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      I have a few comments to make and I will try to keep them in clear thought patterns. There were earlier comments on Brian Dean. It is true that Scott and Sifu Pat went in in a very forceful manner and made all the students hand over their sashes etc. It was horrible. Its too bad Scott allows himself to be used in this bullying style-he's a better person than that. Brian is currently in his own battle with the Patenaudes and I hope he wins. I also hope he gets wind of this site and knows he has alot of support if he needs it. Stringfellow is correct...he has linked up with a proper teacher...I believe he has links through the US but I can get confirmation later.

      As for poor Dan they went in and told him he wasn't good enough to have a school. Its a sad story. Initially Dan worked full time and drove 3-4 nights to Belleville to teach and I have learned eventually quit his full time job and became a hostage of FSD. He gave them 25K for the franchise and they are giving him nothing back which is sickening. I'm hoping he will take legal action. He aslo apparently wanted to go back and train in Alymer or Gatineau where he started and they told him he wasn't allowed. I hope Dan gets back on his feet and I'm hoping he wasn't that gullible to take a franchise without having some way of recovering funds if this happened. Someone needs to give him legal advice. I knew Dan before the school and he was only a green sash and I believe had his brown stripe when he took the school. My experience with him as an instructor is he had alot to learn and Patenaude's should have developed him instead of feeding him to the wolves!

      Askari, I look forward to meeting you one day. When I'm ready I'll probably come check out your teachings. I've only heard good things about you. Noob, good luck in JJ....I always liked working with you in FSD....

      Its interesting no one has responded to Richard's posting of his email from Sijo. Its quite astonishing that you are incredible when you belong and as soon as you leave you are weak and nothing. Richard is a great guy and weak is not they way I would describe him! Lets see how if a Sifu responds.....

      Really what needs to happen is to get this out to the masses. STringfellow's article needs to be posted on pole near the schools so students and parents of students have a chance to find out whats really going on...Anyone in?

      As for the scrap at training camp it was funny. It was Sifu Stephane's girlfriend who freaked out and she was sparring with an asst instructor also from ORleans. The best part was when Sijo said we were weak for getting injured as his wife Linda could do everything with ease that we were doing. Anyone that knows Linda, I'd love to see her back flip up to the top of the tower and come down after doing the morning run etc....that would be a site! And I agree with the person who posted about the military guy...that was odd.....but this guy lives in the bush and seems to keep away from people so not surprised that he is an eccentric crazy guy like Sijo.

      I also enjoyed STringfellow's reference to the bowed head and chuckle...I experienced that several times. Very strange behaviour. But I have one better. I recently learned of "Wooshing your problems away" and for $150 dollars Sijo will show you how to take your problems from your left to right hand and "Woosh them away". I cracked up with this story, unfortunately it is true. The worst part is that you have to pay a fee to get advice and talk to Sijo...He has no qualifications for this...I'd be surprised if he even has a highschool diploma



          Thanks for the kind words.


          You seem like a very decent guy. And I want to re-iterate my respect for you coming onto this forum and presenting yourself in this positive fashion. I am very interested in your continued comentary.

          Have you read the other threads on this forum as well? Some of the organizations referenced in this thread as belt sellers are discussed further in orther parts of this board. But did you really read nothing into your Sijo's words? How about:
          I make humanity advance.
          It's a little creapy.
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            Posting article on telephone pole near school = huge lawsuit against both the author and Bullshido.


              Double Post.


                Were the posters and articles to the MMA event ever posted? I couldn't find them.


                  Originally posted by Simon McNeil
                  They are not there.

                  No pictures in your gallery at all. Try again.

                  Seriously man my big problem is from what I've heard you pay WAY too much. You can get good martial arts training for less than half the price and from what I've seen the longer you stay in FSD the more it costs you.

                  The Chinese have an expression I use a lot...

                  Tai guei le!
                  太贵了? tai gui le?


                    Tai Gui Le = (It is) too expensive.


                      Hi again:

                      Thank you Scott for the kind words and I believe what you say is true as you are a man of honor, and I fully respect that. As far as everything else goes, Mandy and I will do well out west as it's closer to our roots and is a place booming with opportunity right now. As for Sijo's words, I guess it is something between him and I.

                      Once again, thank you for your respect and our good training sessions. Maybe one day you and I could spar again. (This is not a challenge for those who may be reading into it)

                      All my best


                        Best of luck Richard.


                          Originally posted by Askari
                          Tai Gui Le = (It is) too expensive.
                          Yup a phrase more important for westerners in China than "Where's the bathroom".

                          Accompanied by "Pian yi diar" = make it cheaper.


                            Wow, this is great. Someone is finally taking it to one of the biggest McDojos in Canada.

                            My own school has had a run-in with some of the folks coming out of there; they were visiting and were trying to demonstrate that their style is similar to ours... man, what they did was definately not WC. We even have a few ex-FSD guys in our school.

                            They are marring the name of kung fu with their franchise, and turning asian culture into a cheap gimmick. Wing Chun Do? The last word is not even chinese. They are cheating people by using a facsimile of an existing martial art. It's hideous to know such an organization exists, and right here in my home city.

                            They're crooks, plain and simple. I think it's about time someone has exposed them.

                            Tai gui le!
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                              Liu Bei,

                              Chinese and Japanese use the same character set for some things. "Do" is Chinese, same transliteration as the Japanese use for the same character. The character in question when translated from Chinese most often works out as "Heaven's Way," and is usually pronounce as "Tao" today. The pronounciation of the character as "Do" is from an older transliteration method that is not in as much use today. Another example is the capital of China which can be transliterated as Beijing or Peiking, depending on which system you use.

                              Since Feng Shen Do is somewhat decended from Jeet Kune Do, its not really a bad word choice.


                                Just quick correction, the spelling (I see it on the way to and from work) is 'Fang Shen Do', not 'Feng'. I don't know if that does anything to the translation, though.



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