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Falling out / Bad breaks with ex-instructors?

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    Falling out / Bad breaks with ex-instructors?

    Who has/had a bad experience with a falling out with an ex-instructor?

    Personally, I was backsided by an ex-instructor, as I was leaving the country for about 6 weeks, a few years ago.

    All due to the efforts of both my wife and I trying to keep a few other "outside the school" instructors from cheating on scores/scoring at our tournaments. Yeah, I know, tournaments, BIG BULLSHIDO point.

    Seems that some of the outside instructors were stacking the scores during kata by giving their students the high scores, and low-balling our students. It became so bad that people who just came to watch picked up on it. We told our students/parents that we would look into, and do something about it.

    Well, we approarched our Head instructor about the issue, and wanted to have a meeting with him and the the other Black Belts/School Owners about the issue. We set a date for the meeting, with the Head Instructor backing out of the meeting because a scheduling issue, so we made another date that He agreed to. Later in the week, that date was broken, again because of a schedule conflict on his part. So another date was set and agreed to.

    Well guess what? About 3 days before the meeting, my wife and I went to see the Head Instructor with a "talking points" paper for him to review on what we were going to talk about, with some solutions on how to handle and/or correct the problem. The Head Instructor announced that the meeting had been cancelled a few days before, without us (wife and I) getting any notice. His words were " I'm having a flea market that day and cannot and will not attend!"

    Well, words went around, and my wife and I stormed out, threatening to boycott the next tournament if the issue wasn't resolved by then.

    Things seemed quiet for about a week, then the phone calls started. One was from an administratofrom one of the programs that I was the Head Instructor of. He wanted to hear my side of the story as to what happened and what was my plan to handle it. I bascially disclosed that I was not going to support the tournament by not going and I would not bar any student from doing so, but I would not encourage anyone from going.

    The next day, (Satuerday) I was to have a class in the morning for my advanced students. just before the class, I got a phone call from the Head Instructor, informing me that my wife's Black Belt had been taken away, and she was no longer an instructor in the school. (The Head Instructor, did not and has yet to call and talk to her). I resigned my position in the school, cancelled my morning and afternoon class, and headed over to tell my wife what just happened. (She was not called!).

    Once after I arrived at my wife's class, I talked with her about what had happened. Needless to say, she was shocked. We then sat down with the parents and the older students and informed them of the events of the past couple of hours.

    Now, my wife and I ran 3 branch schools for this Head Instructor and his organization, which amounted to about 100-125 students. (Alot of money!)
    I lost the command of one school, because the previous administrator had basically pulled the school out from under me and went with the Head Instructor.
    While I was out of the country for work, the Head Instructor pulled some stuff, such as contacting all of the students at my wife's school, by writing them at least 2 letters each, with informations as to his side of the story, and how we were wrong and disrespectful, and according to him, no longer quailifed to teach.

    He only contacted the one school, (my wife's). I believe that this was done because of the larger enrollment, hence the bigger pile of loot to perhaps gain. He never contacted the 20 some students who trained with me, and 2 2/1 years later, has yet to do so.

    After all of this, we're on our own, and alive! The students are doing ok, and we are at least making a showing in the local martial arts scene.

    SOOOO, anybody else had something like this go down?

    Kata tournaments should be banned for silliness anyway.
    You are a total Douchbag. Train more, post nevermore.
    FickleFingerOfFate -08-21-2007 08:59 AM

    just die already.
    Plasma - 08-20-2007 11:45 PM

    Best MA website ever!!!!!:


      "why does it have to end so badly?"
      "Becasue if it didn't end badly, it wouldn't end!"

      Tom cruise, Cocktail- not that he made up that line.

      Uusally, especially in TMA, you wake up and realize you instructor, or Master, as they like to call themeselves, is full of shit. After that, there's no turning back. 80% are teaching Bullshido/McDojo, as it is, and even those that have a decent cirriculum have you on that auto pay crap, and bullshit seminars, etc. We had to shell out to seem someo old has beens to some sparring techniques that they didn't evenuse in their prime, since they could not demonstrate what they did back then, NOW.
      Need a vacation- have a big seminar, get everyone together and teach the same shit.
      Besides, do you really wamt to call some guy sifu or sensei or whatever? Christ, grow up- go to a gym where you call the guy coach or his first name.
      "Coffee is for Closers" GlenGarry Glenross


        I'm sorry to hear of your problems with your former instructor, god cheating at Kata, thats a new low.


