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    Ideological MA

    I'm not anti-religious. 'live and let live' = all good

    but when I see the blatent mcdojoism tied in with the religious MA's - I have to wonder if organized religion is just using MA clubs for a place of income/recruitment/retainment/motives other than SD. They certainly find the money somewhere - this one is remodeling their dojo after Osaka castle fa-christssakes (lit.) :

    oh and BTW-just to infuriate you, heres a toddler BB :
    your welcome.

    Try this: google 'christian karate' and find a club that is NOT a mcdojo. I can't find ANY.

    you need to read the whole thing to appreciate the version of MA history:
    Interesting use of the word 'fact'.

    The only thing that would annoy me more is finding out that church-dojo's get tax exemption.....hiding under a 501(c)3 or something. I'd shit my Gi.

    can we safely say that mainstream religion+dojo=McChurch ? or would it be called a 'Holy Dojo' ? (abbreviated to a 'Hojo', perhaps).

    surely bullshido needs a name for this. Learning self-defense from a McHojo would be as useful as paying for tap-dancing lessons to learn about the Bible.


    edit- sorry, the links I gave were someone's copies: heres the official (has same content):
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    Organized religion in America is big business, so this doesn't really surpirse me at all. If you build it, they will come; everyone is looking for an alternative to the ordinary. Someone has just capatalized on an idea. There are Christian on-line dating services, etc.
    I have my religious beliefs, but like anything else when a church or religious organization grows beyond it's bounds, bad things can happen.
    I thought I spelled it wrong, but as I said I'm a mechanic not an English professor.


      Not this again!


        my bad. I should have searched a bit before posting redundant topics.


          I don't see a problem with a group blending religion and MA if they are up front about it.

          Hell, I've thought of the idea of having a Sunday MA class where martial arts is combined with Jewish history/theology, making the techniques or principles relevant to the material.

          I'd have to get good first. Then become an MA teacher.


            Asian Martial arts have for a long time 'blended' Boudhism and Shintoism and several other ism's .The only difference is that Chinese instrutors will probably never tell you you should turn the other cheak when someone swings a baseball bat at your face.

            Besides if it wasn't for christian martial arts ,i'd never find the pictures to add to 'Pics of Disasters' threads.The're a gold-mind in idiocy.

            But I personnaly believe that its not because these Holy-McDojo owners are greedy its just the're clientele are intolorante of any non-christian philosophies being thought to their children.
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            "God damn America" --Muammar al-Gaddafi



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