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ARAKAN in Brisbane, Australia - a MA from Burma.

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    For all of those following this thread it should be known the whole story changed after this video from Mark Hunt in June 21st 2017. This opens up many flaws in the Arakan history and lineage after a change of the content in the history section on the website compared to stories told some between the 90s and 00s.

    (copy and paste the above URL into your browser to watch the video he posted and have a good read of the comments) Feel free to add some comments to the video if you feel the need to.

    I can't believe the he (Rob) has changed the whole story to Rakhine Thaing lineage. FFS this is the biggest load of BS after the big bully in the playground calls him out!


      Originally posted by The_Balt View Post
      I know the origins of Arakan first hand - the style comes out of Brisbane and the story about Burma is just a front. Anyone training Arakan ask your founder about his very short time spent basic training of LWSS and you will find out the truth.
      The_Balt, please share the LWSS story.... im very interested?


        futerchui, Im very interested in your claims... you need to post 5 times and you can post a link. Ill ask you a couple of questions then you can reply, then post the link.


          Originally posted by rarewhiteape View Post
          Regarding the history of Arakan, despite my best google-fu I cannot verify it myself, but I do know that it does come from an old Rakhine art. As best as I can tell, it may have been adapted to be more relevant from a modern self defence point of view, which to me is reasonable since we're not defending a royal family from an opposing military force, but by how much it has changed from its original form I don't know. Rob actually travels back to Burma a few times a year to train with the people who trained him.
          I heard once, and nobody verified that he trained...


            Originally posted by Grab my fist View Post
            Yes, Southern Praying Mantis.


            I believe Robert trained briefly under Tony Conley (SPM) in Bris Vegas and then went off to invent the whole Arakan thing.

            It was started here in Ozland I'm afraid - not in Burma
            Who has contact with Tony Conley???

            Is there anyway to contact him? email? website? anything?


              I need some help from everybody in this forum...

              I am putting together a summary of AMA in Australia... lets talk facts! The club was started in 1993. Prior to this date i believe Robert Kyaw trained with a number of people/dojos/MA in Brisbane. I want to know who? and what year? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

              I need reputable sources please, to make this rock solid. We now know he trained Kung fu (Wing Chun/Tong Long), Tai Chi, BJJ (we know 100% he trains private lessons out of South GC currently and on-teaches it to instructors for a small fortune), yoga and Mediation.

              Did he train under Malcolm Sui? Henry Sui? Tony Conley?

              The more information the better.

              Once i have collated the information ill connect it to information that i have.

              Wish me luck!


                I practice the Kachin Arts--- Burmese ethnic group from Northern Burma,,, The Rakhine have a wrestling tradition and it comes fro upper body wrestling similar to Greco Roman.. From what I have seen of this guy it has little in common with any Burmese styles I have seen and nobody I have checked with has ever heard of it..


                  And once again the website content changes again... Robert Kyaw now claiming that

                  'Arakan Martial Art® is a derivative of a traditional martial art ‘Burmese Thaing’.' Only months ago it was a derivative of 'Rakhine Thaing'.

                  Thaing being a burmese term used for 'Martial arts', translated as Burmese Martial Arts, and after further investigation with the Thaing federation of Burma, Arakan Martial art is not recognised as either a derivative of Burmese Thaing or Rakhine Thaing.

                  Furthermore there are several other suspicious changes in the content regarding when Robert Kyaw got to Australia, originally a teenager up until a few days ago, and now no mention of when he arrived in the website content. Sounds like a cover up of the truth that you arrived when you were 10 years old. According to the immigration records filed by the Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs on the 25/07/1985, confirming the familys arrival on the 21/6/1982 from Suva, Fiji and confirming that he didn't arrive as a teenager.

                  Based on Roberts DOB provided on the Immigration records he was 10 years old when he arrived in Australia, which uncovers all the fraudalent claims made for years.

                  If he did claim to train in Burma it was for 4 years, from 6-10 years of age but it is more likely that he completed all his training in Brisbane, between 1982 - 1993, starting the club in 1993. If you have any further information regarding where he trained during this time please DM me so I can add this to my evidence to pass on to the authorities.


