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When did Bullshido motivate you to change schools?

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    When did Bullshido motivate you to change schools?

    as the poll states
    0-3 months in that school
    4-6 months
    6 months to a year
    more than a year
    more than two years
    I never left

    were is the never option, bullshido never motivated me to switch schools, it showed me that my school was good enuff already.


      Umm.. actually I read that as "when did you find out your school was bullshido adn you changed" not Bullshido the site helping me decide O_o .. But what the hell, yeaah bullshido rewls!


        A little under a year and a half, though to be fair to BS, it was only about 7-8 months after joining.


          Christ, I always misword these. What I mean is, how long were you at that school before leaving because of this website, and it's for those who left due to this website.


            i was at the school for longer, but after i discovered bullshido -> 4-6 months


              After a couple of months reading Bullshido I worked up the nerve to join a boxing gym. I think my first post was actually looking for a boxing gym.

              I also became very interested in Full Contact competition, which my former school didn't offer even though they said they did. Well if you were willing to wait 10yrs to get a black belt there was continuous comps, and one of the black belts did enter World Combat League, but like I said 10 yrs for full contact is a long time.

              So in the mean time I checked out Kickboxing schools, Judo, Muay Thai, Seido, after I finally found Enshin there was really no reason to for me to stay at my former karate school.


                Bullshido is so awesome, I started my own training group.


                  Yeah, how about never....

                  I change peoples minds they don't change my mind..

                  no wait, I mean I change people they don..

                  No, that didn't come out right

                  I'm so cool that..

                  no, that's not it...

                  I'll get back to you on this..


                    I hung on and got my Black belt in false Karate, but my contract ran out the same day and I disappeared for six months. I went back after I'd already found my current dojo and wanted my paperwork for the rank and was told to fuck off.

                    Roughly two years to the day after I left that place I got my BJJ Blue.

                    Originally posted by TheManchu
                    Christ, I always misword these. What I mean is, how long were you at that school before leaving because of this website, and it's for those who left due to this website.
                    Oh, well, I was on this site for six months before I left, but I was at the false school for just over six years.


                      my schools back home in the caribbean were not bullshido........but when i moved back to the states i ran into a couple, i knew what was up though

                      i was once bored at work doin a yahoo search on MA an stumbled ontu bullshido an been hooked ever since. learned alot about other stuff like this ashida kim faggot an the experiences an knowledge of peeps here.

                      this is the best forum site on MA, cool,funny ass people , hardcore TD elf crapplers, TMAs, Ninjers, hwa-rang warriors, MMAers , kung-pow fighters ,an pretty Kick-Boxer Tenessee Chicks

                      alot better than the stuck-up Hakama flaunting Metrosexuals who hang out at places like "E-budo"


                        my school was good already, but this site has helped me make the school even better.

                        one of the best things we do here is share training info.


                          Was just starting to look for training when I got here. It helped me know what to look for in a teacher / school.

                          Um.. thanks.


                            Pretty much over two years.

                            I started Wing Chun in 2001, I was 16ish. I absolutely believed that I was learning the ultimate martial art, though I had no idea what my goals were.
                            About 6 months in, the instructor told us that if we had friends learning other martial arts, we should have a significant advantage over them.
                            Classes consisted of mainly chi sao, and a few "realistic" self defence scenarios with a lot of shouting.
                            I even went to a "Groundfighting Seminar". Oh, dear.

                            I stopped for quite a while, but still firmly believed that Wing Chun was the greatest.
                            I started Wing Chun at a new school, not long after experimenting with Wing Tsun. I stayed there for two years.

                            It was after about 18 months that I started to question what was going on. I did some light training with a friend that learned jujitsu, and I discovered that my amazing tan sao counters honed to perfection in chi sao couldn't prevent me from getting my arse handed to me in a variety of ways. I was massively outsized, but it didn't really matter. I could have been beaten on the floor, with kicks, punches or standing locks.
                            My initial reaction was to have more focus in my Wing Chun on defending against these sort of things.
                            I started reading Bullshido in the summer of 2005, every Wing Chun thread made me cringe. My ego resisted against all the evidence that Wing Chun wasn't particularly good at all. I mean, my ego resisted HARD. Bullshido made me angry. I thought everyone were idiots or hadn't trained in the real Wing Chun.
                            I forced myself to read some Matt Thornton articles, and again my ego resisted. Eventually, those were the turning point. Two of his articles in particular (Aliveness and the one about Image Conscious Martial Artists scared of testing their skills) really hit home. And, of course, they hit home hard.
                            So one day, I went to Wing Chun and didn't go back, and I started training MMA.


                              It didn't.

                              Please add that option.



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