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    Originally posted by photofinish
    Gengis Bob / Bob Goffeney - you should be ashamed of yourself. Stop lying for that man.
    Originally posted by photofinish
    Hey Bob Goffeney, i was told about this site for a while and then i took a look at it. Gotta say, you're on a sinking ship, man.

    You've been there how long? How many employees have come and gone? How many senior students have seen the light? And here you are, standing there, with that pathetic little red rag around your waist, saying that you've never witnessed any wrong-doing by that Bastard Brown. You, Mr. Goffeney, are much better than this. How long are you going to lie for that man?

    For the record, I am not questioning Brown's abilities as a practitioner - he is one of the most skilled practitioner's one will ever meet - yes i mean ability to fight. For all the people making stupid claims about Brown not knowing martial arts and not being any good and all that - that's all crap. Those are time-wasters and should be ignored. In fact, the only value this stupid discussion has is for those who have been abused and negatively impacted by Brown's insanity. Everyone else should just leave the discussion.

    Look Goffeney,

    It's about Brown's lies after lies after lies after sexual harassment after physical assualt after lies. And you have lowered yourself to being a front man for it all.

    Yes, non-compete clauses are common in business. But Brown's states that he invented all the principles, techniques and drills that he teaches at his school. Is that kosher Bob?

    Which one of his boring cd's covers how he fabricated the teacher Dr. Woo Chin Lee? And how he fabricated fighting the "Yuchia Board" for permission to share the art with the masses until the board relented, realizing that Brown was worthy of such a task? There is no "Yuchia board" Bob. I think your ass is where you need to pull your head from.

    Ask Mr. Shohenher, Mr. Atkinson, Mr. Johnson about their experiences with Brown. You won't because you are more interested in that damn little piece of cloth around your waist than you are with whether or not you are part of something decent.

    You should be ashamed of yourself, Mr. Goffeney. Just wait until one of your kids realizes how sick it all is - see how much your little sash matters then.



      Originally posted by Genghis Bob

      So, to close: stop. Get help. Leave me the fuck alone.
      Well said, GB!


        Hi Darin, I know this is an old ass thread, but I have been totally fucked over by the SMA. They kicked me out and Ms. Donahue and Sifu Brown just don't seem to be who they claim to be. I totally bought into their shit but now I am just so confused by it. It does seem like a cult of personality, but I can't tell if I lost something really special or got out of something pretty toxic. I really enjoyed my practice there... but why is everything so shady?


          Originally posted by yogini
          I was wrong, they came through for me with flying colors. I have no more questions about them being legitimate. I feel lucky to have trained there.
          How convineient. Care to elaborate further?


            Originally posted by yogini

            I was a student from 2016-2017, but abruptly was asked to leave for something that Rob did.

            If you ever feel uneasy about this place, trust your gut. I was chewed up and spit out by the owners Jeri and Rob. If you want to know more, email me at

            Especially if you are a young woman: Do not trust them. Do not trust Robert Brown.

            I learned the hard way. Protect yourself.
            If you have information that may be useful to those training or thinking to train there then post it.



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