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A trip too far.

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    A trip too far.

    A lot of you know about the Konigun group, headed by one Bryce Dallas, that is suing e-budo and over 10 people who posted on that website. Well, I am one of those people and I want to share with you what they did at my dojo, when I was not there, last night (2/8/06). Folks, if you ever needed proof that these people are dangerous and think themselves above the law, take a little time and read on:

    I shared this information elsewhere but I think the whole world should know what kind of people we are talking about here. These events happened at my dojo tonight while I was not there. My daughter feels violated and frightened and came very near to defending herself, as she has been taught. But the truth is, they made a big mistake in Texas tonight.

    AFter the silliness of asking me where I work via a pm on e-budo, I did not go to workout. They came to the recreation center, harrassed my students by repeatedly interrupting class, then my wife stopped by to see my daugther and they went after my wife verbally, finally throwing a packet of papers at my wife after trying to convince her she had to take them. She very specifically said "I don't want those papers, I will not accept those papers and I do not know where my husband is". She went back inside the building and called the police, too late though because one of my student's is a deputy sheriff and his wife watched the whole thing and had a deputy there before the city got there. Big, Big mistake, this lady's husband is a deputy and her brother in law is a city cop.

    The two assholes came back at my wife and told her she had to pick the papers up, took her picture, my daughter's picture after being specifically told not to by both of them. They were stupid enough to come back and talk to the police, who got them and their car on camera. The officers basically laughed at them when they told them what they were doing and why.

    One guy was medium height, brown wavy hair and the other was short and stocky and had a shaved head. They have since been identified as Chris Green and Greg Grayson, two of the students of this guy. They were in an older model green four door Nissan car. One of my students took a picture of at least one of them and as soon as I can get a copy I will post it.

    My wife immediately called our lawyer who said, the papers can't be served that way and that someone should pick them up and bring them to his office tomorrow. His words, don't worry about it. Well, okay, legally I won't worry but to intimidate my wife, daughter and people in my dojo, I do worry. Apparently, these guys have done this all over the place and believe they can get away with it.

    I know what happened, they did not get my work address, they couldn't get my home so they got frustrated and threw the papers at my wife. They are indeed fortunate that I was not there, because they tried to question several of the kids in my children's class and they scared the hell out of the kids and parents.

    I truly am a pacifist, until it comes to children I am responsible for, then all bets are off, to say nothing of my family. My daughter was prepared and the guy with the green shirt got very close to take a picture, had he touched her, he would have not survived the experience unscathed, we practice self-defense and I told her to take no prisoners if someone touched her.

    Sorry this is so long,but I am very angry. I don't care about getting served, which I did not because I have never seen the papers, but I do care when they try to intimidate and frighten my students and the parents of my kids. My student, the deputy was not here tonight, he was in training, but it was his wife and I don't believe that the deputy would have been understanding.

    Anyhow, when I get the picture I will post it but if you know these two, let me have names. (Already done, as above) The guy with the wavy brown hair has a lisp according to my expert witness, gee my wife, she is a speech pathologist, if she says he had a lisp, he did.

    That about sums it up for all the world to know. I told folks that this group and their leader are dangerous. Do you need more proof than what was done to my students and family tonight? If you read e-budo, then you need to be outraged.

    I want all of you to know, here on bullshido, that this guy believes he can reach out and touch anyone, anywhere and shut them up. I will repeat, these people are dangerous and, I will add, that his students are mentally at a point where they are looking for a reason to go off on someone. This guy boasted, on e-budo, at Christmas of this past year (05) that he went from 9 to 24 schools and sales of his book increased because of the postings on e-budo. Yep, go there and read it for yourself, he said that and thanked everyone. Just a few weeks later he comes up with this lame lawsuit that says he has been damaged.

    Folks, this case proves that frivolous lawsuits can get anyone and force you to spend your money. By the way, there is great support out here on the net and some of the folks on bullshido and other boards have contributed to helping with the cost of all of this. Get involved, it could be you.

    Sorry to shit all over your thread, but you've taught your daughter aikido, right?


      Man thats some messed up shit right there. Your students have got some self controll. I would have absolutlety went off and fought if someone came in my teachers dojo and threatend one of his kids. Your right thats some very scary shit taking pictures of your wife and kids. Sounds like some covert ops needs to be done in my opinnion.


