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    The McDojo MMA Beatdown Video

    Hello! I am new to the forums. My name is Emilio, and I'm from Miami Florida.

    I saw your video featuring the MMA Beatdown highlights. In the first 30 seconds or so, there is a close combat lockup and one guy punches another guy and breaks his neck. Who are the fighters? I am just curious to see how the injured fighter came out of the fight. :/

    If I'm thinking of the same thing you are, the guy doing the punching is Tank Abbot. I don't know who the other guy is, but I don't think he broke his neck. He just got knocked out and slumped against the fence at a weird angle.


      Oh, OK! I was lookign at it in slow motion and it really looks like his neck snapped. It certainly could have with a punch that hard! Hehe

      Had me worried there for a moment (hate to see any good competitor injured or killed).


        That's one of Tank's signature moments.

        Plus there's the time he tried to throw his opponent over the octagon fence and almost succeeded.

        Watch him *jab* Don Frye so hard he staggers backward.


          Yeah, I did some quick research.

          The other guy's name is Steve Nelmark. He stepped as an alternate due to another fighters injury in UFC's Ultimate Ultimate 96. It was this third MMA fight, and the knockout is one of the most famous and talked about in UFC history.

          I couldn't find out how bad he was hurt, but I all the records I found on him list this fight as his last. I don't blame him.


            Nelmark, okay. I thought the guy looked familiar. He's a karate practioner or something, I think.

            Thanks for the information. That highlight video definitely got my attention! ;) LOL


              No prob,

              Since I couldn't find any reference to him being seriously injured I figure he wasn't hurt too bad, probably mostly his pride.

              Not long ago, UFC made a major marketing shift and switched from hyping crushing knockouts and treating itself like a vicious bloodsport, to a kinder gentler feel that focuses on athletic competition. The are now quick to claim that unlike boxing, no fighter has been ever killed or seriously injured as a result of a UFC match.

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                People know the KO, but it isn't really all that good IMO.

                Punisher that true, no fighter ha sever been killed in the UFC, even when the rules were more lenient there were no deaths.

                Punisher, in some ways that's true, but they have always really said how no fighter should get seriously injured, that's why there's always been at least some rules (not that they'd make much difference) to help try to assure that no niggling/annoying accidents occured.

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                  You know as well I why there is rules in the UFC, because there would be no UFC if there wasn't.

                  I don't know how it was in England but there was a long stretch here where UFC was basically forced off TV, even PPV, and the UFC was partially to blame. They were marketing themselves with commericals like:

                  NO RULES!
                  NO GLOVES!
                  JUST PAIN!
                  ORDER NOW!!!!

                  These commercials just gave the politicans more ammo to use against them. Even when UFC events where scheduled the rules where often determined by local boxing commisions, UFC had to comply or no show.

                  While I do believe MMA is inherently safer than boxing, there have been serious injuries and deaths in MMA competition, just like in professional boxing and amateur Toughman competitions.

                  The sad fact is, especially as it becomes more popular and there are more and more fights, it is only a matter of time until we will see a UFC or Pride fighter be killed right before our eyes, live on PPV.

                  That day will be tragic, but I really hope that the sport can survive through that tragedy when it comes.

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                    Another question about the same video. Who was the guy who knocked out the other guy with one jab to the face? The guy looked like Goldberg. Haha

                    Impressive. When is the next video coming out and/or where can I find more UFC/Pride footage like this?


                      It was a cross, not a jab ~ sorry to nitpick but I've been talking about crosses a lot lately. I don't know the guy's name but it was beautiful.

                      I know that Randleman knocked a guy out the same exact way.

                      Hey, you might check out

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                        Hey, Emilio where is Miami are you from?

                        *cracks knuckles*

                        Soy de Miami tambien! (North Miami Beach to be exact)

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