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Kung Fu school critique needed

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    Kung Fu school critique needed

    Hey All!

    Was thinking of joining this club ( and was looking for some critique of the video they have posted. Click on the poem you see, and then there is a video button on the lower right of the main menu page. I think you may also need to download divx if you don't have it, also some of the video seem to take a little while to download.

    Wondering if this guy seems competent? Does it seem to be a style of Kung Fu worth learning?


    I think you would be alot better off taking Wing Tsun and I know Boyd agrees with me 100% on this.

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      It looks bloody awful! If you are in Toronto, there are lots of good (and lots of Bad) martial arts schools available to you - why the fascination with this one?


        seems more like a chigung school to me. i have vid problems with my computer, so i did'nt see it.

        no teachers listed, no lineage either. it says shaolin kung fu, but then he quotes park bok nam who does pakua, from a korean teacher. maybe he just picked quotes he liked, but it infers he is associated with park bok nam.

        never heard of TianDoa kung fu, that doesn't mean its not legit.

        not really impressed with that site.



          Judging from the videos alone, this is one god awful kung fu school. The techniques on those videos would never work on a competent resisting opponent, and none of the oppenents in the videos are remotely trying. I especially like clip 17, the "punch" that is nothing more than a push. Actually, every clip is a winner. I can't seem to find anything about the classes, but somehow I doubt they are any good. I get the impression they don't do much sparring. There are far better schools out there.




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              If you plan on fighting handicapped people that would be a nice school


                I recommend that you avoid that school. I don't know why all of his demonstrations are against such ridiculous attacks...strike that...I do know...never mind. Anyway, from a cursory examination of the video clips, I would say that this may not present the best intruction available. Have you visited the school?

                It seems that some of his footwork is off with his hands, and IMHO the casuality of the performance is exaggerated to impress the audience. It's pretty much impossible to judge from clips so...

                CMAs can be excellent. That does not present itself as a shining example. But I guess you could do worse. What's available in your area?

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                    damn site is slow enough...
                    bah i give up

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                      a mixed martial art
                      These i think you might find to be fun and helpful martial arts.
                      Brazilin Jujutsu aka BJJ
                      Freestyle wrestling/Any style of wrestling
                      Mauy Thai kickboxing
                      American Kickboxing
                      Western Boxing
                      Submission Wrestling
                      Olympic Pankration
                      Vale Tudo
                      Krav Maga
                      Brumense Boxing
                      Wing Tsun( maybe!!! but this is a last resort)
                      Combative TKD, God but that is impossible to find.
                      Hnmm hapkido(another last resort)
                      Maybe Jeet Kune Do(shrug)
                      Fencing (it would be a good skill to have I guess)

                      I would look at use distance search look for somthing i listed above then talk to the instructer.

                      See if he seems quilified then watch his class
                      ask questions like
                      are there any contracts (if so leave)
                      What kind of prices and what are the hours ( anything over a 100 a month is to much)
                      Also see if they do sparring, ask what they think about cross training.
                      make sure you get along with the instructer i cant say its that importen but its nice.

                      Just make sure it is a good school that teachs you useful skills.

                      Best of luck to you.
                      Once a fighter, Always a fighter. Shawn
                      -Styles i train in-
                      Western boxing


                        If you've never done martial arts before, I strongly suggest you start with a simple, practical style such as judo. Not only that, but judo is usually cheap.
                        After you've done that a few years, then you expand to other stuff. But as a general rule, most kung fu schools, no matter what the style, suck outright. Unless, of course, you can train at Shen Wu or another realistic kung fu school.

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                          "Brumense Boxing" Thats a new one.

                          Is that supposed to be Burmese Boxing?


                            when i said TKD above i was talking about Combative TKD which is pritty much MT kickboxing.

                            And i ment Burmese Boxing,

                            When i said Mixed Martial Art i was talking about a mix like some styles like the militig style,(spelling) You know some of those fighting styles which are pritty much Jujutsu mixed with boxing and stuff.
                            Once a fighter, Always a fighter. Shawn
                            -Styles i train in-
                            Western boxing


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