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MMA BULLSHIDO in my own school!!!

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    MMA BULLSHIDO in my own school!!!

    ok, so about a year or so ago, there was this big white dude that came by to check out the school. he had a buzz-cut, real stocky fella, and big arms/legs. he looked mean. but one thing about him told us that he was a total bad-ass.

    a TAPOUT tatoo.
    now i know that it doesn't take a fighter to go to that tatoo shop and get a tatoo that says TAPOUT, but you would think that had had at least SOMETHING to do with MMA. he also had other tatoos that indicated that he was a fighter such as his fighter name tated on his arm etc. but he wasn't bullshido yet, no bogus claims...

    "im sponsored by TAPOUT"
    that's right, our very own TAPOUT sponsored fighter in our school! WOW! so being the TKD dude that i am (i fell for one bullshido already...) I was a bit intimidated by the new MMA influence that would be spreading in our dojo/jang. We had already had a kickboxing class, and a BJJ class, but an actual MMA fighter teaching class was just icing on the cake right? WRONG!... Bullshido rears its ugly head...

    Teaching the students Bullshido
    our school owner didn't see anything wrong with letting him have a go at helping my instructor (who is the owner) in the kickboxing class. and our BJJ instructor told the owner (privately) "get rid of that guy, he is gonna do us no good." taking a chance on on MMA fighter, my instructor (we will call my instructor john from now on) let him warm up the class. - this eventually led to him teaching the entire beginner class.
    I began to notice small mistakes in his teaching. now i help teach TKD, so i constantly remind my students to hop, pushing their weight up, however, i have read that this is a total no-no in MMA due to take downs etc. also, i noticed that he was using some of the techniques that i use in my TKD class, (one in particular was someone throwing a roundhouse kick to your body, you step your front leg back, and kick with it)

    Grappling Bullshido (Crappling)
    I went to a tournament hosted by Carlos Machado. it was my first BJJ tournament, so i decided to film it. Obsesesively critical with my grappling skills i watched myself several times. in the backround you can here some BULLSHIT coaching that he did. "keep rolling!" (when my friend gave up his back) , "you've got an armbar!" (when i was definetly way out of range for one) "do an oompa!" (self explanatory)
    now im not saying that this is the reason i didnt kick everyones ass, ( i couldnt even hear him) but come on!

    "your not on Sherdog"
    so a BJJ blue belt in my class decides to look up mr MMA guy in the sherdog fight finder. didnt show up. GOOGLE, didn't show up. so who the fu** is this guy?

    "i was in UFC prelims"
    are prelims amatuer fighters? i dont know, but if he was in the UFC prelims, why doesn't anybody know who he is?

    "what's my record?"
    i asked him what is record was (amatuer) and he told me he forgot "somethin' like 21 and 5 or somethin' like that... My girlfriend knows my record"

    "I know UFC fighters"
    he has put up over 15 pictures of himself with famous to semi famous fighters. Tito Ortiz, Guy Mezger, etc. now, he gets a LOT of hookups for walking around this way. free titty bar, free beer, VIP pass to amatuer shows, he even got to hang out with Chuck liddel and Tito Ortiz " (at seperate times) he gets these hookup because he is a Tapout distributer, (which means he is a salesman, he arranged for this just about 3 months ago, AFTER HE GOT THE TATOO/CLAIMED TO BE SPONSORED BY TAPOUT) and, he constantly lies about how badass he is.

    why he is still involved with our school
    he brings in a lot of students, and he teaches free of charge. he is only in charge of the warmups, and the students do not recieve bullshido training. so we decided "what is the harm?" " he brings in students, and claims to be a badass, but he isnt teaching. he is however teaching the beginner classes under the supervision of john. he is also helping the school gain recognition in the MMA area. now, before anyone makes me feel bad about how we are using him, let me remind you that he is using us as well. he uses the school to show of to his buddies that he is an MMA instructor/total badass. and he uses the school to lie to fighters that he is a school owner.

    current problem
    more and more students are getting wise to his bullshido, more and more are starting to question his actual fighting ability. me and my group that know it all, we think he has a problem where he believes his own lies. is there an actual condition like that?

    OH, OH and one more thing
    he went to an amatuer fight night took a picture with someone's title belt and is now autographing a shit load of them and giving them out to places he hangs out at! LOL!

    the end. :color:

    Bullshido can hit anyone, regardless of style.
    Some people are just as prone to lying about their achievements in the ring/cage as others are to lying about their achievements in some TMA or other.

    You guys would probably be better off without him, though.


      this is very true, i can barely stand the guy's coaching. outside of class he is a cool guy, but i just cannot respect him as an instructor


        you teach people to "hop up?"


        Anyway, sounds like this guy's kind of stuck on himself. How does he manage to survive in an environment populated by a BJJ instructor?


          Originally posted by JohnnyCache
          you teach people to "hop up?"


          Anyway, sounds like this guy's kind of stuck on himself. How does he manage to survive in an environment populated by a BJJ instructor?
          the "hop up" that constant bounce that you will see in any typical WTF Tae kwon do tournament.

          my BJJ instructor is there on tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays. MMA guy on mondays and wednesdays and sundays. coincidence?

          but really, MMA guy has taken a few BJJ classes under my instructor and ran out of breathe quickly. he stated he is better with the ground n pound aspect.
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            Post his name.


              i dont know if i should, you won't find his name anywhere...


              ah fuck it. Brent Browning
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                Let justice be done.


                  Is this his phone number?


                  Paul "The Headhunter" Buentello - Seminar
                  Where: Arlingtn Fight Club

                  When: Mar. 25, 2006

                  Time: 1-4 p.m.

                  Address: 545 West Pioneer Pkwy - Grand Prairie, TX 75051

                  Contact: Brent Browning - 469-233-3716 (tell them you saw it here first on

                  Hosting: Higman & Arlington Fight Club

                  First 25 Signups Gets Free YOK'D Clothing Fight Gear T-Shirt
                  Door Prizes also Sponsored by: YOK'D Clothing, Sprawl, Fairtex, and Airsoft Extreme


                    with a 21-5 (or whatever) there should be some mention of him SOMEWHERE.

                    Unless of course he has a stage name...


                      yes indeed. however, he is a freind of mine and i dont want him to know that he is being put out like this.

                      but that is the one. nice job der


                        You brought your "friend" to us in the first place. What happens after that is out of your hands.

                        You didn't make the claims. He did.

                        Wow...all this sounds really familiar...deja vu...lmao...


                          so does anyone know of any kind of condition where someone constantly lies?


                            Yup. They're called liars.


                              Originally posted by broken fingers
                              so does anyone know of any kind of condition where someone constantly lies?
                              I went with this chick in high school who constantly claimed she knew all sorts of celebrities. Yes, the condition exists, of course.



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