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B.S. in R.O.C.

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    B.S. in R.O.C.

    This board is great, glad I found it. I have been living in Taiwan for the past ten years. I have been in chinese martial arts since 1976 when I started hung gar in San Diego. In the early 1990s I started xing yi, which is what I still practice.

    Enough about me, let us turn to the topic of martial arts b.s. in the Far East. As I am sure most folks realize fraud, nonsense, b.s. is not just limited to North American martial arts, there is plenty of it here in the Far East.

    Taiwan, which I am most familiar with, has lots of it. Most of the b.s. here concerns various "chi tricks". Chi is the mysterious power (ki in japanese martial arts) which allows Master X to do amazing stunt "y" and impress the audience.

    A favorite way to show your "mysterious and amazing chi power" is to throw a student across the room using "no effort". If I had a dollar for everytime I have seen this in a Taiwanese martial arts magazine I would be a millionaire (well, almost).

    Okay then, I just wanted to introduce myself and give a little taste of martial arts b.s. from Taiwan.

    take care,

    Hey there, i'm from Taiwan too. Although it's true that there are frauds, there are also many excellent teachers, especially in TaiZhong, Taiyuan.

    As for martial art mags, stuff can be faked so easily, but generally it's done to garner a higher percentage of the population's interest, alot of teachers today are motivated by cash, however, there are still many masters who still teach according to the old laws.



      consider youself hazed.

      Go away I'm talking to myself


        watch for omega and his long range chi strikes

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          WuTe, I didn't say there were not outstanding teachers in Taiwan. What I mean to say is the outstanding teacher to nitwit ratio is, I would guess about 1/10; i.e. for every one good teacher there are 10 nitwits claiming to be "outstanding teachers".

          That ratio actually seems to be true for all times and places. It must be part of the Grand Design.

          Omega, I will consider myself hazed. "Thank you sir, may I have another" (line stolen from Animal House)

          PizDoff, I am always on the alert for long range chi strikes and process servers trying to serve papers on me from my ex-wife's attorney.

          take care all,


            I bestow the standard BULLSHIDO greeting:

            STFU NoOb

            Now that the formalities are out of the way.

            Yes BS runs rampant in the Far East as well. In Japan there was a guy on TV showing his hidden sai Koga ninja form. Sadly their was a few things wrong with form. 1) The Sai was primarly usd in the Ryukyu islands the Jutte was more popular on the main land 2) Koga Ryu is DEAD 3) Even if Koga ninjas did use sai I don't think they would practice twirling them around like battons.

            As far as CHI/KI tricks go such palor tricks are hard to get rid off. They get OOOWWWA and AAAAAHHHS from pple so someone will keep doing them.

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