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    New Article by DJ Coldfusion

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    Inner Power! Break stone, Stay dry in the rain, knock down old ladies from a distance! Yes, you too can take advantage of your Inner Power by sending Master Lukman $600usd for his special correspondence course...

    Here's a picture of "the Master". How much do you want to bet that the car is just one he walked past on his way to visit his therapist?


      Why is that car illegally parked on a pedestrian walkway, on the wrong side of a yield sign? Is "The Master" a terribly unmasterful driver?


        A BMW and a three-piece suit are oviously signs of a legitimate martial arts Master.

        Jesus, that's worse than the idiots that wear their silk pajamas to the grocery store.


          So what?

          Just because he's a master he's supposed to be dressed up in rags?

          You guys really are idiots!

          McDojo's are designed to make money! And I'm sure he's raking it in, so why should yo ube surprised that he has a BMW?

          hmmm..maybe because most of you guys have never made a penny in Martial Arts, that you are just jealous or something.

          That's ok though. Maybe if some of you spend less time TKD bashing on internet, and more time in the gym focusing on getting better you may one day be able to afford enough money to have a nicer car than that gangstrer in the photo


            I left my old instructor because he was a money grubber. Whenever we get new students at my school now who went by there first they mentioned our school and he says "Oh that guy, Who drives the Lexus?"


              Each of my vehicles cost more than that little low-end Beamer. And I'm sure I've got suits that cost more than the one he's wearing in the picture as well.

              That's not the point.

              The point is, if he was selling a "how to succeed in life" course, the picture would be appropriate. But for someone who's selling martial arts training that's at the least, expensive and questionable, flaunting his wealth is inappropriate, not to mention just plain stupid.



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