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Looky what I heard on the radio...

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    Looky what I heard on the radio...


    Advertisement for this school.

    Interesting thing, though. If you look through some of the student picutres, they are using focus mitts. And the caption for one of them is "sparring test participants".

    Anyway, I haven't seen this school, but if they're getting advertising on a popular radio station (99.9 The Rock here in WA), then they must have some $$...

    Whoever made their website needs to be locked in a compact car with a large southern male with a bad case of Mississippi mud-butt.
    "Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats." H.L. Mencken


      Screw MIDIs. WIth all those goofy pics they could have at least strung together an amusing Flash intro...


        did anyone else notice that the sun shining through the leaves behind the flags makes them look like they're on fire?

        He was punching him like the collective karmic debt he'd accrued was coming to collections, mostly on his face.


          Hahaha that's awesome!




            edit: took the img tags off. The pic is much bigger when directly linked than it is on the website. that doesn't mean i can't laugh at it though. har!


              Is that a metal leg on the dummy? I can't imagine he can kick that as part of his training.
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                Someone should tell them you don't throw a hook with your palm down!
                That doesn't even look like a hook anyway...this is irritating now...
                Someone should anally rape the web designer too!

                How many versions of WC/WT/VT, etc... are there in the world??!!

                They're like locusts!
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                  We need a Techniques of Disaster thread.


                    I trained at the original Tsun Jo Wing Chun school (in Greenlake) for a few months. It was okay but it took too long to get to the part where we could hit each other really hard.

                    Website of the chief schhol:

                    My real motivation was so I could go to a throwdown, tell everyone I did Wing Chun, then bash their heads in with a right cross while they were waiting for teh chain punching.

                    Clip of the head instructor:



                      One of the clips:

                      Chung Choi - Overwhelming Attack -
                      Old Chinese expression - "Fists like Rain Drops"
                      Dude, that's not a Chinese move, popeye used to do that shit to Bluto all the time.

                      The dude runs an egg beater on the guy, its freaking unbelieveable



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