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    Askari: Agreed, the only way to know if he's an MMA super soldier is to put him in the ring until he stops advancing, but that's not my decision to make, and I don't think he makes the superman claim himself, to be honest' Although, I'd *definitely* get in the car and drive to any fights he had. That was all in response to doubting he did SOME fighting, not aimed at you personally.

    I don't claim Teh Master System.

    n00b - WOULD like to learn fireballs someday but nobody will teach me, I don't seem to have the right tattoo.


      In Fang Shen Do related news, I spotted an ad in the Yellow Pages, for "Dean Kung Fu, Academy", with "Sifu Brian Dean."

      Brian Dean used to be a FSD instructor, and if I am not mistaken, had a falling out with the orginazation. Nothing to report about the academy, I just figured some of the posters who knew Brian would like to hear about it.


        well I hope Brian Dean tryied other MA before opening his own school, 'cause if he only knows FSD that doesnt make him really better than Jaques Patenaude himself...


          Originally posted by PeterPantsless
          In Fang Shen Do related news, I spotted an ad in the Yellow Pages, for "Dean Kung Fu, Academy", with "Sifu Brian Dean."

          Brian Dean used to be a FSD instructor, and if I am not mistaken, had a falling out with the orginazation. Nothing to report about the academy, I just figured some of the posters who knew Brian would like to hear about it.
          I remember that. I don't know about the details of the dispute, but as I understand it they basically told Brian that he could no longer run an FSD franchise. If my information is correct, they sent a bunch of people to his school to collect FSD-related materials. That in itself isn't a big deal except that I believe they happened to show up during one of his classes and I understand that it wasn't exactly, "Hi Brian, we're here for our stuff, thanks", if you catch my drift. I believe Scott was one of the people involved - maybe he can tell us more.

          About Brian, he is a real stand-up guy and would do just about anything for his students. He's truly passionate about his art and it shows in how he teaches. He has since hooked up with someone who has some "real" lineage (I'm afraid that I don't know whom). If kung-fu is your thing, he's definitely worth checking out.

          On the subject of schools, I've also heard from my sources that the school in Belleville was "taken away" from the franchise owner there just before Christmas. The owner used to be Dan Forgy (I know I've misspelled that last name). A look at the 2006 FSD calendar shows Danny Levac as the owner, so that seems to support what I've heard. I don't know the circumstances of the change, but I'm trying to get more information. If anyone reading this has more information, please post.


            Didn't the same thing happen, a long time ago, with an instructor named Dino Urbani?


              Hey nOOB what BJJ school in ottawa you planning on joining? I think there are only 3 schools in Ottawa that teach it and im looking to join one of them also. Hey what FSD school are you a part of? The one near where I live (orleans) has been there for years and years now.


                Jaric: I'm not planning, I'm already attending classes at Ronin ( I plan to keep going to FSD as long as I enjoy myself, but I do more BJJ classes (gotta keep up with the guys I signed up with, can't get left behind or I'll never live it down, the old man must stay current). I have a friend in the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts (I think that's the name, it's a Gracie school, as I hear it) and he says that's a decent school too, but I only know the Ronin guys.

                I've been attending the main downtown school for FSD, because it was quite near my home when I signed up, one of the benefits was that they cycle the teachers through there, so you get to meet all of the sifus eventually.

                I'm interested in the competition and I love grappling, so moving to BJJ is a good fit, also the Ottawa Wrestling Club trains there, and the Muy Thai is supposed to be pretty good, although I don't know much about it, myself.


                  PeterPantsless: Dino had his own school set up at one point after the split. I believe I found it while idly surfing one day, it was called 'T.A.C.T.', but I don't know any more.


                    I never knew Dino, but I had friends that were taking FSD under him, when the split happened. After their instructor left, or got kicked out, they left as well.

                    I also attended the downtown FSD school.

