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    The Infamous Article

    So last weekend a friend of mine walks into a bar, only its not a bar its the "Manotick Messenger." And guess what?

    I imagine this is the article that used to be up on the wall as the proof for Scott Hill. You be the judge if it is proof or not. This is the entire article with no edits, you can download and expand my attachment for verification.

    Manotick Messenger, Wednesday, May 7, 2003, Page 17
    Send your sports stories and brief sports items to: Phone: 692-6000 Fax: 692-3758

    Hill peaks in World Extreme battle
    Richmond martial artist defeats no.1 contender despite last-minute extreme fighting invitation

    By Johnathan Monk

    Scott Hill is not a violent guy. Despite his size, physically challenging hobby and previous choice of employment, the owner and certified instructor of Richmond Kung Fu school would much rather reason his way out of a fight than have it come to blows.

    However, the mild-mannered Hill, who once made a living disposing of unruly nightclub patrons, has now whet his appetite for hand-to-hand battle with his recent success at the World Extreme Combat Federation challenge March 29 in Laval, Que.

    Now he's thirsty for more.

    [FSD LOGO]

    Opportunity or mistake?

    With the WECF champion having just taken ill, Hill and his mentor, Pat Marciel of Gatineau, Que., were asked if they'd be interested in filling the two vacant spots left by the defending champion and another fighter. Following a 20-minute deliberation which included a quick phone call seeking the blessing of his wife, Mary, who said, "I'm not worried. Just make sure you win," Hill accepted the challenge with only two weeks to prepare.

    The 14-year veteran of Fang Shen Do (the way of survival) had never battled in competition before.
    His school, and the 16 other Patenaude Kung Fu schools across Quebec and Ontario, do not believe in point tournaments normally.

    Although Hill would later discover he was unsuccessful in his attempt to keep his involvement a secret, he felt the need to prove to both himself and his students they'd made the right choice in Fang Shen Do.

    "I wanted to prove that we were the real deal," says the former South Carleton high school football player and coach.

    Sitting in the back of his mind, however, was the very likely chance that along with losing the match he might lose his credibility with his students, thus endangering his livelihood. After all, the fighters in these competitions train solely for this type of battle, complete with built-in octagons in their schools. Hill's school deals simply in self-defense.

    The father of two girls - Jenna, 8, and Chayse, 7, - teaches Kung Fu on the side. During the day he's a Project Manager with Apollo Management Services in Ottawa. His daughters have been training at the Fang Shen Do club since they were five.

    David vs Goliath

    At a hulking 255-pounds of muscle on his 5'11" frame, Hill is an imposing figure, but at 6'6", 245 pounds and 26-years-old - eight years younger than Hill - the former Manotick resident would seem to be fighting an uphill battle.

    The contender, Marc Cambain, who was previously undefeated 6-0 as an amateur and 2-0 as a pro fighter - had never been hit or taken off his feet in his professional career. However, with his technique based in jiu-jitsu and karate, Hill concluded the best way to get the better of this mountain was to bring him down to the same level "where his height and reach don't make a difference," he says.

    Hill and Marciel trained together for 15 days straight, concentrating on intense, full-contact sparring. To better prepare himself for the vast difference in height and reach, Hill called on a few tall friends, who he says may not be any longer after the punishment they had to endure.

    A battle-scarred Scott Hill following his first-round defeat of previously unbeaten Marc Cambain (top). A slightly more reserved businessman (below). Johnathan Monk photo

    Unfriendly territory

    Finally the day had come. Hill admits he was a little on edge for the final week leading up to the fight.

    At the weigh-in, Hill was surprised to see his opponent was a few inches taller than the 6'3" claim organizers had made to him earlier.

    At fight time, the completely Anglo Hill was lowered on a platform, ensconsed in smoke and scantilly-clad women. The driving sounds of Eminem's Lose Yourself pounded in the background, along with boos and derogatory chants. Paper beer cups and food wrappers pelted the stoic Hill, who remained focused on the task at hand. He was led through the hostile crowd and into the 24-foot wide locked octagon cage which was eltevated five feet off the ground. To help the crowd in their loathing, Hill was introduced as "the person that hates all french people," bellowed the announcer en francais. "Here to show no Quebecers can fight."

