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Need advice on BJJ/MT Schools in Ottawa

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    Need advice on BJJ/MT Schools in Ottawa

    Hey all,

    Through researching via this site, I've identified the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts OAMA and Ronin-MMA RONIN as good schools, both of which teach BJJ and MT.

    First off, does anyone here study at either school? Ronin looks to be a little more "hardcore" which is probably not for me, the kinda pudgy, just getting into MA, hopes to never get into a fight, kind of guy. Any advice on whether or not one school or the other would be better for a "hobbyist" as compared to a fighter?

    Second, I often hear people on this site talk about cross-training in MT and BJJ. I imagine its probably a good idea to start with just one of them though and establish a base before starting to cross train. Or would you recommend just jumping into both? If I should start with just one, which do you recommend? I'm leaning towards MT, cause frankly I need to improve my conditioning.

    I'm hoping to swing by the OAMA later this afternoon to scope it out.

    Thanks for any advice.
    Jesus loves you. I think you're an asshole.

    Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts

    This is the one you want to go to. I went in and tried a class of BJJ and it was great. Sadly I just cant fit into the schedule right now (work/gym/WC/GF are in the way). Their school is headed by a purple belt, and the class was taught by a blue belt. I rolled with a blue belt, and he worked me over like I was a 4 year old girl (i have 3.5 years of JJ). The coolest thing about the club is that they have classes 7 days a week, and like 3 times a day. Its I think $80 a month....great deal for that many classes. They are also affilitated with a Gracie...

    Oh and they also teach MT at the school I think 5-6 days a week. You can do both for I think $100 a deal I can think of. When I get my teachers sash in WC in around 4 years, Im going back to do both. Cant wait.

    Oh and the students were nice and very socialable. No one tried to hurt me, or say how much BJJ is the king of MA. Definately a good club.



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