness book before, and don't know much about fitness - this will be your bible. Go, buy, read, then do.
    If you've been primarily into weights, and are getting disillusioned (or want to try something else) - definitely worth getting.

    Now, if you are already well read, and have an interest in fitness you may have covered a lot of this already:
    Goal setting, mental programming, positive thinking, etc I've covered in everything from Anthony Robbins to Robert Anton Wilson.
    Hindu squats, pushups and bridging - I'd covered before in Matt Furey's earlier work.
    Pull-ups and variations most people know.
    Speed and cardio training, well as I said - he doesn't really share much here.
    Isometrics - I've never really considered a big part of training. I learnt something here.
    Stretching - I have Thomas Kurz. I also have Pavel Tsatsouline. Furey doesn't impart anything new to me here.
    Weight Gain/Loss - as I said, the chapter basically amounted to what I wrote in a minute on the Bullshido board.
    Secondary Shoulder muscle exercises - I knew much of this because of my shoulder problems. He has given me some good new ones though.
    Rejuvenation - I learnt some stuff here. Might try magnets. I'll see what happens.

    I can't really blame Furey for this. For a few years, my hobby was reading everything I could get my hands on in regard
    to weight training, fitness and diet. My shelves are lined with books. Its just that when you advertise the course as having
    'rarely talked about methods', and 'lost secrets' then the reader is going to be disappointed if they have read it before.

    The core information here is available in Combat Conditioning for only $30 instead of $197. However, there is a lot of extra stuff here. If you have the money, get Gama Fitness. If you don't, there is no need to stress. Get Combat Conditioning. There is more than enough there to keep you going for ages.

    I'm not demanding a refund or anything, I think it will be a useful tool to follow in my training. I think anyone can benefit from it.
    I'm just not going to write one of the testimonials like he has on his website saying 'this is amazing, you should be charging double!!!'

    El Guapo says, ""You can buy muscles, but you can't buy COJONES!"
    The Wastrel - So attractive he HAS to be a woman.
    - Pizdoff

    Don't waste your time on the magnets... they're BS

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      Hey, they are cheap. It can't hurt to try.

      Have you tried them?
      Can you tell me what you experienced?

      El Guapo says, ""You can buy muscles, but you can't buy COJONES!"
      The Wastrel - So attractive he HAS to be a woman.
      - Pizdoff


        Submit this as an article. Good read.


          I have tried them, and experienced NOTHING. Also, both of my parents being doctors, I have two professional opinions saying they're worthless.

          --A poor band player I was, but now I am crocodile king. --
          Click To Get My Free Training Newsletter... Do It NOW!

          "You all just got fucking owned.";
          "TaeBo_Master and GajusCaesar just scored 10,000,000 points on all you pawns."

          - The Wastrel


            Hey look, I'm on the front page. Weird.

            Phrost - okay, have submitted.

            El Guapo says, ""You can buy muscles, but you can't buy COJONES!"
            The Wastrel - So attractive he HAS to be a woman.
            - Pizdoff


              Thanks for the input Taebo.
              No offense meant to your parents, but I don't pay attention to what doctors think about alternative treatments (and I really do mean no offense)
              I'm only 24 and I'm old enough to remember when chiropractors were considered hacks, and acupuncture was considered some outdated useless thing from the East only hippies believed in.

              Since you've actually tried them, I'll keep in mind. Thanks.

              To note: I'm interested in them as Furey isn't actually selling them himself. He's is not just trying to make more money off you. Therefore my suspicion level is lowered :)

              Whether or not they work, he seems to believe they work...

              El Guapo says, ""You can buy muscles, but you can't buy COJONES!"
              The Wastrel - So attractive he HAS to be a woman.
              - Pizdoff


                lol Thanks MoonorFinger

                "Don't waste your time on the magnets... they're BS"

                Tom Kurz @
                Good read. He is a MA as well. Dynamic stretches work. I would buy his book if I had the money.

                FoM-Who wrote Combat Conditioning?

                Hard work, Patience, Dedication.
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                  "I'm old enough to remember when chiropractors were considered hacks, and acupuncture was considered some outdated useless thing from the East only hippies believed in."

                  FoM -- actually, broadly speaking I still consider chiropractors hacks and acupuncture as useless and outdated.


                    Pizdoff - did you actually read the review. I mention in the top few paragraphs that is was Furey who wrote Combat Conditioning.

