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what you think about this school?

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    what you think about this school?

    ok so i'm going to start training at a new place. and i was specificly looking for a wing chun school. (thinking about crosstraining it with judo). and i stumbled across this little school. even though the name was probably chosen in the late 90's to capitolize on the "Xtreme" marketing, i thought i'd run it by you guys. i'll just link to the teachers BIO:

    i have no idea what the hell silat is. but this guy calls himself "Guru" not sensai or whatever. is this common for silat? or is he part of some cult?

    anyway this guy seems to have too many instructor titles for 25 years. i mean it's possible but since i haven't heard of any of these styles. i started thinking maybe the guy just showed up in the philippines with $4 US and bought a bunch of titles.

    please help me out with what you think of this school. thanks.

    The best thing to do is to go check it out in person. Sit in a class.....Ask the how they spar and how often. Thats the only way to tell. As far as Silat goes....Its an Indonesian MA. Guru is a title for the " head teacher ".


      Also why are you looking for WC ? :lame:


        umm i don't know. i kind of like the direct approach it takes and the fact they actually teach you to hit people in the throat (not that other styles don't, but they don't drill it into your head as often). i've heard it can help with your punching speed and sensitivity. i'm still not too sure about the whole centerline thing though.

        trapping seems like a useful skill to have to compliment my game. seems stupid to me to rule out another tool for pre-clinching range. and if the trapping can help me with more blocking options, then why not?

        why what's wrong with it?


          Direct Approach ?!?! You mean the centerline theory. The shortest distance between 2 points...I know we had centerline theory implanted when I was in CMA. However, not to the extent WC has. Its a good theory...but guess what, try it against a boxer. It just doesnt work. I think there is a clip here with a WC'er against a wrestler in UFC. After you view it let me know how his " trapping skills " and " sensitivty " were.


            Why not Judo, Sambo, or hell even Shuai Jiao. Those are great arts that help with sensitivity and trapping. Im sure it will compliment well with whatever striking art you are doing.


              The term 'guru' is used in filipino martial arts.


                thanks for all of the help you guys.

                ENTER RANT MODE: can we please not turn this into one of the many "my style has a bigger dick than your style cuz mine's in UFC" threads on this site.

                i know your just trying to help muff and i'm not trying to be a jerk or anything to you. but i'm really sick of hearing people cite UFC as the means all ends all of every style EVER. i know all of the PROs and blah blah blah about "ITS BEEN TESTED...TESTED IN THE OCTAGON BROTHA"

                different strokes for different folks you know?

                sorry muff just had to vent.

                yeah i remember that match up, i bet his sensitivity was pretty good the mourning after :lol:

                so after all of that venting about something that was pretty much unrelated to the anything you said muff. i'd just like to apologize to you. i'm just tired of seeing the word UFC :sad:

                back on topic: yeah i plan on taking judo as well with it. what;s Shuai Jiao?

                so muff would you say that wing chun is inferior? i mean it is just boxing right?
                plz note that i know virtually nothing about wing chun and i don't plan on taking it just because bruce lee did (i hate bruce lee). i've just always been fascinated with wing chun. but i guess the main reason is because the only things around me are TKD, karate, and like 2 BJJ schools (with insane prices).

                sorry agian if you even remotely took offense to anything in my post muff. i do greatly appreciate your help and it wasn't directed at you. but i do hate the whole UFC "be all end all" stuff.


                  My intention was not to use UFC as a solution to all. I wanted to point out an example of some of the weaknesses WC has... nothing more. Boxing has nothing in common with WC...Shuai Jiao is a CMA grappling art incorporated into many CMA styles. It can be taught on its own also.

                  There is no need to apologize to me.

                  Where do you live ?


                    Some WIng Chun is good. The vast majority is not. It (unfortunately) is up there with TKD and Ninjitsu for proportion of incompetant instructors and shitty schools.

                    I have had one mate who was a Wing Chun instructor who could fight. I know cos I used to watch him knock the crap out of people when he was working the door. Everyone else I have known who did it and tried to use it ended up highly pissed off at how much time and money they had wasted.

                    If they spar, if the students and instructors look fit, and if they are capable of admitting the weaknesses in the style (no groundfighting) and providing or recommending cross training to counteract them then it may be worth training there.

                    If you just want to learn to punch, do boxing. Boxers punch better than anyone else.
                    As an aside I'm not a boxer - its just true - punching is all they do and they are damn good at it.
                    Sociopaths are people too.


                      i live in knoxville, TN.


                        Originally posted by geves
                        so muff would you say that wing chun is inferior? i mean it is just boxing right?
                        No. No it's not.
                        plz note that i know virtually nothing about wing chun
                        i've just always been fascinated with wing chun.
                        Uh, yeah. Perfectly sensible to be fascinated with something you know virtually nothing about. So what fascinates you the most? The cool name?


                          Take the boxer into a confined space... Lets see how he does.. Ive fought many Good boxers, And in the ring they OWN you.. Change the environment, they get owned, Take em to an ice rink have a spar, they fall over and a grappling M-artist Wins.. Take em to confined street area (built up like Hkong) and a Close quarter specialist wins.. Pull out a knife and a Knife specialist wins.. ETc etc ..