                    I'm new to this thread and have to say I am amazed that so much has been written about Arakan.
                    I would say ARAKAN HAS ZERO, NADA, NIL connection with Myanmar, except that is where Rob was born. It didn't come from Burma. It came from Rob's imagination on the Gold Coast.
                    I knew Rob when he was at uni and after that. I knew he had done some kung fu, I think Tong Long because the sales pitch they do in Arakan involves teaching a standard Tong Long Bok Sau kind of thing. I also knew he trained BJJ when he was at uni on the Gold Coast with a guy named Vince Perry. Vince will have all the info you need about Rob. He still teaches BJJ at Burleigh Heads. I think Rob got to maybe blue belt. Definitely not higher than that. He stopped BJJ when he made up Arakan. Like someone said maybe he is back doing private training. He wouldn't do general classes because now he is the boss of the big Arakan business so he doesn't want to be seen going elsewhere to get the skills he markets as Arakan.
                    He made Arakan up. He said he finished uni and couldn't get a job so he combined his uni business degree with what he loved - martial arts - and invented Arakan to make money. He at first said it was an art taught by monks to the bodyguards of the Burmese king 2000 years ago, but that was all part of his university degree business marketing stuff and I think he changed that soon enough. It's in some of the early printed material though.
                    Arakan has gotten better over the years because Rob draws on anything from anywhere. And the Tong Long aggressive Bok Sau followed by the bottom fist in and out swing motion, completely not original to Arakan, is pretty effective to be sure against a stand-up situation. Against a grappler I think they'd run into a lot more trouble because the Bok Sau usefulness goes. Rob is quick and has spent 20 years honing his skills so he has made the eclectic collection of skills taken from other arts work well enough.
                    But NONE of it has anything to do with any fighting arts in Burma/Myanmar, unless he borrowed techniques from them LATER to make it look that way. These days it is not bad and sometimes even more effective than some better known systems, because it has evolved and Rob tries to keep marketing it in a new way and keep the wave going. The students are brainwashed badly into thinking it is the most effective killing system but they never compete in anything and if they don't get that first Kung Fu Bok Sau in they are in big trouble. And of course it is always great to say that we are so deadly that is why we don't compete. But if you don't compete where do you pressure test? Just like Tong Long which is also the same in the way the students are brain washed into thinking it is unbeatable but they never pressure test it. Every now and then you hear stories through the grape vine of one of their guys coming undone against someone who really did know what they were doing and the in and out Bok Sau Gau Choi thing doesn't work.
                    Maybe it did start in 1993 but I doubt it. He was still doing BJJ and at uni at about 97/98. Ask Vince Perry and he'll fill you in.
                    So Arakan, the name Rob chose (the old name of Mynmar, like Siam is to Thailand) to give it some imagined history and make it seem more legit than a combination of this and that thrown together with a smart marketing plan because Rob finished uni and couldn't get a job.
                    I remember Rob being a really nice guy so don't get me wrong. But like anyone who lies the truth finally catches up and maybe he has changed to hide the real past and to maintain some Grand Dragon of the Arakan Arts authority for his devotees. It really has elements of a cult. It could have been just as good without all the BS to give it a false history.

                    Last edited by Peedy; 5/27/2020 9:17am, .


                      Thanks for the reply Peedy, very informative and everything you mentioned aligns with the theories that i and many others have drawn in the last few years. He has definitely drawn on his Commerce Degree to market a specific way to create a 'romantic story' for the consumer and created a commercial cult along the way. So many lies and the yes his past is catching up with him. Everybody says his a nice guy, but hides behind the manipulative traits of a cult leader.


                        have spent a lot of time in Burma and know a lot of people and Arakan is NOT a martial art in Burma.. I know nothing about the guy pushing it or his ability I just know it is non existent in Burma and no one in the greater Burmese martial art community knows anything about it or him


                          Ok for those that want the truth start here.

                          Robert Kyaw’s creditability is dirt to me after 10 years around his inner circles. An absolute grub.

                          The link below is a publicly available immigration papers of his arrival to Australia at 10 years of age with his family as a deadly anti assassin black belt. Lol. Fuck me.


                          I have verified DOB, RP data with the families purchase of their home in July 1984, primary school admission in 1983 to Springwood Road Primary School and admission to Springwood High School.

                          As for the 1000+ lies, I’ll start with his stories about his father a corporal in the Burmese Navy. Lol. Which is utter bullshit as his father was a geophysicist as documented in the immigration paper.

                          so many lies.....

                          And for all of those doubters, instructors and current students....Enjoy the read ;)



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