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Is My college mixed martial arts club Bullshido or no

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    Is My college mixed martial arts club Bullshido or no

    it only cost 50.00 to join for the whole semerster. iask the instructors what there certifications were because they claim to teach shooto,western boxing,,jujitsu,brazilian jujitsu, muay thai, jeet kune do and sambo and freco wrestling

    i emailed them about there certification and heres what they wrote.

    I understand your concern, but that is also why I said you should just come
    in and see for yourself. We are not a school only a club and as such we
    don't make any money out of this. We are only here because we love martial
    arts. That having been said, let me answer your questions. I train under
    Andy Sabens and Jack McVicker in JKD and Brazilian jiu jitsu. I get my BJJ
    instruction from Jack mainly though and I'm currently a purple belt. He is
    a black belt under Megaton Dias who is under Rickson Gracie. I have
    competed in tournaments and been invited to compete in tournaments in BJJ.
    I spent two months in brazil in 2002 training at Gracie Barra in Rio. I
    have trained with Carlson Gracie Jr. in Cincinnati for about 2 years, and
    then I got my blue belt from Jorge Gurgel after Carlson left Cincinnati to
    go back to chicago. Jorge is under Marcus Aurelio, a black belt. Now, for
    JKD I train primarily under Andy Sabens a Phase I instructor under Jack, who
    is a Full Instructor in Progressive Fighting Systems, under Paul Vunac and
    in JKD Concepts. Vunac trained with Dan Inosanto for years before
    developing the PFS system. (Inosanto was Bruce Lee's instructor at his
    third academy when he had them.) He currently teaches both. Since having
    been in Carbondale, I have trained with Vince Fields as well. He is a black
    belt in Sambo and has trained extensively with Eric Paulson in Shooto
    wrestling and submission grappling. However, I never claim to have any
    certification in these. We only blend what works from the system for our
    purposes. I always place emphasis on what can be tested and rarely do whole
    systems stand up for testing. Thus far, the only systems that are evolving
    systems and strive to incorporate and learn against and through systems of
    fighting are BJJ, or submission grappling, and JKD.

    As for Dave, he has competed in numerous wrestling, both greco and
    freestyle, while he was in the marines and high school. He has gone to
    training camps with pro thai fighters, but he would never claim to be a true
    certified thai fighter. He had plans to go to thailand this summer, but
    these had to be postponed for personal reasons.
    Finally, I'll just end by saying that I don't necessarily believe
    certification is a good testament to ability. Bruce Lee was never certified
    in anything but Wing Chun. The proof is in the pudding. If you like, come
    in and spar with the club and then you can make your own determination. We
    hate the way martial arts has become business based and I have met many jiu
    jitsu "black belts" that pretty much bought their belt in the early days.
    Okay, I hope this has answered all your questions. Thanks, Alex

    they sound nice and legit, but i still dont know and on a side note im not sure if i can digest all those styles since i ahve not practiced in 7 years and i might have to learn the basics over again.

    my college also has seperate clubs in shaolin kung fu,judo, tae kwon do, muay thai, boxing, shotokan karate and aikido.

    should i just join one or two theses clubs and cross train or stayu with the mixed martial arts class.

    I wish. My school has bunch of ex-golden gloves meet up in the basement of the dorms on Thursday and a pre-cal professor that teaches tai chi on his lunch break.

    It might be the bullshit, but you get a free class. Take a look even if they do sound overqualified.
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    Sumus extra manum tuam.


      It can't hurt to go try.


        sounds legit to me. go check em out.


          I doubt very strongly they teach all those at the same time during one class.

          Go check it out.


            Do it.

            Best bang for your buck MA wise your whole life is gonna be in college. No children, few geesers, dirt cheap, typically a good competitive atmosphere.

            And when an MMA place- especiall a college class or club- says they teach all those things, it's a safe bet they learned one or two things they liked in those other arts and that's all they bother with. Don't worry about it.


              Might as well check it out and see what you think.

              I agree with the guy about certification..."the proof is in the pudding".


                I haven't heard anything but good things about Vince Fields/RMATA. The guy who owns my school, Greg Giddings, highly recommended their camp to me. Greg has a winning MMA record and his school has produced successful MMA fighters, including Jason Reinhardt, who is 14-0, has several wins in KOTC, and runs his own MMA academy in a neighboring city as well as putting on MMA shows in partnership with Miletich.

                I don't think they'd lead me astray, but then, I don't suppose you have an actual endorsement of these guys by Vince Fields there, either. If you'd like, I can ask him about SIU's MMA club in September. Actually, if you're interested in MMA, I seem to be recruiting Bullshido bullies to attend the camp. It's $75 for two days, $50 for one. Supposedly lots of Sambo, but also BJJ, Muay Thai--lots of stuff.

                Link to the training camp:

                Info you probably already have on Fields:

                I've gotta tell you, I'm pretty excited about the chance to study with these guys for a couple of hard days. I've got one other Bullie just about committed to attend--but if you come along, why, then it's a movement.


                  Sounds legit. Just go and stop whining. Report back to HQ when you have taken a class.


                    Sounds legit. And for a college club more then sufficient.

                    Go train and shut the fuck up.


                      Originally posted by lazyartist101
                      it only cost 50.00 to join for the whole semerster.
                      I'm sorry, I stopped reading right there. I'd take Dillman's chi ball throwing classes for that price.


                        I'm the president of my MMA club, and I am nowhere near 'experienced' as this guy claims to be. That said, my club has turned out some good amateur fighters and some decent grapplers, and I am 4-2 in MMA going pro next summer. I am only a blue belt in BJJ and a green in judo and sambo. I tell everyone up front that I am a scrub and a nobody in the aggregate world of MMA, but I'll fight, and beat the fuck out of, anyone who wants to try and prove that MMA and it's components are inferior to other systems. Our school lost it's wrestling funds to Title 9 years ago, so I get a lot of disenfranchised wrestlers, so there is more of a community feel to sharing techniques and what not, and we don't cut corners in training...meaning, we spar and roll every practice.

                        Look, the mount is the mount is the mount, the guard is the guard is the guard, etc. For 50 bucks over 3 months, which is a fraction of what a real school costs, you will get a few things:

                        1. Guys who will teach you the basics of JJ, wrestling, and boxing/MT, which anyone with a blue belt, a few years of wrestling, or two years of MT/boxing can teach,

                        2. A class full of peers who are as eager to learn and train as you are,

                        3. At the very least, a fun way to stay in shape.

                        College MMA clubs are not really bullshido. I know the Aikido, TKD, and Shotokan clubs here are more 'legit' as in they have real 'blackbelts' come in and teach (as do we, just not every class, more like once a month) and the clubs are 'affiliated' with some dojo somewhere exotic....however, the horse stance is the horse stance is the horse stance, and the horse stance sucks horse balls........that is bullshido.


                          Originally posted by Hurt
                          I'm sorry, I stopped reading right there. I'd take Dillman's chi ball throwing classes for that price.


                          That's about how I feel.


                            go and check it out.


                              Jorge Gurgel and Jack McVicker are both legit, so if you are concerned about his BJJ credentials a phone call to one or both of them would confirm it one way or another.
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