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    UFO - ultimate fighting okanagan

    Found this link on a thread at sherdog:

    Some of the people there are actually being supportive of them and I thought that people here may see the problem and take action.

    Here's the thread from sherdog

    Here are forums

    These kids don't see the harm that they could do to the sport. Go forth and do your thing.

    Don't forget this is rookie MMA ppl just starting out,and guys training them selfs to see if they like it before making the big step into professional training.

    we feel that if we can get as good as we can self trained we will build a lot of heart and have a good understanding for fighting before we jump into professional training and this can benefit us for having both ends of the stick shall we say.

    So please do not criticize and be respectful to the fighters.

    derek has now abandon us,he no longer speaks to any of his friends and wont come out of his house. he is in terrible shape and all he does is drink pop and eat chocolate bars. he refuses to fight and he is the reason the web page is no more.
    That's awesome.
    You can't make people smarter. You can expose them to information, but your responsibility stops there.


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        it seems there's no grappling allowed in the UFO. They won't be doing any harm to MMA, just boxing and kickboxing.

        I don't see anything wrong with what they are doing. The refs seemed to be alert and it looks like they are watching out for each other's safety.


          Originally posted by kikkoman
          it seems there's no grappling allowed in the UFO. They won't be doing any harm to MMA, just boxing and kickboxing.

          I don't see anything wrong with what they are doing. The refs seemed to be alert and it looks like they are watching out for each other's safety.

          From post #32 on the sherdog thread:

          "so thanks agian for those who support us and give us credit for trying to build somthing.
          were doing this safely and trying to erase the hole you cant do it unless ur trianed stereotype
          were teaching our selfs until we reach our own personall best then we are going to get trained
          ground game will be in around mid summer hopefully.

          thanks again,any forum sign ups would kick ass."

          They're adding grappling once they have mats. The "Stereotype" that you can't do it unless you're trained isn't a stereotype, it's the truth.

          I thought I'd be able to post the link to get the gears cranking, I didn't think I would need to push.

          They want forum signups


            The "Stereotype" that you can't do it unless you're trained isn't a stereotype, it's the truth.
            Gracie Jiu-jitsu?
            Knowing is not enough, you must apply...
            ...Willing is not enough you must do
            ~Bruce Lee


              Check out their fighter's page. All of them nancy-boys.


                Oh dear.....

                As the Okanagan representative on BS, I feel the need to make some comment.....

                All I can say is I don't know these guys, I've never trained with any of them, and they are in dangerous waters.

                I think I'll try and get in touch with these guys, maybe go to an event :confused2 , and try and convince these guys to start actually training. There's more than one good club here in town they can train at. Thier whole outlook on this thing is retarded.
                They have no insurance, I doubt they have any decent medical support there. They are gonna get sued and somones gonna get wrecked, despite the fact these guys seem well intentioned and decently intelligent.


                  This doesn't seem like a big deal to me. Just some people having a clean, supervised fight.

                  Everyone seems to be getting up in arms and predicting John McCain is going to shut down MMA, the sky will fall, ect.


                    Kikko these guys could get in some deep shit here in BC, especailly being uninsured.

                    BTW, for those who dont' know, the Okanagan is the area in BC containing Vernon, Kelowna, Penticton, Osoyoos and everything in between.


                      Originally posted by kikkoman
                      This doesn't seem like a big deal to me. Just some people having a clean, supervised fight.

                      Everyone seems to be getting up in arms and predicting John McCain is going to shut down MMA, the sky will fall, ect.

                      The fights aren't clean or supervised. Do you think their "refs" have any idea what they're doing? They're fighting on a wooden deck, sometimes in the rain. They claim to have "medical staff" on site?? They're kids, none of them are doctors.

                      None of them have actually trained and they claim that this will help them progress as fighters? If you read through the forums you'll see that one of the organizers believes that his striking abilities are almost on par with fighters in the amateur orgs.

                      [edited: removed bullshido] They're marketing themselves as an amateur MMA organization and they're taking themselves very seriously.
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                        Some forum posts:

                        edited to highlight (in bold)

                        well let me see,

                        i started training about 3 months before the UFO was formed you can find this info on the mian page under UFO history.

                        i really got into fighting after watching the stand up part of MMA. after a couple ufc's and prides i downloaded some

                        training videos and began working on my striking( at this time i couldnt even punch with both hands) Razz

                        slowly over time i progessed and started getting pretty good at striking.

                        i have been in 2 fights now and let me tell you nothing has helpd more then the experiance those have given me.

                        i may have won them but i fought very poorly,my adrenilne got the better of me and i fought very wildly and open.

                        after both fights i watched our events and trained and trained to clean u pevery hole i could find in my stand up.

                        and that takes us to where we are at now, i hav enot fought sinc eour last event and this event comming in march

                        will be our first event back and im so exited to show my true skills in it,i am ready to fight and not let my emotions get

                        the better of me. you will see a completely differant striker in this fight and you will be suprised that i am self trained.

