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    McDojo Material???

    This place is pretty sad, and there ads are EVERYWHERE.
    I just thought the Tibetan Snake Boxing video they sell is alone enough to make them McDojo material.

    It's somehow Tibetan but it's a Chinese secret, I dunno if that strikes anyone else as odd. It's called boxing yet it's supposedly a grappling defense system. OH well take a look.

    Ask anyone from China and they'll tell you Tibet belongs and has always belonged to their country. They're very nationalistic.

    I've heard good things about Bagua, but they do have a lot of Quigong and such, which I'm skeptical about.

    Submit the link as a McDojo and let everyone rate it.

    1 Fries with your Black belt, to 10, awesome school you can learn from.


      The Tibet thing was taken the wrong way. What I meant is that usually styles are known from their provinces not from the country. I guess it was a stupid point....oh well


        True, I've never heard of a Tibetan martial art either.

        Unless slapping a yak with a stick is their version of Kali, I'm pretty sure they don't have one.

        I've been browsing the site for a while now. Their intentions seem honest, if a bit goofy.

        Submit the link though, if you have time.



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