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    Hi, I just orderered "ultimate grappling gloves" from a magazine. They offered two different kinds. they have a"1/2 fingers" and a "3/4 fingers" glove. I chose the "1/2 fingers" glove. Was this a good choice? I know most of u will say its simply the users opinion, but I was just curious to as what kind u all personally would get. Incase ur not familiar w/ Ultimate grappling gloves, I will give u the specs:
    -the utimate gloves for no-holds barred combat, grappling, self defence, and martial arts.
    -exposed finger design is ideal for holds, gripping, and grappling.
    -all leather make for long lasting wear
    -padding on knuckles and back of hand for help in protection.
    -hook-and-loop wrap around waist closure for wrist support and secure fit.
    Basically there UFC gloves. I looked at the gladiators in the UFC and some had 1/2 while others had 3/4. What would u prefer?

    Common guys, help me out.


      Dude, get it through your head...nobody cares about you. You have no friends. You are unloved.

      (AND you posted this IDENTICAL question on another site!!!)


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        Thesod, are you planning on training/sparring in the gloves or competing in them? Most of the NHB gloves that I have seen have very little padding. If you spar with someone in the dojo, you will have to use care. Those things still pack quite a punch.

        As for specific gloves, check out this site I found awhile back:

        Hope that helps.

        BTW, one guy I talked to said he prefers the open palm gloves, but the fingers can slip out of the gloves at times.


          Are you a NHB fighter? I just can't see the reason to get them if you aren't. Unless you wanna look cool.

          They would look good on my wall, now that I think about it.

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          Originally posted by Sifu Rudy Abel
          "Just what makes a pure grappler think he can survive with an experienced striker. Especially if that striker isn't following any particular rule set and is well aware of what the grapplers strategies are".


            to train MMA? :D

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