                        for my future,

                        i plan to turn the UFO into a little farm Event tallent pool for Canada,for younger fighters and older fighters.

                        but thats in the distance,a little closer to now i plan on taking it to the next level and getting professional mauy thai

                        training to really clean up my stand up,also we are in the planning of holding an outdoors event at a location known as

                        "the bluff" hear witch is whare big concerts and what not are held. this is all if we can afford a ring and how our fan base

                        starts turning out,but the UFO deffinatly has plans to grow,outside of that id love to fight in other orgonizations such as

                        kotc I feel my stand up is almost at the level where i could compete in those at the lower levels in rookie fights.

                        ,i just need to start wokring ground and sprawl.

                        but as a quick rundown of the UFO's future hear it is.

                        -Establish a internet fan base and comunity

                        -establish a nice fighter roster of reliablie honorable fighters

                        -purchase a ring and custom canvas

                        -lease a small building and hire a couple trainers(if not volenteer for the first while)

                        -open up our buisness front and training center aswell as a small 100 person room for small events

                        -start putting on shows Around our local Area And making money To begin paying fighters and Bettering the UFO in

                        every way we can

                        -Get our Events Telivesed on local CHBC channel Free TV

                        -Some of our Fighters invited into other smaller orgonizations

                        and after that anything can happen

                        bottom line is,we started the ufo ou t to be a backyard Rookie MMA internet Show that was FREE and exiting to watch

                        and be a part of. we will never loose that and our internet material will always remain free no matter how big we get.

                        the ineternet community is so important to MMA and we recognize that,thats why we have brought it to the internet to

                        establish a comunity hear first before going out with it,our events will always remain free to thouse who followed us from the

                        start aswell as alot of other add'd bonus's 1nce we explode so make sure to stick with us Cool

                        the ones of us involved in UFO take this very seirously anc cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.

                        hope this answerd some of your questions ill be glad to answer any more.


                        Hey guys andrew again.

                        Team pressao forte is

                        and this means Heavy presaure




                        we formed this training camp together before the last event in witch david and jacob both fought,because we all are very

                        we can learn alot from each other because we each do things bettr then each other that we can all pick up on.

                        Me and jacob have vowed to make some training videos of our various methods of self trianing we do.

                        you guys will be impressed by the intensity and skill building our methods carry.

                        im recouvering from a hyper extened elbow right now but it will be healed shortly ive been working light sparing and its

                        building up some good strength again, after it heals we will begin to make the training videos



                        I suggest everyone goes and checks out these training videos.

                        let me tell you i can deffinatly feel the change...its like a energy building up inside of me for the anticipation.

                        even in a small orgonization like this...we may be back yard but we still get the same emotions and feelings of exitment

                        and anticipation as a fighter in a bigger orgonization.

                        its because of the webpage we have the realisation that were performing not for our selfs but to put on a good show.

                        it makes it that much more worth it to train and improve yourself it really gives our fighters the drive.

                        im very exited for this fight and im going into it balls to the wall ko or get ko'd mentallity.

                        im doing everything in my power to stop this from going to a dessision.

                        i have the chin and the heart to not go down and the cardio to throw bombs for both rounds.

                        i respect my opponent but i feel that if i perform my best ill be to much to handle.

                        ive really been working on my foot work and stand up technique and its cleand up ALOT ive got some real power in

                        both hands and im lookin to use that to my advantage.

                        man i cant wait for this...hopefully my elbows ok and it doesnt act up,if it does i will miss the next card because of sergery.

                        but if i get threw this fight and i feel confident in my elobw i will push the sergery off and get on as many cards as i can.

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                          As soon as one of these assclowns getts knocked out, falls down the wooden deck stairs, breaks his kneck and dies. They will all be charged with manslaughter for fighting in an unsactiond event. thier parents may face neglect charges. And lawmakers will point to this ans yet another reason why MMA and all martial arts for that matter need to be banned. In a way it is a self correcting problem. But it is this type of shit that gives all of us a bad name.

                          Oh the white trash abounds.
                          When You absolutely have to hide a body...try Alaska.


                            This is just like that Backyard Wrestling crap in my opinion. Since it is in BC I can't comment on their laws.

                            It isn't bullshido learn the term.

                            Is it a stupid thing to do? Yes.
                            Can they seriously damage themselves? Yes
                            Can they get sued ? Probably.

                            Are they Bullshido? Nope

                            Let's see:

                            1) They admit they are untrained.
                            2) They admit they learn from videos and downloads.
                            3) They admit they are kids.
                            4) They admit they are amatuers.
                            5) They admit they are looking for fans.
                            6) They admit their real history.

                            Okay where is the Bullshido?

                            Remember the definition before you apply the word?


                              Ok, I removed the word bullshido from my earlier post. Happy?

                              My choice of wording isn't the issue.



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