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    I have a guy at work asking me for advice in finding/joining a martial arts school in the Orlando area...I've suggested my own BJJ school and if not, then some Judo clubs, boxing gyms, or even wrestling clubs...he wasn't too receptive, so found a local school...this happens to be it...I'm weary of this school's credibility, but I'm not sure how to tell my co-worker that he's probably making a bad decision by having his son join this...

    I think most parents think a martial art is a martial art...I even went as far as to explain to him the idea of bullshido and mcdojo's, I guess he doesn't see the clues from their website and is checking out the school sometime this week...

    Central Florida Chayon Ryu Main

    The first paragraph kills me about being proficient in all those arts...
    What is Kim Soo martial arts?

    I sense some bullshido here...not quite McDojo, because they don't have the aggressive sales tactics, belt factory tendencies, or retarded "black belt" or "dragons" or "ninjas" clubs...however, I do sense tell-tale signs of bullshido...

    Master who founded his own system based upon "experience" with other systems, he also happens to be a 10th dan, they don't compete or do tournaments because they do "real martial arts", and hell...they even have pictures on their site for a George Dillman seminar...

    Chayon Ryu History

    Pics from Dillman seminar

    I actually recognize a lot of the forms listed below because they're forms I've learned from my TKD instructor, who started in Shotokan and stuff, but the thing that bugs me is at the bottom, "Dillman method"...I'd say he's the king of bullshido...

    Their testing requirements/curriculum

    And of course...can't forget the promotional video...

    View their promotional video here

    Let me know what you guys think...I co-worker just wants his son to have something to do and learn some discipline...but I think he can learn that at better places than this Chayon Ryu place...what do you think?
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    George Dillman visited them... and they are proud of it....
    You are a total Douchbag. Train more, post nevermore.
    FickleFingerOfFate -08-21-2007 08:59 AM

    just die already.
    Plasma - 08-20-2007 11:45 PM

    Best MA website ever!!!!!:


      The Dillman connection is amazes me how many karateka and TKD people still haven't figured out his bullshit.

      Kim Soo is a legitimate old school Taekwondo grandmaster who is a living repository for historical Taekwondo knowledge that was lost when the politicos got involved in creating Taekwondo...

      I can't tell you anything abou this individual school though...If the father is looking for a good karate school, this may be it...the Dillman thing just torques me off...can you find him a good Kyokushin school in the area if that's what he's looking for?
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        Kim Soo

        Back in the day, Kim Soo was a great old-school TKD teacher. But no more.

        I used to live in Houston and trained in TKD. There was a fellow student who moved to town who trained in Chicago under a teacher who was a fellow student with Kim Soo. My dojang mate first went to see Kim Soo who turned him away as a student for fear that his new students would get injured when training with him.

        Kim Soo is in no way what Dillman is. But don't expect to get anything more from him than a lot of fluff.


          I've been training under GM Kim Soo in Houston for 7 yrs. or so and came across this page. I'd never heard of this Dillman guy but after a little research I have to say this whole NTKO thing is nuts:

          Locally speaking... GM Kim Soo may have altered his teaching styles over the years but for those of us interested in traditional methods he's one of the few teachers with the history to back up what he teaches. He no longer teaches 'competitive martial arts' but that has nothing to do with teaching effective technique, joint locks, street defense, etc.

          I realize it's too bad for old students that trained under him for TKD but studying martial arts is not necessarily dependant on scoring points. I'm not saying one is better or worse - just different.

          These days there's a dojo in every strip center and we're lucky to have him here.
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            If you're in the right part of Orlando there's a great BJJ school right down the street from East Coast Martial Arts supply on Colonial Drive. I think they also teach some stand up arts in some of their classes, but when I was down there they were only doing BJJ.



              I'm pretty sure that is where DaChinkOfSteel trains.... They've moved too, I'm pretty sure.

              From the blog:

              "Theres been one common complaint here for a while. Theres not enough people in here."

              Really? I loved it when I barely had anyone else in class, unless it was for sparring....


                Yep, that is where I train...Gracie Barra Orlando. Our new location is on the other side of East Coast Martial Arts, just off the corner of 50/1792 on next to Colonial Photo/Hobby (unless that's the school you're already talking about).

                Anyways, yeah...we do both Muay Thai (Wearing my Diamond Dutchman MT shirt right now, in fact), and's about a 65/35 distribution in terms of students between BJJ/MT...I train both equally, though.

                As a follow up, the parent ended up not taking his kid anywhere, so all my research was for naught...but his kid ended up taking up band more seriously in at least he's doing something constructive.

                As a sidenote, I had sent him a link to this website and the McDojo FAQ elsewhere online and he tried making an educated decision in searching for a school...the two he boiled it down to was the Chayon Ryu and this Aikido school (yeah, I definitely swayed him away from that)....

                Thanks for the advice fellas....





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