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    Carter Hargrave

    I was searching around for random JKD-related links to read... then eventually cam across this:

    His "partial resume" is frightening to behold, to say the least. I also didn't know that his "American Combat Kempo" were what the "United States Marines base thier (sic) training on".

    Go check it out... it's a good laugh.

    That's quite a list of claims!

    Check out the quote at the bottom of the page too:

    "What you believe is your own reality" :)


      I think that we can go on record that anyone associated with Dr. E A Moore has some sort of issues, in this case receiving a "Founder's award." Here is a link to Moore's site WMAHOF.

      Moore is also the guy who recognized Jacques Patenaude from the Fang Shen Do, so there is a pattern of rank exchange there.


        He looks seriously badass though, with the goatie, black gi, gold patches, sticks and mean muggin scowl.

        Not to mention the time portal thing behind him.

        Grand Master...yeah baby.


          He kind of reminds me of Tom Green.

          Any U.S. Marines here that can vouch for or debunk his claim of his "American Combat Kempo" being part of their hand-to-hand curriculum?


            I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.


              Red Flags

              Certified Black Belt Bushido Kempo, Promoted by G.W. Dil
              Certified 4th Dan Black Belt Aiki Juts
              Instructor Headmaster Juko Kai Kokusai Remnei 199
              Certified Professor of Martial Arts, 1995
              Appointed Executive Director World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Board Member 1995
              Awarded best martial art school in the U. S. Recognized by U. S Congress and U.S. Senate 1996
              WOW! What a resume.

              Juko Kai, Gary Dill, Certified Professor, Hall of Famer, and he has the Best school in the U.S.


                Here comes the old "World martial arts hall of fame" Instructor of the year award! A compeating dojo in my town has 2 "World martial arts hall of fame" Instructors. I reasurched this a bit. One would think that "instructor of the year" Would be "1" Or "the " instructor of the year. Hell no. For $400.00 you nominate your self, and become the instructor of the year. You and about 300 other Mc Sensei's. Fucking stupid.


                  He said it best

                  "What you believe is your own reality Professor Hargrave"


                    Originally posted by Ken
                    Any U.S. Marines here that can vouch for or debunk his claim of his "American Combat Kempo" being part of their hand-to-hand curriculum?
                    Absolute bullshit. I'm not in anymore, haven't been since 97, but I'm absolutely confident that the Marines H2H program (MCMAP) is not BASED on his "American Combat Kempo". Could there be an element or two in MCMAP taken from Kenpo (not necessarily his American Combat Kempo)? Why not. But based on his shit? Hell fucking no.

                    Reminds me of a professor I had in college. I was taking a voice and movement class (theatre dept.) and this professor was HEAVY into the Bujinkan and this "warriorship" program somethingerather. He knew I was into the martial arts and had been in the Corps. So one day during class, he casually mentions (to the whole class) that his instructor had been the Force Reconnaissance H2H instructor for the Marine Corps.

                    I stopped the exercise we had been doing, called bullshit quite loudly, and told him that either he was lying or had been lied to by his instructor. He (pissed now) assured me that it was in fact true. I again called bullshit, then asked for proof and even offered to call several friends who were still in who could verify the information. He countered with the "it's still classified material" excuse and I laughed at him. I dropped the class that afternoon.

                    When I went in to have him sign my drop slip, he tried to explain to me that I obviously didn't know jack shit, how deadly his style was and that an attitude like mine would get me in trouble one day. I told him that anytime he felt like showing how badass he was, he could come to a Gathering and we could fight with witnesses in a completely neutral environment (yeah, bullshit I sue me). He, predictably, retorted with the "my shit is deadly and we train for life-and-death encounters, not sparring" crap. I just rolled my eyes and left, got my slip signed by the dept. head and told her what a twat the professor was. She actually agreed and we had a good laugh.

                    If anyone on this board ever goes to New Mexico State University, shoot me a PM and I'll give you his name.


                      Its funny because I was talking to my friend in the Marine Corp about Martial Arts last night.

                      The Marine System is mainly Judo/Jujutsu which some Special Forces technique previously taught. Most of the Jujutsu is Yoshin Ryu style locking due to the influence of Jack Hoban.

                      666's post :new_evil:


                        It gets worse...


                        "To get started, all you need to do is join the association and order your first DVD and JKD manual and you are on your way. When you have the moves down, simply video tape yourself in action and put it on VHS, VHS-c, CD Rom, or DVD, send it in with your name,address, and test fee, and our panel of experts will review your performance and award you your JKD rank certificates / or inform you as to what you did wrong and how to correct the problem so you may advance in rank and in knowledge. "

                        Waitaminit... Just throwing jab-cross-hook combinations in mid-air in front of a camera, no pads, bags, no nothing.... mid-air pak sao lop sao motions without an opponent to even run simple trapping drills against... Gets you a rank certificate? :bssign:

                        Wait, what's this about a test fee?

                        Rusty math skills, ACTIVATE! ($50 x 5) + ($60 x 2) + ($75 x 2) + ($90 x 2) + ($300) equals.... $1000 in belt fees, not including association member fees, "instructorship" program fees, the costs of your DVDs and books.... all for shadowboxing "kata". Theoretically, you don't even have to leave your house, if your postman comes to pick up whatever you're sending to this dude.




                          "In the future... we fight with STICKS!!"


                            Originally posted by Poop Loops

                            "In the future... we fight with STICKS!!"

                            Awsome! They have a fuckin' Stargate at their school!

                            :5shocking :wtfgif9fr :5shocking


                              It looks almost like a baseball card...



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