                    Kurz is the master for stretching. I got his book and video years ago. Pavel is also very good (they both come at it from a similar angle)

                    Noodles - fair enough :)
                    'broadly speaking' ? Does that mean you consider them ALL hacks, or you believe that some are worth using?

                    My experience with acupunture comes through my myotherapist. She has used them a few times in 'order to stimulate the area' so she could work on it through massage and muscle manipulation. The session costed the same with or without the acunpuncture, so my attitude was 'sure, fine, whatever. Just make my shoulders work properly' :)

                    El Guapo says, ""You can buy muscles, but you can't buy COJONES!"
                    The Wastrel - So attractive he HAS to be a woman.
                    - Pizdoff


                      Re: hacks, actually I overstated how I feel a bit. I think chiropractors can be beneficial -- I've just heard too many horror stories from doctors about when certain chiropractors have overstepped the bounds of good sense. I know some people, including at least one former Olympic athlete, who see chiropractors all the time. As long as the chiropractors limit themselves to low-stress treatments and don't try to fix CNS problems, it's all good.

                      Re: acupuncture (and chinese medecine generally), I'm afraid. I shouldn't say that the principles and/or treatments are useless, because there's been enough use of acupuncture through the years that I expect there's some degree of validity, but the level of research and certification that I've seen doesn't inspire much confidence.


                        I can't speak for magnets, although according to the principles of magnetism and the amount of iron in the blood, the claims seem pretty dubious.

                        I am a skeptic, but I go semi-regularly to a chiropractor for adjustments (if I've taken tons of hard falls or strained my lower back by throwing someone incorrectly), and coupled with massage, it has helped a great deal. I don't buy the hype about curing everything with chiro. though, just helping alignment.

                        And I really have a hard time in believing the claims of acupuncture, but I've had acupuncture done for a fasciitis problem in my heel, which had been lingering for months. I guess my attitude was "What the hell. Maybe it will be helpful." There was no placebo effect (since my belief wasn't there), but I experienced a huge amount of relief. It may not work for everything, and I am still doubtful of many of the claims, but it helped me in this case.


                          I started out very skeptical about acupuncture myself.

                          Then one day, when I was about 18, my lower back started hurting. It wasn't that big of a deal at first, but the pain increased gradually, and in about a month or so after it started I went to see a doctor. The doctor took X-rays, gave me basic painkillers, and told me that my back is ok, and that it should go away by itself.

                          When, in another month or so it got much worse, I went back to the doctor, who referred me to a specialist. The specialist took MRI's, and told me that he sees nothing wrong with my back. By then, the pain was bad enough, that I had trouble walking for more than a few minutes at a time.

                          In another couple of weeks, I found that I could not get out of bed. I mean, I literally could not. When I tried to get up, the pain was so bad that I fainted. That happened a few times in a row. Finally, I was able to crawl to the phone and call 911. I am not exaggerating.
                          In the emergency room I was given percacet (a synthetic morphine derivative) and told that I need to comi in for exploratory surgery in three days. For those of you that don't have a clear idea of what exploratory surgery is, let me clarify: they open you up and try to see what's going on.

                          At that time I got desperate, and decided to give acupuncture a shot. A friend of mine recommended a good specialist, so I called her and told her about my situation. She told me to come in right away.

                          She did all sorts of strange things to me. The stuck something like 300 needles into me, covered some of them with an oily paste and set them on fire. Then she cut a number of small incisions in my lower back, put vacuum jars over the incisions, and waited till the fill with blood. Then she massaged me. She showed me the blood later, it was black and pasty - apparently my circulation was disturbed due to muscle spasms and the blood was trapped there.

                          I had this procedure done to me every day for a week or so, and then went to once a month. On the second day, when I saw that I no longer need percacet, I canceled my exploratory surgery. In about a month, I was cured.

                          So don't be too quick to discount unconventional medicine as bullshit - it saved my ass where western medicine fell flat on its face.

                          I remain, Hapko3
                          You say what about my rice?


                            I have always trust acupunture. My biggest regret was going to regular doctor to see about my broken rib under shoulder blade and I was dumb enough to listen to doctor. Now I cannot do any thing with my arms in repeating way for more than few min without it get all swollen up and sore.

                            How much do acupunture cost? Also will insurance pay for it? What do it feel like?

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                              "She showed me the blood later, it was black and pasty"

                              Err ... blood will often turn black/dark brown when removed from the body and put in jars. It's why red meat discolors in air.

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