                    NOOb. How long have you been doing the BJJ, and what grappling arts did you do before?
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                      I was a middle-of-the-road wrestler in high school, made it to the valleys and had an invite to OFSAA but didn't take it as I didn't feel like cutting weight again. Apparently had some talent but wasn't motivated and never cared about it then to the level I saw others doing, it was just fun. Then when university came, my uni didn't have wrestling and so I spent 10 years doing nothing special.

                      Have only been at Ronin since february, bottom of the pile. Which of course means, fun fun fun!


                        I posted most of this post over under the articles section, but acknowledge that most arent going to take the time to read both threads.

                        One of the biggest problems out there is how easy it is to buy rank. This lets the person who bought the rank think they are somehow legit because they bought the rank. Then they turn around and promote the guy that gave them the rank. This creates some interesting organizations of which Jacques Patinaude is a member of a few of them.

                        I think I can help you with the Akron Ohio thing, here is who it was:
                        The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame
                        They used to host their events in Akron Ohio. And the majority of their board members are from Ohio. The founder creator is Dr Miguel E. A. Moore. Mr Moore has a bunch of similar halls of fame related to the martial arts. Though the other websites are still under construction.

                        The set up is a circle jerk system where each of them gives each other an 8th dan or so in their own made up ryu and then self promote to 10th dan based on the circle of dans they have received from their buddies.

                        Jacques Patinaude 's induction into this hall of fame alone is enough for a bullshido nomination all by itself. Let alone his 10th degree and soke title from these guys: United States Martial Arts Association.

                        What is interesting is that even within the circle jerk clubs Patinaude's Feng Shen Do is not common, so even the fakes dont want to have dan rank in his system.

                        I think as we go through all of Mr. Patenaude 's credentials we will find similiar problems. I am very interested what comes out of the research being conducted into his claims around Penjak Silat. As I understand it the De Thauars family is not very happy with him over those claims.
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                          Hello all:

                          Very interesting thread! I wondered if I was the only one at FSD who felt like this but apparently I'm not. Anyway, I have a lot of stories that I'd might like to share but first, I was wondering if there is anyone out there who tried to quit FSD only to find themselves slapt with a huge departure bill? I want to quit but am a little afraid of what garbage they might pull out of their pocket. I know they're money hungry and will almost bet that they'll come up with "I owe yous" for God knows what. I'm just curious if anyone out there has any advice for me on this subject, or can share any experience they've had when they quit.


                            Of course! Why didn't I think of it before? Askari, your post on buying rank has reminded me that anyone can be a Grandmaster - you just have to invent a new style! I'd therefore like to take this opportunity to announce that I've just promoted myself to Grandmaster in my brand new art which I call:

                            Kowtch Potai Do

                            It's very different from most martial arts. Our underlying belief is that when the body and mind is in a particular vegetative-type state (induced, say, by consuming a fair amount of beer and chips) and exposed to certain audio/visual stimulus (say, a UFC PPV event), that one can actually absorb the techniques through a sort-of osmosis.

                            Now, we'll have a belt system, but it'll be different than all others. Instead of colours, we'll simply use sizes. So when you start out you might be a lowly 32" belt, but if you practice every day for hours at a time you may eventually attain an esteemed rank like the coveted 44" belt.

                            You can become a sifu in my system by buying me nice presents. Surround-sound systems are a good choice, as are big-screen plasma TVs. I'll even take UFC DVD boxed sets if you get enough of them.

                            Of course, I haven't worked out the fees yet, but I'll probably make it about $6-7 an hour. That'll be a deal, right? Oh, and we don't believe in competitions (well, not participating in them, anyway). It's beneath us.

                            Who wants to sign up?



                              Start at 32" belt?

                              I'll be back. I have to hit the sauna for a couple weeks. But I am down with the new system, and I may just be a natural. I've already mastered the concept of horizontology!


                                Hello Ozzy,

                                A new usere title Take2 just posted how to legally get out of the FSD contracts over on the Article's section. Try this link and down at the bottom.

                                Basicly the FSD contracts do not follow the law, so every student that is there can get out fairly easily. Just follow the steps he outlined.



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