    The hometown boy entered to cheers and fanfare, his body covered in temporary tatoos advertising local businesses.

    The crowd laughed and pointed at both Hill and Marciel. Marciel fought handily before Hill, winning his fight with a standing TKO at 2:17 in the first round. At 165 pounds, the 26-year-old Marciel was supposed to battle in the 160-pound-or-less category, but instead faced an undefeated 180-pound opponent.

    Hill and Cambain rushed forward following the bell. Within the first ten seconds, Hill felt the big man's hand dig into his face. The punch settled Hill down. He swept the fleshy trunks of his opponent, landing him on his back. After putting him into a full-mount position, the referee stood the two fighters up - a faux paux in such competition if the man on top is shelling out quality blows.

    The pair were on their feet again, but not for long. Hill slipped under Cambain's slow power hand, lifting his leg and dumping him to the mat. Hill put a front choke-hold on the man below him and was once again ordered to his feet. What he didn't realize was that Cambain had tapped out, leaving the visitor with a win by submission at 2:33 of the first round.

    As the underdog left the cage, the crowd was livid. Trainers and security guards led Hill through the angry crowd as they attempted to show the unwelcome Hill their disapproval.

    Despite the less than gracious treatment they received, both Hill and Marciel would like to fight again.

    Says Hill, "This is one of the few days I'll remember forever."
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      I so have to follow that up with a repost of this pic:


        Let us draw out some choice lines:

        The contender, Marc Cambain, who was previously undefeated 6-0 as an amateur and 2-0 as a pro fighter - had never been hit or taken off his feet in his professional career.
        At fight time, the completely Anglo Hill was lowered on a platform, ensconsed in smoke and scantilly-clad women.
        The driving sounds of Eminem's Lose Yourself pounded in the background, along with boos and derogatory chants. Paper beer cups and food wrappers pelted the stoic Hill, who remained focused on the task at hand. He was led through the hostile crowd and into the 24-foot wide locked octagon cage which was eltevated five feet off the ground.
        I wonder if Frank Dux was there to hand him a sword at the end?
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          I'm pretty sure the opponents name is actually Marc Cambier, and not Cambain. Man, if you can't rely on the Manotick Messenger for accurate reporting, I don't know who to trust!


            This Marc Cambier (Source=Sherdog)?

            0-1-0 in MMA loss to Todd Gouwenberg at TKO 15 in 2004.
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              I wonder how much of that article Monk wrote himself and how much he was "handed". I might be going out on a limb here, but Scott Hill is the most literate of the FSD crew. He wrote the Fang Shen Do article for Black Belt magazine (Jan 2002 - hmmm should I scan it?), and I'm pretty sure that he "ghost-wrote" JP's latest book (i.e. taking JP's ideas and making full sentences out of them). There seems to be a fair amount of specifics about FSD that a journalist covering a fight story wouldn't normally care about. Could this be a pseudo-promo article, like we saw with the Sun's article?

              Edit: I do notice, however, that there are spelling mistakes - Pat Marcil is called "Marciel" and Cambier is "Cambain" - so who knows?



                Well I guess this just goes to prove the truism: Idiots never travel alone.

                This reads like a bad blog I read once (link to follow). Listen, just cause you watched a few movies doesn't make you any more qualified to write about it let alone do it! Wow, I'm stunned. Really deep down stunned that this is the infamous MMA event that was touted as proff off Fang Shen Do's prowess.

                I'll leave the hacking of the story and event to others and will instead offer this as a bit of advice to SifuNoBS and others:

                In public relations, spin is a usually pejorative term signifying a heavily biased portrayal in one's own favor of an event or situation. While traditional public relations may also rely on creative presentation of the facts, "spin" often, though not always, implies disingenuous, deceptive and/or highly manipulative tactics. Politicians are often accused of spin by their political opponents. (source Wikipedia)

                Investigate this. How is it that large companies can completely f*ck up and yet walk away smelling like roses? They hire professionals to 'spin' the story. You guys need to stop writing your own press releases and leave it to professionals. Honestly, you guys suck. Hell I'd point out how bad at fighting you are but I'm sure someone will be along shortly to do that anyways.