                          Last time I defended myself there was no REF and no one stopped us for half an hour so they could put up an Octagon... Nuff said

                          Shuai Jiao Is supposed to be one of the oldest styles of combat it traces its roots to a primordial combat style called Jiao Di (literally horn hit) attributed to the mythic Yellow Emperor Huangdi. Ancient books and drawings document wrestlers wearing helmets with horns during contests, which is the origin of the horn in the name. Over the dynasties, this style underwent multiple name changes and variations, but the spirit remained the same, so it can justifiably stake a claim as one of the older styles of kung fu. Renowned for their expertise in this wrestling art, Mongolians would hold contests as part of their cultural festivals. In 1928, under the Republic of China, the Goshu Institute of Nanjing standardised these contests under the name Shuai Jiao. Today it has gained worldwide acceptance as a popular combat sport and an effective method of self-defence.


                            maybe it's the asshole who says what's cool and what's not. *cough BJJ* that should round up about 1000 listeners right there.

                            or maybe it's the bunch of jackasses on this and every other forum who pick apart every setence and every phrase. until they find what important event they' re looking for.... a reason to bite into a noobs. asshole. did you find it? good i hope you did. how does it taste? does it taste like an asshole? it should your tasting yourself my so called friend. my friend who's supposed to be on this this site to deliver news about bad people and org's in MA's but instead spends most of their time acting like assholes to redicule new comers. wow!! how do you get new members here? when you have such awesome doormats? or when your accepted by being a run of the mill ass club who nods at everything that is and isn't acceptable in the MA universe. wow you have so much knowledge at being what? 30? 35!? gasp...

                            i'm gonna tell you exactly what i told the tards on a certain bittorrent tracker. look. if you want martial arts to be limited to just BJJ, muay thai, boxing, and judo. go ahead, if you want other people to conform to you shitty boring life... good. don't do it to me. and don't do it to people who care about learning other stuff from other styles.

                            there's plenty of other styles out in the world. i can learn plenty from them. i don't need a commite of jackasses out there to say what i NEED to learn. all i want from u is an opinion. that's itand that's all. you want acceptance? earn it on the mat.
                            you want a reason for me to believe you? earn it at home.

                            i don't need a bunch of jackasses disecting my sentences until i conform to a style who over charges their students. just because they're trying to make martial arts and UFC more acceptable.

                            maybe i don't give a fuck what is acceptable in the eyes of someone who isn't 30+ years old. maybe i don't give a shit about a sport that doesn't let people kick others while they're on the ground. maybe i don't even give a shit about the SPORT in general. who cares?

                            it's martial arts. it's purely about expression. about fitness. about self-defense. and about care for the human body. if #4 weren't in there. it wouldn't be SELF DEFENSE. it would be "KICK THE CRAP OUT OF SOMEONE UNTIL THEY DIE OR TAP OUT".

                            maybe some of us don't give a living shit about what others are doing for the "sport".

                            maybe you should just stfu about someone else. who's asking a legit question. and english may not be a first language for them. maybe you'd be more comfortable at a BJj forum.

                            Meager. sit on a sharp pointed rock and die from bleeding. your style listing says it all. your another jackass who thinks UFC & pride was created by god to destroy the "BS MAs". i don't even consider you people for advice. i look at you and i think close minded idiot. an asshole who thinks because most styles don't even bother competeing in a popular forum (like UFC, yes it wasn't invented for the internet. it's a real word).

                            that every other style MUST be inferior. here's a news flash: every style that compete's in the UFC is a sports style, TKD must be shit cuz it does the same thing. (hmm. karate, BJJ, MT, Judo, wrestling... should i go on? the same shit assholes like you rip apart....are your OWN style. sport.)

                            get a life and stay out of other people's affairs. if you don't have shit to say. take a deep breath, get a life, and don't comment.

                            339 posts don't impress me. especially when you quote someone who's english isn't so good.

                            jesus. i love this website. but when has it turned from a good resource of bad martial art INSTRUCTORS into a dirty group of marketing assholes. every style is a sack of cock. unless you do BJJ. stfu.

                            maybe...just maybe. some people don't care. i don't train to get famous. i train to be fit. and i train to learn possible situations... maybe you should've asked that question first you piece of shit.

                            maybe i don't know everything to everything about every style ever. why didn't you ask about my background first?

                            god i hate you piece of shit assuming you know everything about everything MAists.

                            yeah it was the cool name....dick. maybe it was next on my list of schools i'd like to learn about.

                            /end rant.

                            so is it a good school or not? not that i'd get a straight too many assholes in martial arts.


                              thanks Mateus for the quick jab on style's. exactly my point. there is no superior style. just a group of dicks. who claim there's is the know who too.

                              thanks for the history lesson too. very informative. i hope you stick around on this website. since i'm sure the entire community will hate me now....

                              anyways thanks. bro. very informative. i imagine it was intended to be like this. never stop learning. that's my moto.



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