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    Stupid Demo clips

    does anyone realize when they are making these clips how stupid they really look. Hapk03 posted a link to a san soo made me never want to take that style. The same is true for a systema site i found. Our krav videos are not much better. I realize they are all sales techniques but, man, are they bad....

    Anyone ever see any really good demo clips?

    "you think you're tough? try riding on the back of a moto in downtown Phnom Penh"---jzf

    "i left my heart in laos, but my wallet in cambodia
    There is no cheating, there is only jiu-jitsu.

    I don't really understand this either. You think people would want to put their best foot forward so to speak and make the best impression they could. If what I've seen is the best they have to offer, I'm sticking with what I got.

    The only thing I can think of is that the sites are put together by people that know more about computers than the actual martial art. I know my instructor has some problems with with clips our webmaster chose to caputre and put up as examples on our instruction tape site. Not anything horrible, but not exactly what my instructor considered his best stuff either.

    Also you have to realize that some styles just don't traslate well visually. Rememeber people in the crowd of the early UFC's were booing like crazy and chanting "Bull Shit!, Bull Shit!" every time Royce won a match, because it didn't look to them like he was actually doing anything.



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