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Choice of BJJ Schools, any good?

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    Choice of BJJ Schools, any good?

    I have the following BJJ schools in my area to choose from, which ones do you think are the best and which ones should I avoid.


    I would go to and try to check them out in person, see if they have student trial program.

    Choosing a school, or a style for that matter, is just like anything else, make sure you do enough work to make sure your choice fits what you want.

    Do you want to train for sport, or self-defense, or both. How much are you willing to pay? What are the classes like?

    Ask questions and make sure you fell your getting truthful answers just not ones they think will get you to sign up.

    If you want to train primarily for self-defense say so, and if they say that's their main focus great. But I'd still have a friend call up and say that he only wants to train for sport, and if he gets the same answer I would at least call them on it.

    Any decent martial arts school should be able to be honest enough to say "Well our stuff might be able to do that, but that really isn't our main focus. This is what is."


      damn that's a lot, I only know of one in TO

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        That's just plain lazy.


        "All this talk about 'newbies' is making me a little nervous. You guys don't have any sort of secret hazing initiation involving wooden paddles and me screaming 'Thank you sir, may I have another?!' do you?"


          I'd start with the 2 or 3 closest to you and go check them out.

          If the cost is in the range of what you're willing to pay, and they look high quality, then go for it.

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            Others may not agree, but I'd go on the BJJ forum at and ask, so someone will know all them .. Bullshido is great, but for the iconoclast. If you want to know which teacher delivers the BJJ goods ask there.

            of course, you know, crapplin' 's for fruit . . . :)

            just kidding, I love BJJ and good luck, if I knew your area I'd advise.


              Find a school that's clean - it's amazing the type of skin diseases that can spread in BJJ places. Also, make sure you like the people who train there. Honestly, the instructor might be good but if the people there are assholes, you'll get injured and not be able practice and learn properly. Some of my fave moves came from the other students. My instructor is really good but I'm not nearly as quick, sometimes the more practical moves came from my friends there.


                Yeah find some place with out lots of ego. Watch to see how hard people are going and decide what you are comfortable with.
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