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anyone take muay thai or BJJ classes at velocity kickboxing in ATL?

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    anyone take muay thai or BJJ classes at velocity kickboxing in ATL?

    I recently joined velocity kickboxing a few weeks ago. I called around and can't really beat their prices. Anyway, I've been basically doing a lot of kickboxing there, but wanted to try to learn some muay thai and BJJ since this is primarily the main reason why I joined the gym.

    Can anyone who's taken classes there recommend any particular instructors who are better at teaching someone with no prior experience? I noticed BJJ is taught at different hours throughout much of the day, but muay thai is only at like 5:30 and 6 or something. How crowded does the class get? In other words, is there enough space to really learn anything?

    Thanks and I apologize for posting like this. I tried to PM individual people, but for whatever reason... it won't allow me to do it.

    Dunno, but make sure to catch the Steve Headen show, weekly at Cowboys. Make sure to come watch my old coach Dustin Rhodes beat the shit out of his opponent this Friday.

    In all seriousness, go to the classes and try them out. Try the different time slots and instructors. When you are done, come back and post a couple sample training blogs (you know like the ones supporting members keep). After a couple weeks, what are your thoughts on the school (and which location)? The instructors? The other students?
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