        Originally posted by Mjelva
        Sorry to shit all over your thread, but you've taught your daughter aikido, right?
        Dont go there. This guy has just had his family threatend.


          She has been taught a combat art not the "aikido" that many have come to "enlightenment" from.

          Yes, there was a lot of self control. We didn't want to feed into any excuses with this group for extra suites/charges by taking them out. Now, had they moved it to the next level there was about four more than capable students that would have stopped it then called the police officers that take the class and weren't there that night (there is more than just the deputy).

          FYI - they threw the papers at her outside where nobody in the class saw it. That would have been a different story! The deputy's wife and a worker at the place we work out at saw this happen.
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            Bryce's intentions with e-budo

            It is a truly horrible thing that happened last night. It goes to show at what lengths these guys will go to. I want to share my post from e-budo also...see the following:

            I am a defendant in the lawsuit and after I found out that papers had been delivered to my property (will discuss later), I called Bryce and told him that from this point forward, if he or any of his students showed up on my property it would be considered trespassing. He gave me the spill about how anyone can serve papers, blah, blah. which I agreed with him on and then stated that was fine and that is why I was calling him personally. To let him know that from this point forward, any papers that need to come to me should be delivered via a law enforcement agent because giving him personal notification of his trespassing would entitle me to press charges regardless of the reasons they are there.

            Per my conversation with Bryce: He is sueing e-budo for the domain name because members of e-budo are mostly Bujinkan friendly and any whose origins are not of Bujinkan, the e-budo members talk ugly about. He said that e-budo members just like to slander innocent people's names and try to discredit their styles. He also said that in sueing for e-budo's domain name, it will stop these people from talking ugly about him or Konigun.

            On to the way my papers were served:
            I was at work when they showed up at my house. Of course, no one was home, so they went next door to my husband's 80+ year old grandparents and gave them some "papers" for me. Did not state what the papers were, and did not deliver them to my home. Anyone got an opinion on that?


              Any chance you can post a link to some of this guys stuff over on e-budo? I am curious to read more about it.

              Edit: NM found the news post and links that phrost put up.
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                Where are the good ol' days?

                When behavior like this was met with a category 5 ass-whupping? It's a shame our overly litigous society protects scumbags like this who would intimidate children and harass someone's wife. I cordially invite Bryce Dallas to sue me and send his goons to harass me at Crawford's.

                I was raised in the swamps of New England, the closest cop was 15 miles away and the closest lawyer even further. We have a system for this sort of thing...


                  Its very well known that the Konigun about basically Thug wannabe Ninjas. Its funny because they made up a whole good chiristian ninja story it involves colors, but whatever.

                  I think you guys handle that situation with way more self control I would have. I applaud you for that.

                  I wouldn't worry about the Konigun doing anything more then throw papers. They talk big, but in reality they cannot fight nor do anything more then whine, yell and sue.

                  If he touched your daughter, I am sure we would have another broken Konigun Ninja today.

                  The Konigun make Ashida Kim look bad.
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                    This Bryce dude is a total sack of shit. These two Bryce Dallas nuthumpers are probably only being that brazen in schools that they think will not respond with physical violence. Anyone else in this lawsuit, if these two nut monkeys show up and pull this crap in your place make sure they're next visit is to the hospital.

                    nuff' said.


                      Post erased for legal reasons, please do not post such stupid comments about a pending legal matter, if you have any problems PM me.
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                        i dont know the whole story but those guys sound like ass cracks, were can i find about this lawsuit and stuff on e budo? sorry but i just want to know why they would even think of doing this.


                          So...they threw papers at your wife, and this has you raging...not something I would post on an internet forum and say "Look how terrible these people are!" cause honestly, they look pathetic, but so do you for getting so freakin' mad.

                          You should be laughing at them for being such asswipes in public, not freaking out.


                            Wow, those guys are pretty messed up in the head. Good job for maintaining control in such a situation.


                              Originally posted by I Choke You
                              So...they threw papers at your wife, and this has you raging...not something I would post on an internet forum and say "Look how terrible these people are!" cause honestly, they look pathetic, but so do you for getting so freakin' mad.

                              You should be laughing at them for being such asswipes in public, not freaking out.
                              There was more to it than that. Coming into his dojo and threatning and harrasing his students and taking pictures of his wife and daughter...
                              They are playing terrorist doing stuff like that its a fear game they are playing and it is pathetic. He should be upset though that they did that. I sure would be.



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