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    Students of Sifu Brown...

    HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA !HA!HA!HA!HA!*choke* Ahem. HA!HA!HA! :pancakebu

    (a fan page here)

    Anyway, so I was at a coffee house and noticed some guys come in with "Kung Fu" shirts on. One of them was named "TONeeeeey" (make it sound as garbled and Italian as you can). So, I started asking about their school. TONeeeeeey repeatedly told me how great "Sifu Brown" was and how he was unbeatable and all this other idol worship mumbo-jumbo. TONeeeeey even showed a "what to do if someone grabs your wrist" to one of my friends. Wow. It took you over two years of training for that, TONeeeeey? At $150 a month? Plus uniform costs? Plus weapon costs? Plus testing costs?

    Anyway, TONeeeeey also didn't seem to know jack-shit about anything. I felt bad for him. He was in his mid-twenties and had ZERO faith in his abilities or techniques, but instead kept saying how great "Sifu Brown" was (after 2 years under him?). He told me that "Sifu Brown" had never given someone their black-sash because nobody was as tough as he was. ? He said that "Sifu Brown" trained in China under a secret Shaolin Monk master, but that nobody in the school knew who that was because it wasn't important because "Sifu Brown" invented his own kung-fu style. Here's his "master's" page:

    Anyway, I tried to do some other research, but because I was laughing so hard I might have missed a few things:

    *Every year the students purchase and learn a new weapon. Yeah, nice expensive Kwandao you got there. Kids normally get TMNT weapons too.
    *"Sifu Brown" apparently earned his kung-fu mastery in only a couple of months after flying to China... because he is so good.
    *The school is the largest and one of the most profitable in the U.S.... because he is so good.
    *Oh, you need to buy his teaching CDs too! WTF?
    *"Sifu Brown" does lots of lectures at different places if you want to know how to run a profitable dojo (dojo? Kung fu?)
    *"Sifu Brown" beat Palsy and dyslexia by taking karate when he was only eight... which is why he is so bad ass. You never see Palsy fighting in the UFC, do you.
    *"Sifu Brown" doesn't need to tell people that most of his training was in karate, because, ya know, his school is called "School if Chinese Martial Arts", even though they use lots of Japanese weapons, and because he teaches kung-fu katas.
    *"Sifu Brown" also teaches meditation and Chinese spirituality, because his martial art is spiritual and deep.... because he is so good... and he read about it in a book.
    *During each belt test you have to write an essay about how spiritual and deep your training is.
    *His website and tapes are overflowing with rhetoric declaring just how great "Sifu Brown" is.

    Anyway, I still see TONeeeeey at the coffee shop every now and again hitting on girls with his friends and telling them how great thier sifu is and how they masturbate to kung-fu all day. :homo: :5badair:


    Wow. That is truly one of the worst MA school websites ever.

    Completely absent from the bio of this "sifu" is any mention of him actually knowing an identifiable martial art. He apparently knows a lot about focus, learning, exercising, and self-discovery, but apparently not much about fighting.

    This article which apparently appeared in the Detroit News, January 16, 2005, claims that he has 4 black belts.

    It also claims:

    Brown has taken his teaching one step further. On his own time, Brown
    developed "Lessons in Mindfulness," a martial arts curriculum that puts
    the emphasis on the deeper and more spiritual meaning rather than on
    fighting. His program is now taught in schools around the world, he said.
    Well, with all the martial artists on this site, someone must have heard of lessons in mindfulness", since it is taught all over the world after all. Anyone?
    Jesus loves you. I think you're an asshole.


      He knows Drunken Monkey, so you know he has teh deadly.


        I am not going to defend Sifu Brown directly. I will state that I have never taken a class with him. I have never studied a CMA so I can not comment on Kung Fu knowledge, and I have not been to his dojo. I will say that my Aikido sensei is very good friends with Sifu Brown and he holds Sifu Brown in very high regards. That alone is enough for me to at least give the benefit of doubt to Sifu Brown, not a couple of guidos in a coffee shop. Who here has not been in a dojo that didn't have at least a couple of complete morons that fit the description given by Dagon? I will also say that the "nobody's as tough as me" comment does not fit the person that I have had portrayed to me.

        I will write my sensei and ask him for his knowledge on Sifu Brown's trips to China (I know he too has mentioned them to me) as well as his background. I will do as much research as I can. I'd say that in the mean time, we not smear a person's name just because of a couple of idiots in a coffee shop. If Bullshido is warranted, then so be it but I think better proof is needed.


          I don't live in SE Michigan anymore, but I remember this guy. I think he is pulling in something like 150K a month. I've also heard that he's actually just teaching a mix of Shotokan and aikido. Also Dagon Akujin check your PMs.


            Ha ha! An Aikidoka defending a Kung Fu nutball, which is being attacked by a Wing Chun guy!!


              Originally posted by Thaiboxerken
              Ha ha! An Aikidoka defending a Kung Fu nutball, which is being attacked by a Wing Chun guy!!
              Hey it could happen!

              Hard to tell anything other than correlational evidence from a website, but I think Fred Garvin definitely has the right idea. Research and concrete evidence will win the day. Can't wait to hear the verdict, don't hold out too long Garvin.


                I have sent an e-mail out. Hopefully I will get a response within a day or so.

                Originally posted by Thaiboxerken
                Ha ha! An Aikidoka defending a Kung Fu nutball, which is being attacked by a Wing Chun guy!!
                Yuck it up slime ball.


                  The problem is, for all we know, your Aikido instructor could be full of it, too. So we'll need to know more about him.

                  Otherwise, it would be like scientists hired by Bush say that there is no global warming.


                    Originally posted by Abominable Snowman
                    The problem is, for all we know, your Aikido instructor could be full of it, too. So we'll need to know more about him.

                    Otherwise, it would be like scientists hired by Bush say that there is no global warming.
                    I agree with you on that one. My opinion is not what you would need to verify sensei's credentials.

                    How about the least it would be a corroborating story in defense of Sifu Brown that would be on the same level as the story of the guidos in the coffee shop that started this whole shit fest?



                      Ok, first thing I saw was Wushu. Wushu is not a fighting art, it was made for performance.


                        why don't yall do a formal write up, or even challenge the school. Yeah, Sponser and invite tony to a throwdown. thats much more exciting....

                        He was punching him like the collective karmic debt he'd accrued was coming to collections, mostly on his face.


                          Note how he doesn't reveal who his imaginary secret Shaolin master is.

                          Hell, Sifu Brown even admits he "invented" his own style of kung fu. He's practically called Bullshido on himself.



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                              I have my own style of kung fu its called Drunken Cat in the Monkeys Ass, but before i created it i first learned the secret cat style in Shaolin but i forgot the temple name, then i learned monkey kung fu from Jackie Chan, but i surpased him so i decided to learn with gordon lui, thats when things get fuzzy, i think i trained in shaolin and made a 36th chamber and created the 3 section staff, then i decided to learn drunken kung fu from some dude, but later i found a desendent of wong fei hung and learned from him, but i cant fight with my students becuase i will heart them to much, and i dont fight with other people because i am peacful, and after all this training i dont have to fight becuase im so good and all this training made me so good so it really doesnt mean shit if ya dont kick the shit out of some one once in a while. :chewy: :chewy: :chewy: :chewy: :chewy: woot woot



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