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    the only thing that i know about it is that it is the first org specializing in disabled self defense. i thik it is cool if what they teach is really adaptable. i need to send for some info and maybe a tape or two to get a feel for the system.


      How could a disabled person possibly defend him/herself?

      "Strike first! Strike hard! No mercy, sir!"


        Depends on their disability.

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          >>How could a disabled person possibly defend him/herself?<<

          Quite effectivly. I've instructed Blind people who have defended themselves quite well. (they tend to dominate on the ground and fight like demons). Tactile training and using their other senses more than makes up for the lack of sight. One of my students was almost completly blind. He was able to make out very vauge shadow-like images. He was once acosted and kicked the guy in the gut, doubling him over then he broke his cane over the dudes head. Those blind assisstance canes arn't very sturdy I guess. So I bought him a compressed redwood one and painted it white. <grin>

          One of my best students is in a wheelchair and we spend hours on learn what to do if he is "dumped" or his chair is imobilized.

          Just because you can't figure out how doesn't make it impossible. Nor does it make an organization that offers these services a McDojo. It just makes them better at something than most.


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              I like how he refers to Oscar De La Hoya as his "special friend."


                I know a blind man who used to teach aikido. He had incredible technique in comparison to those who still have their sight, but I'd fear for him if he had to defend himself. If someone attacked him from behind and stayed out of his reach, he'd be in trouble.

                "Strike first! Strike hard! No mercy, sir!"


                  "If someone attacked him from behind and stayed out of his reach, he'd be in trouble."

                  So would alot of people! He would probably hear that person and turn around before they could get the jump on him.

                  There was an Olympic Judo gold medalist who was blind in the Atlanta games I believe. Also I bet a disabled person could get away with using a weapon in self defense without such legal penalties.

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                    >>If someone attacked him from behind <<

                    Same problems that all of us have. But he'd actually have the advantage since he's used to dealing with blind spots.

                    >>and stayed out of his reach, he'd be in trouble.<<

                    Well if the assailant was out of his reach wouldn't he most likely be out of the assailants reach? Plus with the added reach granted by a cane or the added support of a seeing eye dog (dogs can be very protective)he would again have the advantage.


                      "he's used to dealing with blind spots"

                      please apologize for this. puns can be funny but only if they involve female anatomy parts.

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                        >>please apologize for this. puns can be funny but only if they involve female anatomy parts.<<

                        No pun was no apology warranted. So sorry.


                          intention not withstanding you said it <img src=icon_smile.gif border=0 align=middle>

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                            how about:


                              he has pictures with all these people and can't even put a short little clip on the site?

                              disabled people can defend themselves (some), but a video clip would convince me that much more.

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