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Is this a good karate school?

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    Is this a good karate school?

    What do you think of this place? I'm thinking of checking it out but don't know anything about the particular style of karate they teach. They seem to teach a bunch of different types of MA though which could be good.



      if you wanna do Karate look for a hard style like a Kyokushin school

      edit: anything with full contact sparring


        It seems a little pricey for what it is. I don't like the emphasis on kiddie stuff, personally - I would want something more adult oriented and a little leaner and meaner.

        I would go and watch some of the adult classes and see if they have good contact fighting and the people get a hard workout.

        If I HAD to make a decision based only on that website, I would not train there, but there is just enough good there that it might bear checking out in person.


          On the front page of their website: "Child Development is our goal. We help families to raise their children."

          If your looking for a day care farm to babysit you and keep you busy doing katas so you can channel your ADD energy then this place is for you!!!

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            The only way to know for sure is to visit the place. BUT for me that website wouldn't merit a visit unless I had heard something positive about the school by word of mouth.


              Thanks everyone for the replies. The problem where I live is every MA school seems to be focused on kids and the adult programs are secondary. I've been going to Tiger Schulmann's for a couple of weeks and it's OK, but it's way too expensive (about $130/month). I'm not looking to be the next Bruce Lee or anything, but I would like a good workout and learn how to fight/defend myself. I don't want aerobics or that cardio kickboxing nonsense.


                Originally posted by PollyR
                What do you think of this place? I'm thinking of checking it out but don't know anything about the particular style of karate they teach. They seem to teach a bunch of different types of MA though which could be good.

                Even if the martial arts instruction IS good, I'm not sure I could stomach all the colorful uniforms and what looks suspiciously like "over-americanized" and/or XMA type stuff that (appears to) go on there.

                I've nothing against kid/family-friendly martial arts instruction, but that place looks a little to shiny and happy for me... and shiny-happy places are usually big fat, over-priced McDojos. But then again -- like everyone else here -- check the place out (and report back!)



                  Don't underestimate TSK they break all sorts of Bullshido rules and still have a lot of good fighters. $130 is kinda steep though.


                    Looks to me like a run-of-the-mill "family martial arts program." If you're interested in martial arts as a way to get fit, learn about Asian culture and develop your self-discipline it might be okay. As others have said, the best way to evaluate the place is by paying one or more visits there.

                    I'll say this -- I didn't see anything in my (admittedly brief) look at their site that would encourage me to think this place emphasizes full-contact fighting.

                    Incidentally, it appears that all the arts mentioned at the top of the home page are elements of Goshi Shun, though I may be wrong.

                    I did a Google search for Goshi Shun and didn't find much. There's a school in Lithonia, Georgia, headed by a 10th dan named James Fain, who relocated from Newark, so I'm guessing he founded the style.

                    I hope this is some help. Good luck.


                      Here is a suggestion. Is this far from you ? I remember I saw this when I was looking for an Enshin dojo.

                      Enshin Karate New Jersey
                      John Arnold's branch of Enshin Karate in Union, New Jersey providing information
                      on the style history, instructors, dojo address and class schedule.

                      Google is your friend...


                        Judo near you:

                        Oyama karate near you:

                        Google Local near you (searched karate):

                        EDIT: screwed up my Oyama link.
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                          Thanks for all the links. None of those are really near me, but I think I found a good one. This guy seems to have a clue. I'm going to go check it out tonight.



                            Hmm, I took a look at the website. There's not a lot of info on the curriculum or training methods, but the payment plan looks good -- no contracts, no testing fees, $25 registration fee, and unlimited classes for $19/week, which translates to about $80/month.

                            Assuming the biographical info on Ernie Temple is accurate, he could well be an old-school Isshinryu guy, which is to say, someone who advocates hard-contact sparring.

                            For what it's worth, Isshinryu's founder, Tatsuo Shimabuku, was apparently a phenomenal martial artist and put a lot of emphasis on simple, go-for-broke fighting tactics. Many of the early U.S. Isshinryu practitioners were Marines who were stationed in Okinawa in the 1950s and 60s. The style is pretty fragmented today, with lots of organizations, and apparently a wide range in quality from one dojo to the next.

                            Let us know what you find out, please.


                              They don't do full contact sparring I just called them. He seemed a little defensive about knockdown karate and his quote was "It doesn't go anywhere." It sounds like he had done it in the past though and the gym doesn't do it anymore.

                              He specifically references point sparring and no-contact tournaments.



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