                Hmm, I'll have to look more carefully during the next UFC but I'm pretty sure BJM doesn't check their BOXING GLOVES and SHIN PADS before they enter the octagon. I could be wrong, I mean I did get hit during my fight. I'll ask my cornerman when we put on the BOXING GLOVES and SHIN PADS! This is not MMA people. This is fighting with training wheels.


                I love the thread. No one has pulled one punch. You guys have pro fighters and hugely respected members of the MMA community bad mouthing this group.



                  Here is some more "great" FSD "discussion"


                    thank you for you have reminded me why I hate MAP.

                    About the thread on I think sled dog is the dog bros. name of philipe gelinas owner of GAMMA. I talked to him a while ago when I was still in FSD he told something like: "there is no MA in the world that can make you invincible, FSD is ok, but they charge way too much, you don't need to pay 2000$ to learn how to fight."
                    yeah... it was my second step in the real world of MA, my first being

                    the definition of Irony: I found browsing on the net, searching about bruce lee and effectiveness, because they wouldn't stop talking about that in FSD...

                    edit: yup I was right sled dog is philipes gelinas:
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                      Hill put a front choke-hold on the man below him
                      Can anyone take a guess at what this means? Did he win an MMA fight with a rape choke? While wearing boxing gloves?


                        Hi PSB,

                        Some accounts have his opponent tapping out twice, that is Scott Hill takes the guy down, the guy taps to strikes, the referee stands them back up, Hill repeats, taking the guy down, who then taps to strikes a second time.

                        This is entirely possible in some of these two-bit opperations where the referee is a buddy of the promoter and has no real training.

                        Given that there is no records on FCfighter or Sherdog, this was not likely a sanctioned event - given that part of sanctioning requirements for proffessional bouts is that the fight get registered publicly.

                        I like that the article claims it was a cage fight. This just adds to the whole Napolean Dynamite flavour that this discussion has had - or is that just when Shadow Beast is here?


                          Just a mistake in the article then?


                            So, if this event was essentially Amateur Fight Night in FuttBuck, Tennessee, I gather that there weren't actually 5000 people and TV cameras in attendance?


                              Last quote from Sled Dog on

                              "The MMA event was run by a group known as WECF headed by Fernand Morneau. He was Charles Ali Nestor's teacher a while back. His place on Papineau in Montreal seems to be closed when I drive by.

                              The level did not seem to be that high (compared with the other shows in this area) The FSD guys were god awful bad, but as I said before, one did win. It occured at the same arena in Laval as the last TKO show. The two definitely did not win."


                                Originally posted by GoJu - Joe
                                Last quote from Sled Dog on

                                ...The two definitely did not win...
                                Dang, if this doesn't cause the rats to run screaming from the ship....

                                Shadow Beast, let me translate for you what Sled Dog means by the comment. Neither of these guys won their fights. Sure one of them has a 'W' on his record, but neither of them should have been in the ring. This is what upsets me about idiots like SB. This sport is not like going for a run on the weekend. We train hard and are focused. Maybe you guys need to pony up and get in on some real fights. I'm sure we can convince Pete Rodely (sp?) or any of the other promoters out there to let you knuckle heads on a 'real MMA' card.

                                Failing that come out west. I can almost guarantee a KOTC undercard fight. MMA is not wrestling with your buddy any more than me playing touch football is getting on the field with a bunch of CFL/NFL players.

                                Sadly I think this will put the whole issue to bed. With little left to respond to I don't know what the Fag Shen Don't guys are going to come up with now. Perhaps like the Lada this will all go away. Fang Shen Do will close their doors, moron's like Shadow Beast will return to their neglected DnD games and Marcel and Pat can go back to hanging out in men's washrooms or other things...

                                - Hi, kids. Where's your father?
                                - He's upstairs masturbating to gay porn.
                                - Again?
                                - Yeah.
                                - Hey, kids.
                                - Hey, Dad.
                                - I was just taking a shower. Yep, just had myself a shower.




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