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    Here is the Newsletter I was telling you about, and Be honoured because I'm sure he was reffering to you kungfool

    What Color Crayon Should I Use For A Ruptured Spleen?

    ************************************************** ****
    Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the
    ************************************************** ****

    Internet chat rooms are interesting arenas.

    I received an email the other day from a client who
    forwarded some comments made about the TFT Mastery
    Program from one of these "chat" forums. TFT Mastery
    is a program designed to educate and train clients who
    desire to become TFT trainers.

    The program has rigorous physical and academic
    standards. It is designed as such to produce trainers
    who can instruct the system physically and explain the
    physical trauma accurately. The physical part of the
    training occurs at the live seminars held throughout
    the year. Training time is logged and candidates are
    tested at every juncture to gauge their progress.

    The academic portion is done online in between the
    seminars and, again, lessons are given and knowledge
    is tested. One of the tools I use is the "Anatomy
    Coloring Book" which is a standard text most medical
    schools use to quickly train students on the human
    body and its components.

    The method of color-coding different bones, joints,
    and nerves has proved to be a time-tested method for
    rapid assimilation of this information as well as
    providing long-term ability to recall the information.

    A TFT trainer is not just physically able to show you
    how to fight but must be able to accurately explain
    the trauma inflicted to the other guy as you strike
    these specific targets on the human body.

    A certain "chat room black belt" was deriding any
    program that used coloring books and wondered if
    Crayola crayons were issued to TFT Mastery candidates.
    Which just goes to show how one-dimensional most
    combat sport and martial arts practitioners are when
    it comes to trauma.

    They just want to see a new "technique" rather than
    understand how to systematically shut down the other
    guy(s) by understanding how to effectively deliver
    trauma to vulnerable areas of the human body.

    To be able to deliver a strike is only one half of the
    equation -- to know where to deliver the strike for
    maximum effect -- EVERY TIME -- is truly the acme of
    skill in hand-to-hand combat.

    So I'll let the "internet warriors" have fun with my
    coloring book requirements but they may be surprised
    what you can learn with a box of crayons...

    Until next time,

    Tim Larkin
    Creator of Target-Focus(TM) Training


      It's like an empty-hand version of Gunkata.
      They'll teach you to magically know everything and be everywhere at once. You will always know exactly where to strike. Your strikes will always have the desired effect. You will never miss. You will never have to defend. You don't need to spar and you certainly don't need to know what it feels like to get punched in the nose, because that will never happen to you.
      A master of the Gunkatas is far too formidable.


        Hmmm just out of curiousity I put in a search for TFT and came upon this site, and seeing as I attended a live session as well as purchased 2 of their produts I thought I should put in my 2 cents on this topic though it appears to be a couple months too late.
        It is a couple of months too late, but don't let that stop you. Can you turn water into aged brandy for your next trick?

        This is a bad idea for fighting or self defense. You CANNOT reliably control your opponent in a fight - there is far too much chance for something to go wrong for you to depend entirely on 'reflex reactions.'

        Now you guys can talk semantics all day long but look at it from this point of view. If I step in and hit you with a brick to the nose, will your hands stay at your sides or go to your knee to protect it? obviously not I think we can all have an objective view as to how the body would react to that. So what about a kick to the groin that ruptures a testicle or both? would your pelvis arch foward toward the thing that injured it and would your hands fly up into the air or would it go the area of injury to try and protect it from getting said injury a second time and would'nt your pelvis move away from that negative stimuli? duh!
        This is still assuming that the strike is effective. You cannot base your entire fight on the success of a single technique that leads you to the next technique and so on. If you try to hit my nose with a brick and I duck, than my hands aren't up around my face which means your punches to the shortribs aren't set up, etc.
        Oh, wait, that leads to your next argument:
        If the first target doesn't work, you turn all of your force onto the second target.

