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Sicilian Dragon: Spinoff from Poll question

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    Sicilian Dragon: Spinoff from Poll question

    I'm moving this over here, because I couldn't post in Polls, said there was an error...

    I agree with you that full contact sparing isn't essential to every martial artist. It is for me, I enjoy training hard & like a little more realism.
    I also agree, the street does offer an element that is almost impossible to train for. No person knows what they'll do in a fight until confronted with it & each fight is different. I'm hoping I never have to fight on the street.

    But, having said that..I will say this, I agree with my instructor that to at least know what it feels like to be hit does offer a slight buffer. You get hit, you keep fighting, not stand there & say "wtf was that"?

    As far as avoiding being hit, hell yeah, I would love to do that I don't normally talk about it much, cause people on here are kind of negative about shit they don't do...But, along with my other training, for about 3 years I have also done "trapping" Lots of it. Trust me, may seem like bullshit, but having a weapon or a fist thrown at you full speed & having to deal with it, makes you see it coming a little bit different. But, the drills have to start slow & work up to full real speed & be second nature. I would like to think I can parie "divert" some incoming out of the way. IF I don't & I take one, I should be able to continue to fight....

    Hopefully moving in when I do parie & straight blast with elbow & yes, I agree palm heals are the shit....I love em. We use gloves when we box, but when we spar like this, we use gloves similar to eye jabs, palm heals are not an issue...we do try not to gouge each others eyes out though... ;)

    Nice talkin to ya.....

    <img src=icon_smile_blackeye.gif border=0 align=middle> Sam


    Thanks for the comments. I agree that if you don't know what it feels like to get hit, you may be at a psychological disadvantage in a fight when you do actually get hit.

    I think I may have been unclear when I referred to avoiding shots to the neck, etc. What I was trying to say was that even in "full contact" sparring people still ususally avoid trying to hit each other in the neck, throat, eyes, etc (for obvious reasons). These are real fight stoppers and therefore I think it is dangerous when people train to avoid striking these targets while telling themselves that they are going "all out". The person is also not forced to defend these areas in a realistic manner. This really just goes to the point that even in full contact sparring, you are still playing within a very narrow set of rules. Other such rules might be no biting, groin grabs, etc. And no one is going to stomp on your head if you decide to grapple with the person on the ground.

    It sounds like you try to create a realistic sparring environment. How much contact (ie. full/half/less) do use in applying a 'straight blast' with your elbow ? Are there strikes that you use limited contact for ? If so, does your opponent acknowledge these strikes or continue to hit you full force at the same time that you have limited your contact ? Just curious ...

    Thanks again for your comments.


      There are times we go with lightweight gloves, like I said & then we pretty much throw down..pretty hard
      If we want to know how it feels to hit, literally as hard as we can, such as a straight blast, we have used Fencing masks, or motorcycle helmets can be really gave me an idea of how it feels to run at someone, punching, palm healing or elbowing the crap out of someone as hard & as fast as I can...its different. The mask lets you do a hard jab at the eyes too, a little bit of accuracy while running at them...I was also surprised the first time I had the mask on doesn't stop the impact, just the punch or still jars the hell out of your head & teeth, it knocked me down

      Also, I agree again...its real hard to train the throat, eye gouges & such. But, we do the best we can right???

      <img src=icon_smile_blackeye.gif border=0 align=middle> Sam


        I tried to post on the poll too. It said error.
        Here is what I tried to say there:

        I agree that full-contact is necessary but I think it is dumb to say "None of that pussy light contact shit." Full-contact teaches you lessons you can't learn any other way - but some techniques you can't learn to apply while getting fired on at 100 mph.

        A drill can help you work out the details of the technique so you can know how to use it in full contact later. Wrestlers use drills all the time. Boxers practice punches on bags, do shadow-boxing and combonations to moving targets.

        I say train on every level. Don't limit to yourself to only the "extreme." Sometimes going slow can help you pick up subtle details you missed.

        Also, full-contact at 100% power sparring every day just isn't practical. Anyone who says its all they do is either training for the UFC next month or they are making stuff up.

        If that is all you do then you will always be injured and you will get uglier every single day. Broken noses, cauliflower ears, scars - your knees will be bad by the time you are 40 and your nuckles will bleed every single day you fight.

        That's no way to live. Don't forget what you are defending .. your life. Enjoy it a little.

        A lot of other guys would be in the UFC or pit fighting if they had no life. Some guys don't want to have fat Jackie Chan noses and Frank Shamrock ears by the time they are 30.

        Getting a tooth knocked out is so much trouble. I had two teeth knocked out in 1991 from falling asleep at the wheel and hitting a telephone pole with my 1976 Ford LTD Crown Victoria. I had my belt on but I hit the steering wheel.

        I still have scars on my chin. But my teeth - all the root canals were just the beggining - finally this year it was time to have the two original dead teeth replaced with porcelain ones. They had to mount screws into my bones and drill and screw crowns on there..

        It wasn't all that bad really.. I can take it.. it cost way too much though. It was just something I wish never happened.

        Now I am more hesitant to get in a fight too. I think, crap - if they hit me right once and bust up that expensive orthodontist work I will have to pay for it. Also, instead of having crowns, it might screw stuff up and I will need a bridge or something.

        In sparring, I'd wear a mouth piece, gloves, etc.. you can't go all NHB every single day or you'll be an ugly guy who is in pain constantly.

        This is all just scratching the surface. Everyone should avoid fighting at all costs. There is so much risk involved for anyone. Its just not wirth it. Self-defense is the only reason to fight.

        my kung fu eeeeeees better than yours!



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