          Open your own school and teach t3h r34l Ke?po. PS. kata tournements are retarded.


            the tournaments were not all just kata, there was also weapons kata, sparring (point, of course). But kata, both weapons and empty hand was were the cheating occurred.

            And by the way, we have our own school, where we got rid of the bullshit stuff that wouldn't have worked on a pack of cub scouts, and we do sparring, with gear, every week! Enrollment is up, and we have had "Offers" to return to the old school, with promotions of course!


              Yeah, i had a bad break-up with my previous school because I realised my "si-gung" was full of shit, and my school was one of those pathetic chi-loving non-resistant too deadly for the ring semi daoist and buddhist wing chun mcdojo's.

              I left the school altogether, and then the si-gungs wife began calling me. I didn't answer because I thought she'd ask me to come back. It turns out she was ringing to tell me that I was locked into a contract involving my private lessons, and in the end they sent me out a bill for a large amount of money, to be paid within 1 week.

              The end.


                Did you go to court or did you pay?


                  interesting. this thread is the instructor's counterpart to


                    I didn't tell my instructor I was leaving; I just did. Months later, when I posted my "Worst Techniques..." thread, he e-mailed me to give the usual "You are not worthy, you are but an ant in the afterbirth" speech. He followed this with an offer to come to his school and say it to his face (say what? The entire bullet list?). I accepted, e-mailed him back asking when would be a good time. No response. Given that I really wanted to fight this guy, I can say this event was a huge cocktease. And while I'm sure I can't legally call him a fraud, I do believe I'm doing the martial arts community as a whole by informing it that Mark Radunz, 6th degree black belt in Isshin-Ryu karate-do, is a giant fucking waffle.
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                    2) My name is not Ian Brandon Something.

                    3) Kacey is coming with me now. I have stolen her from the other Christian Weston Chandler.

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                      I think I'm on the verge of a falling out with my TKD instructor. He's disrespecting the other schools and styles that I train in, without having seen, met or trained with any of the instructors. impolite at best, foolhardy at worst, I get a feeling if I mentioned it to my MMA guys they wouldn't be beyond a GONG SAU! plus he's started spouting too much "TKD works on t3h str33t" for my liking. it makes me sad, because I've trained with him for a long time and we've got along fine for years. despite it being shit, I enjoy TKD, it's fun to do.
                      oh well. chances are I'm moving away soon anyway, so hopefully we can part on good terms.


                        Well, over the past 2 years, things have really changed...

                        The Instructor that was brought up to replace me at the one school has since been charged with having sexual relations with a minor. (Not one of the karate students). He was a cop, and has sinced plead guilty to the first charges. There were others pending, but they were dropped.

                        And, the Head Instructor announced that he was thinking about taking my Black Belt. I e-mailed his web site, telling him he knew were I was at least a couple of nights a week, so come on over and take it. Please do not send anyone else but yourself. No takers.


                          Originally posted by new2bjj
                          Christ, grow up- go to a gym where you call the guy coach or his first name.
                          Yeah it was rather awkward for me to call my instructor "Joe" during classes lol


                            My bad experience

                            I am female, so that made me a potential victim right off the bat. I didn't realize this however as it was my first training experience. The owner of the school, who calls himself "Professor" (which I learned later might be totally fake), basically took advantage of me and created an intimate relationship with me. He made me feel fantastic for a while, and then totally blew me off. The mental manipulation was extreme. I still feel a sense of loss and anger towards this guy and such a huge feeling of total disappointment.

                            The thing that really got me was all the spiritual talk. I am at a time of transition in my life, so the spiritual aspect really made me feel grounded. This is perhaps what made me the most vunerable.

                            Has anyone else had these experiences? How do you pick yourself up after being totally mentally and sexually manipulated like this?


                              You sue him. :)



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