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choi kwang do?

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    choi kwang do?

    I did this martial art 2yrs ago, i left because i didn't much care for it. Then I started wondering if i wasted my time with my time and money with a Mcdojo.(Im a newbie to MA) From I what gathered this martial art is 20 years. Its founder is Kwang Jo Choi, an Ex-TKD 'grandmaster'. Has anyone here heard of this Martial art? Does any of you guys with more experence in martial arts think its a Mcdojo, I have included a few links. This is the cairns site(where i live) This is the international site Uk site, also contains a bit about the 'founder'
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    After looking through the sites all I can say is its all fucking crap
    Same old name. Look at the photos of point fighting, crappiling, and the infamous flying jumping board breaking...hahahaha. yea you need to spend weeks doing that. that will help you in prison.

    You should never go there again...tear the number from your phone book, and destroy your computor so that you are not tempted to look at the site ever again
    When You absolutely have to hide a body...try Alaska.


      Maybe I should of guessed by the fact that most classes that there where more children than adults and the overzealous nature of body protection and the lack of sparring. Also i got in trouble for kicking a kid to hard.


        "On a quest to be the best"


        It's as if Mr. T opened a dojo

        Plus the growling Tiger is grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa ttttttt!!!



          I pity the foo that don't train in my dojo!


            I'd train at a dojo endorsed by Mr. T...otherwise he'd hurt me.


              Waste of time.

              Learning to get kicked in the face will serve you better.



                I know a bit of this Martial Art, I have only been doing it for 2 years or so. The style is unique and it doesn't do any harm to your joints/bones. It's one of those Martial Arts where you either like it or dislike it. Go too your nearest CKD and have a trial to see for yourselfs.



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