        The problem with that logic is that the human mind doesn't translate input to action as fast as you would require. If you intend to make me bend over with a groin kick and then step in with an uppercut (for example), then you don't have time to wait and see if the kick is effective before stepping in or I can use that time to react. If you're prepared for the strike to fail and you're ready to attack a secondary target, then you're not ready for the strike to succeed. Your reaction time is about 1/3 of a second, which is plently long in a fight. You can't just strike-judge reaction-strike-judge's a foolish concept.

        So lets use an example, lets say I'm on the ground and the guy comes behind me and puts or rather is attempting to put his arms or even a knife around my neck and I say attempting because I'm not going to wait on him to see what kind of choke hold he puts on me but rather I'm going to pick a target thats easily available to me and in this senario I choose his LFC nerve that runs along the outside of his leg and the tool I choose is my elbow, from there I get my reflex action and then I choose whatever target I want from there.
        And what happens if you miss and DON'T get your reflex reaction? Or if he's high or in the middle of an adrenaline dump and gets reduced nerve input and thus, you don't get your reflex reaction? Then he sinks the choke and you're done.




            Hi oncealone, I enjoyed your replies. I have a question for you.
            You ask me about all the what ifs, what if I miss, what if his adrenaline etc etc, and they are all valid points, so I ask the question what if you miss , what if you don't get your target what do you do. to think you can't cause an injury in the man is self defeating.
            And I hope you answer to that question is'nt hit him 10 times really fast and hope one of those shots actually get a target.


              Hi oncealone
              Listen, curly, if you can't be bothered to get my name right, I'm going to have a hard time taking you seriously.

              so I ask the question what if you miss , what if you don't get your target what do you do. to think you can't cause an injury in the man is self defeating.
              Don't focus on specific targeting and reflex reactions to the exclusion of all else. Throw effective combinations, drop them as soon as possible, but don't try to pre-think. Fighting isn't a chess game - you don't have time to plan out all your moves in advance, along with contingencies if your first target fails. Again, I point out that humans have a reaction time of about 1/3 of a second in GOOD conditions - in a fight, you don't have time to act, observe, react based on your observations. If you're looking for a fight strategy in a nutshell, "Immediate overwhelming force" combined with "infinite adaptability."

              to think you can't cause an injury in the man is self defeating.
              To think that your striking the targets will guaruntee a certain reaction is foolish. What if the attack is drunk, has an adrenaline dump, on a mind-altering substance, or otherwise has a limited capacity for pain reception?


                I don't even need to look at this stuff to know that it's gay.


                  Let me predict a response:

                  If you've never looked at it or studied it (preferably by purchasing the complete DVD home-study course), you're not qualified to give your opinion.


                    Originally posted by OnceLost
                    Let me predict a response:

                    If you've never looked at it or studied it (preferably by purchasing the complete DVD home-study course), you're not qualified to give your opinion.
                    I didn't even read the thread.


                      I'm just waiting for Curby to disappoint me by actually NOT insisting that you study something before forming an opinion about it. It'd be a welcome change.


                        OK I've read a bit and havn't changed my mind. How do they know these strikes actually inflict the proposed trauma? They can't know. These strikes are too deadly to know.


                          But years of study and experimentation on willingly compliant subjects who study with the founders of the style have PROVEN those strikes to work consistently!


                            If you're going to make up a system always thow in ninjitsu. It's completely invented anyway so why not?


                              Yeah, but people are on to that now...that's why 'science' is the answer. It's for deluded LARPers who've become disgruntled with pretending to be sneaky Japanese assassins and turned to something that they can explain somewhat rationally while still not actually pressure testing anything.


                                What if I was to come up with:

                                "Scientific Ninjitsu Combatives System"

                                "This system was passed down from ancient ninjitsu masters to navy SEALS, some of which were in jail and added filthy dirty secret of prison fighting. Through extensive research by top Soviet scientists into the nature of chi, we have developed a one hour program which will destroy any grappler, knife wielding gang or homeless black person."



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