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    Sore Elbows

    Yes, you should probably see a good sports medicine guy, not a GP, if possible. Are you taking anti-inflammatories?

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      alternate hot and cold.

      get some tiger balm, or zhen gu shui. these are topical rubs for muscles and tendons.

      take it easy on the speed and power. your elbows need time to heal. you shouldnt really train if they hurt bad. work on your legs instead.

      you always keep your elbows bent no matter what. even in punching, a slight degree of bend is kept in the elbow to protect the ligaments and tendons.

      straight arms are weak anyways, keep em bent.





          Make sure (after you heal) you work out BOTH sides of your elbow movement... extension and flexion. Basically, work your biceps/triceps, as in bending and straightening your elbows. You're more prone to injury if you have too much of an imbalance between two sides of a joint. I hear if your quads are a lot stronger than your hamstrings you can pull your hamstrings easier, too...

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            I had chronic pain in one elbow and a trainer got me lifting light w/30 reps or so with arm braced/supported with only wrist and hand free and went every direction -up, down, side, other side and in about five weeks pain went. BUT this was tendonitis, not trauma injury.

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              Ummm... What kuntaokid said, both about keeping the elbow bent and the Tiger Balm. Actually, I've never used Tiger Balm, myself, but I have heard some of the guys at my dojo really liked it. (That amazes me, because I get the impression that most rubs are worthless crap. What's in the TB???)


                Tiger balm act like as a heat pad. But it go deep inside the muscles and tissue to make it feel warm or hot. I dunno how it work but I think it just get blood moving faster and soften the muscle so it isn't tense up or something.

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