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    Originally posted by Runner
    Hi everyone,

    I'm a former member of FSD. Last summer I received an email from about Matrix-like screensaver and
    The webmaster did a little mistake. He put all student's email adresses in the "TO" field so you can see about 385 adresses.
    I thought we may send Sringfellow's link ( to all of them.

    What do you think ?
    That would seriously rock. I say do it so long as you can find a legally acceptable way. They would be so...


      Goddamit! Now the movie is going to be pushed back! I need my Kung Fu Love!!!

      Watsup, Jacques?


        Originally posted by Stringfellow
        It seems that JP believes that everyone needs to honour their contracts and pay up, except when it means him.

        Oh, another important point- all of the information I've seen indicates that JP has yet to pay. I guess he considers himself... above the law (cue Steven Segal).
        Interesting Jacques isn't one for honouring contracts himself. Do as I say, not as I do- just like his teaching style. :tongue11:

        Runner- make some posts and PM me. I may have found a legit way to execute Operation Pink Passenger Pigeon.


          Originally posted by PeterPantsless
          Goddamit! Now the movie is going to be pushed back! I need my Kung Fu Love!!!

          Watsup, Jacques?
          Was it going to be a porno?


            Originally posted by GoJu - Joe
            Was it going to be a porno?
            Ineed. Phon Sau 15. Devastating trapping technique? Or the irresistable foreplay, of the FSD masters?


              Kung Fu Love?

              Hi Jacques,
              You called the movie "Kung Fu Love?"

              No one tell TKD, Shhhhh, quiet, no one tell. My god is he going to have a field day with this!

              It was the secret history where Bruce Lee secretly moved to Canada and took on a few selected superstudents, and showed them the secrets of his innermost secrets.

              And there was lots of lovin'

              Was this going to be the poster?

              Or the Matt Furey version?
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                Your Honor:

                We are writing to defend our position in this matter. Below is our counterargument.

                We contracted Mr. Patenaude to produce martial artists based on our youth preliminary to seeking alternate schools for the project. Mr. Patenaude was the first teacher on this project, as the alteranate one had not been selected. Mr. Patenaude had presented himself as a professional Sijo who could produce martial artists based on our eagerness to learn, only referring to Wing Chun Do for background material. We were not at all satisfied with the skills presented by Mr. Patenaude.

                However, since we are not experts in this area, we consulted, former students, a Dog Brother, Consumer Affairs, and an actual person with martial arts experience. All involved evaluated FSD, and all of them expressed the same opinion: Mr. Patenaude's FSD did not meet industry standards for professional teaching. It was quite derivative of the contract, and not original as stipulated in our agreement. Furthermore, all experts said that they did not feel Mr. Patenaue was experienced enough to produce a martial artist of sufficient quality to avoid an ass kicking - no matter how many revisions FSD underwent. As such, we thought it best to absorb the loss, and saw no choice but to terminate the agreement.

                When tried to communicate our feelings to Mr. Patenaude and to work out an equitable dissolution of the contract, Mr. Patenaude became upset, and hung up on us during the phone conversation with threats of legal action. He would not discuss an out-of-court settlement.

                In our opinion, Mr. Patenaude has been more than adequately remunerated for his services-for work performed to date developing FSD ($12,000). In addition the due date for the next payment is July 2004($1,000) and the final payment is not due until December 31st, 2004.
                We are discontinuing the contract as Mr. Patenaude cannot deliver on his end of the agreement-and no amount of re-vamping of the BBC will change that. And there's no hope or intention of using any of his martial arts in the future. Furthermore, we cannot consider any sort of settlement due to this unreasonable pre-emptive legal action, and his unwillingness to settle the matter earlier - we've lost enough on this endeavor already, and wish to leave it behind us with no further expense.

                We hope you will agree that we have already made all reasonable attempts to remedy the situation and are not liable for any further costs.

                Disgruntled former and current FSD students

                P.P.S. We were also told that this is not a valuable contract. No shit.

                Sure looks alot different when the shoe is on the other foot......


                  Maybe if the screenwriter asked them to smell dog shit first?



                    Originally posted by Cdnronin
                    Peking Duck? Have you seen this movie classic? Featuring the unforgettable characters of Fang and Sheng?
                    Now you understand the name change.
                    Isn't it creepy, Fang & Sheng;only missing Do.
                    Is this where Suuckee JP got the name idea for FSD?


                      In my best Paul Anka voice!

                      And they called it Kung Fu Love!
                      Oh I guess they'll never know
                      How a young heart really feels
                      And why I love him, I mean her, yah her cause I love men, I mean women so

                      And they called it Kung Fu Love!
                      Just because we're seventeen
                      Tell them all it isn't fair
                      To take away my only dream (of owning my own chain of Kung Fu academies!)

                      I cry each night these tears for you
                      My tears are all in vain
                      Oh I'll hope that one day you'll try breaking arrows and sniffing poop
                      You'll be back in my arms once again

                      Someone help me, help me please
                      Is the answer in a video by DeMilles
                      How can I ever tell them
                      This just isn't a cheap scam to steal your money...

                      Someone help me, help me please
                      Is the answer in selling AmWay or Tony Robbins
                      How can I ever tell them
                      This is not some cheap scam with black belt clubs...

                      Okay I think I've purged myself, although I still feel a little gassy. Holy crap on a stick! Thankfully we've modified the thread a little so we can now send messages to Jacques (can I call you Jacques, Sokemon feels so impersonal) anyways.

                      (would you guys mind? Please stop reading so I can address a quick note to Jacques!)

                      Dear Jacques,

                      Um, listen. I know this might be hard to take at first but listen. Kung Fu Love, not a good title. Hell Purple Monkey's of Kung Fu Doom, is a better title. Instead of hanging out with your cronies and suggesting movie titles to guys who are so scared of you that they'd sniff your shit and swear it was roses (oh, wait they have done that haven't they.) Listen the point is, find some people that disagree with you and ask them what they think of titles. This will avoid all of this pain in the long run.

                      Anyway, must run along now. I'm training for a potential fight with Shadow Beast this summer. I think you know him, anyways.

                      Take care.


                      Alright, sorry guys. Just had to get that out of the way.



                        Do you need a cigarette?



                          Yeah baby!!!


                            ...are you denying the power of the Purple Monkey's of Kung Fu Doom...


                            Ninja's stole my wallet!


                              Does anyone know the author of this script? Since it is supposedly based on sJP's life, I am sure we can finally get to the bottom of his history.

                              TKD, was that Korean Sijo Poetry?

                              Last edited by Askari; 4/27/2006 6:22am, .


                                I am wondering why, if this is a movie about a life, that it would require a screenwriter with "multiple re-writes."

                                Of course, the general Hollywood reaction of "No one fucking cares, martial arts fan-boy!" to such a story seems obvious.




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