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Bruce Lee is rolling in his grave;

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    Bruce Lee is rolling in his grave;

    Make sure to watch the second half of this:

    Gotta love the outfit.

    I hate you for posting this and making me watch this.


      I really love the way he intercepted the kicks using his rippled stomach.

      Such catlike reflexes and grace also.

      The battle with the guards was magnificent.

      His skill is extraordinary.

      And I was going to ask him to join us.

      That is, until he got his ass handed to him twice.


        XD *spinning back kicks Omega only to fall on his ass*

        Here's some more of this guy


          The intro says "Unbeatable"

          I beg to differ.

          From the "Wisdom" page:

          "The world will never end as long as there is money to be made."

          Wow, it really IS JKD!!!


            Your Extra-ordinary.

            It's taking ages to load, but its funny already. His outfit makes me smile.


              Here's him and the One Inch Punch



                Man. Just when you thought you've seen everything...


                  It's not often that I'm embarassed, even less frequently that I'm embarassed for someone else.

                  This is one of those times.

                  I couldn't believe that a) he wore that God awful 'fro into the ring; b) wore that God awful tracksuit into the ring; c) took those God awful Bruce Lee Roy photos; d) put those God awful Bruce Lee Roy photos on the internet.

                  Someone needs a reality check... YOU AIN'T BRUCE!!!

                  Doubt that'll help, though...


                    I'm not sure, and I could be mistaken, but it seemed like the audience was laughing AT him. I laughed the entire second half of that video.


                      I'm with Matt that was too sad to laugh at.


                        I was really hoping for a kick to the face. While it was entertaining watching him get kicked in the chest, I really wanted to see him get fucked up.... That KO wasn't nearly as satisfying as it could have been.


                          What is that dude doing in K-1?

                          Also, did the guy in the first match let go of his first RNC to smack him around a little longer?


                            He does well against a piece of paper.


                            P.S. So how the hell did he get to what looked like the Champion Match of a K-1 . . . or am I missing something obvious?
                            Why yes, I still have sand in my vagina! It is because I am a lying cowardly child who got buttfucked by MEANIE Doctor X! I also do not know the Latin and it makes me cry!!--Phrost


                              I like under kickboxing matches he has TKD state champion.



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